He Left? This Reaction Makes Him Fight for You

Now, I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should give it another try with your ex. There are many factors to decide that we can talk about another time.

But what I *do* know is that if you want to have a real chance of getting this guy back in your life, you must understand this important truth before you take the next step…

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When someone ends it with us, we go through so many different emotions. But amongst the first emotions are panic, the terror of abandonment, the grief of having lost someone, but not lost someone to a death, lost someone who’s still there, who still exists, but has decided that they don’t want us. One of the most difficult, exquisite pains we have to experience in life. Our instincts in that moment are to fight for this thing, to fight for the relationship that we want so badly. But this urge to fight is a dangerous one.

Here’s a concept I want you to take to heart. It’s not your job to fix what he broke. Think about it. He broke something. He shattered something. He violated the relationship. There are many different ways to violate a relationship, right? Imagine he cheated on you. You would see that as a fundamental violation of the boundaries of the relationship. But so is this. Why don’t we see someone breaking up with us, someone disappearing, as a violation in itself? It’s a violation of a truth that we held, a truth that you and I were bigger than any problem, that you and I were going to overcome, that you and I were going to do what so few people do and actually last together.

What’s so sad is that during a breakup, so many women fight for him to give them back the relationship they’ve lost. But I want you to completely flip your mindset on this. When he broke up with you, he gave up his power. The relationship is no longer his to give. In fact, if he wants it again, that’s something he has to fight for. That’s something he has to earn. A challenge he has to overcome. The only way that he’s going to fight for you is if he realizes that he broke something.

Now, how does he realize that? You have to change something about the way you’re thinking about this. You have to begin the process of genuine acceptance that you didn’t have what you thought you had. That you thought you were going to have something that was going to last. You thought you had someone that was willing to give their all and do that with you. It turns out you didn’t.

Now, that’s an unpalatable truth during a breakup. That’s not something we want to hear. That’s uncomfortable. But on the other side of accepting that is relief. What’s truly painful is when you feel that that’s the person you were supposed to be with forever, and that person left. Well, that’s not true anymore, is it? Because what was sacred about that relationship beyond all else is that the two of you were willing to commit. This person isn’t now. What’s sacred has been lost. Accept that you haven’t lost the great relationship of your life. It wasn’t as it turns out the great relationship of your life. Accepting this truth is the beginning of inner peace. It is what will move you forward powerfully in your life. It is what will start you on the journey of doing new things, meeting new people, experiencing life again. Him seeing you with that level of acceptance, him seeing that he genuinely broke something, if anything is going to make him change his mind and realize the value of what he had and make him want to fight for it, it’s that. It’s seeing what he broke.

If you want practical ways of doing exactly what I’m talking about right now, beginning the path of acceptance, moving on, building your life powerfully again, I have a free guide for you that details four steps that you can take to do exactly that. It is at the link GetHimOrGetOverHim.com. I named it that because I have the fundamental belief that the same things that get someone running back to you are the things that get you over that person. That’s the beauty of it. Go download that free guide now. I know you’re in pain. I know you’re suffering. But I swear to you, things are going to get better. This is going to get better. Let’s do it together. I will see you at that link.

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33 Replies to “He Left? This Reaction Makes Him Fight for You”

  • Thanks Matthew,
    You have no idea how perfect the timing is off this. I’m still in pain even though it’s been a month. We have a child involved so it makes it so much harder. Thanks for the free advice and the guide. It means so much thank you.

  • What if you have tried everything to get him back??

    My ex and I were on and off for 4 years, he was only 20 when it started and we were always on and off due to him not being ready for a relationship. He wants to travel and move overseas for 2 years and it’s not an option for me to go with him so he broke up with me as he feels he is not ready for a relationship and has lots he wants to do with his life. I have a son and he says he is not ready to be a step dad. I have tried the no contact, then contacted him but he just says he isn’t ready to be friends. He also unfollowed me on social media as he says it is how he needs to deal with it and that him not talking to me doesnt mean he doesnt care etc. We have been separated for 10 months, I don’t know what to do! I feel like I have tried everything. I still love him so much. I live next to his parents so I know there will be future chances to speak, do I just need to have faith that if it’s meant to be it will be? I know he loved me. He just says he needs to sort himself out before he can commit to a serious relationship. Please help

  • Thanks for help..when am in pain you give me strength to move on…courage to make a next step….thanks for a person like you in the world….

  • Just asking is if he left me for his Ex. Is thea a chance they can hit it off, they miscarriaged .Is that pain holding them together

  • I want to move with someone better than him..he’s not interested to stay with us. .I’m praying that God will provide

  • He freaked out, I called space and he agreed we’d talk when he gets home (he is overseas).
    It’s been ten days, he gets home tomorrow. Neither of us have contacted each other, I see him looking at my insta stories…do I break the silence or no?

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