He WANTS You To Do This In The Bedroom (Trust Me)…

Certain universal attractive behaviours make for a much better sex life regardless of your individual preferences. When you understand them, you’re much more likely to become someone he can’t get enough of (physically and emotionally).

And isn’t that something we all want for our partner at the end of the day? So here it is, my ultimate bedroom tips that make you a woman he won’t soon forget. ;)

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  1. Danny says:

    Love it!

  2. Nasasira says:

    This is great!
    Number four made me think.
    Thank you.

  3. Ashley says:

    Lava Lamps and Diet Coke ??
    It’s cruel to trap Lava in a confined space!?
    ‘Diet’ Coke ? OK, I’m confused… I’m going to hit something stronger, and console myself. I can see I’m going to be single for a long time…
    So, tell me
    What would you name your Monkey?
    Can you train it to Not throw it’s poo at you?
    Got Monkey play dates organised?
    Also, tell me
    When a woman has most of the items listed. Why doesn’t this fit into any mans ‘Blue Print’ ? Men seem to choose the more boring option to settle down with…

  4. Yvonne Justice says:

    Absolutely outstanding! You hit on things so well and I love it! thank you

  5. Olerato says:

    Hi, I was dating a guy but now we are apart. The thing is I want him back. What must I do? Course he always do the things I ask. The other part is when I told him I want to fixe things. He is not answering me. Help pls

  6. Barb says:

    I did all those things. The anticipation, the sexy texts all day driving him crazy, a few sexy pics, compliments, telling him what I’d like, etc … and he went back to his ex girlfriend. But he randomly texts me saying I’d be the one to get him to cheat. What?!?!

  7. Candace Jaworski says:

    I want all the things Bill wants! lol #4 is the hardest for most women I bet. Good to know, though!

  8. jessy faith says:

    Thanks verymuch Matthews..great lessons and life changing indeed. you are God sent

  9. R says:

    Great video! Have done the playful/flirt gestures outside of bedroom, will try the rest.

    lets see what you come up with next like that you can read and leave comments!

    Thank’s for this video!

  10. Tammy says:

    Awesome video Matt and Billy! Really enjoyed the comic relief. Definitely need a mini fridge
    I’ve been doing those four things and the chemistry between my boyfriend and I is fantastic. Thank you for all your work. It’s changed my life immensely. Cheers

  11. Weronica Svensson says:

    I luved this. So funny.but yet its a serious subject. Good work matt!! And also BB for his insight

  12. Kim Grossman says:

    Absolutely love your insight and humor, Matthew (and Bill). Hahaha. Those are very helpful tips, thank you.

  13. Mary says:

    Very good advices!


    great video! and I would say very accurate!

  15. Nadja says:

    I actually love the Bedroom Billy is describing .
    Also thanks for the tips Matt. As I’m one of the “getalwaysstuckinthefriendzone” type I definitely have to work on this!

  16. Rosa Jimenez says:

    Fantastic video!! Funny and fresh. Keep going Matt. Billy is awesome.

  17. Eme says:

    The video was really funny and I agree with the 4 tips.

    Now, any woman who knows herself and her worth knows this.

    1) Giving clues: of course! We teach the other person how we like to be loved, and the good lover is the one who enjoys the other person’s pleasure, so he/she would also ask for what you like. Communication is the first step of sex. First you have brain sex ;)

    2) The different types of sex: yes! Yes! If you’re a creative person living a creative life, you know this. Fun sex, quick sex, slow sex, romantic sex, fantasy sex, public space sex, kitchen sex, car sex, beach sex, bedroom sex, loud sex, quiet sex, brain sex, phone sex, just touching each other, oral sex, sex being high, game sex, casual sex, morning sex, miss you sex, etc etc etc etc. Again, communication with your partner.

    3) The building up and feeling sexy throughout the day: Yes! Sometimes even just kissing is enough to build tension throughout the whole day. Sexy text messages, pics, looking over the table to the other person letting them know with your eyes that you kinda want to eat them up later… I mean, when you are with someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know you, you love and know yourself, and you have an open communication, I think all this happens naturally. It applies for one night stands too, and all the grey areas in between, to a commited relationship.

    4) Enjoy your body and let the other person enjoy the work of art: again, duh! The metaphor for the work of art was lovely though. One of the sexiest things you can do is to feel comfortable in your own skin, it drives anyone wild. It’s so sexy. Try enjoying a dance and a striptease for the other person.

  18. Julie says:

    Great advice! Billy’s advice was hilarious but perhaps true…for some…LOL!

  19. Nusrah says:

    Beautiful thank for guiding us xoxo

  20. La-Verne De Vos says:

    Hello Matthew

    I’ve always been into the “turn on throughout the day” and I confess it’s delicious! However I must say THANKYOU! Thanks for reminding me that man don’t find it sexy when we/I continually point out the “not so perfect” parts of my body.

    Promise from now on I’m dropping it like it’s hot! Cause it is! ;) ;)…

    Love and appreciate what you gentleman do. I feel that the word THANKYOU doesn’t justify the gratitude I want to convey.
    You are heaven send and I now know how woman are truly favoured cause we have the best of both worlds. Thankyou for helping us conquer Mars!

    Sending you well wishes and the best of everything ýöůř working on.

    Warm Regards


  21. Nyla says:

    What about a mirror above the bed?

  22. Brinah says:

    This is so interesting, I really think I have been missing out, thanx

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