What It Really Means to Be a High-Value Woman

I wouldn’t be anywhere near the person I am today without my mum.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices someone made just for us to be here now, able to live, think, work, and enjoy the relationships around us.

But as I see it, today isn’t only about mothers.

In fact, I have a special message for ALL WOMEN, and if you have 3 minutes to spare today, I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think…

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  1. Sharon says:

    I’m pretty sure every woman loves you too. You’re a rare one Matt, one of the few men who appreciate their woman. May the Good Lord bless you!

  2. hollyanne samuelsen says:

    a woman who keeps her self respect

  3. Ashlie Knight says:

    Dear Matthew, o.k. FIRSTLY i have to say….i LOOOOOVE your videos; they make me laugh, cry, think. And they’re just. so. stinkin’. empowering. SECONDLY, this video….ughhhhh…..just when I think you can’t say anything more that overwhelms me you go and do this video! What the heck?! how do you do it?!? you’re like the “woman-whisperer”. As a woman who has lamented her inability to have children and grieve the dream of motherhood, this video meant so so much to me. It affirmed that I have worth beyond whether someone calls me “momma”. THANK YOU! You. are. awesome! Big Hugs.

  4. Stephanie Labrie says:

    Good morning Matt & Team,
    I loved this post! What a beautiful message that most women don’t hear enough.

    My mother and father taught me how to love, and what a healthy, strong couple looked like growing up. I use their relationship as the high standard in my love life. My mother also taught me strong work ethic. As a stay at home mom, she had her own bridal business. We’d see them sit together in the kitchen while she sewed late into the night, as he would fix her a cup of tea and keep her company. I am now starting my own business, and am remembering her dedication and that it is possible!

    I really appreciate your post, and it’s a reminder of strength they both have us.

    Love your posts, podcast and book!

    Steph :)

  5. hajar says:

    I hope, when I’ll have the chance to give birth to a child, to teach him to be brave, powerful and fearless.

  6. Wilmah Kutinyu says:

    I just love you MH…is all I’m saying!

  7. Barbara K says:

    Matt, my mom died in Nov. I miss her every day …..She taught me so much
    & made my heart smile every time I heard her voice.
    Thank you kindly for taking the time to say what you did re: women , moms ..
    It’s great to be appreciated & respected by men in this world …..
    You’re a gem !

  8. Montréal says:

    How Wonderful!Thank You! I love my mother,she’s 93 years young,she was abusive to me in my teens/twenties an now I have to take care of her.I’M a mom with disabilities and two children. My son is in college. My oldest, a daughter called me late that night an was quick. A little depressed about My Mother’s Day so THANK YOU.

  9. Jen says:

    My mom, who passed away almost 18 years ago, was the best!! Since she raised my sibling and myself most of our lives (my dad left when we were still young), I owe who I am to her. She passed on so much to me, but I think the thing I most often think about is strength. She was the strongest person, having raised 3 kids alone. Then later in life, battling cancer. She taught me that my world and happiness do not revolve around other people or things. If I find happiness within, people will gravitate towards me naturally….and you know what, she was right. Cheers to all the GREAT moms out there!! =)

  10. Violet says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on “yellow fever”…:)
    Is it real? Are there men strictly attracted to Asian women?

  11. Brenda says:

    What I want to pass down to women of the world (and men) is: when you feel inspired, carry through all the way and over the top being the leading lady (or man) in your own life! Especially, when you feel (or believe) you might be in LOVE…. And, especially, if you are concerned that doing so may too audacious (or someone may notice)…

    Go For, BEING Wonderfully, YOU!

  12. Lucy says:

    My Mum is really special to me. I am writing this as a tribute to her. I remember the wonderful birthday parties she did for me when I was young, amazing cakes she made, trips to the seaside, holidays and visits to family and friends, the sacrifices she made for me. One of the phrases she often said, is ‘Smile, Lucy!’ You know, when you’re just not in the mood to smile! Mum has been unwell for the last few years, after a serious stroke and is in a care home. She was rushed to hospital over Easter, doctors were saying she could die. It’s very scary when doctors are saying that. She’s my Mum, I don’t want to lose her. I’ve talked with several doctors since then, to understand that Mum is nearing the end of her life. I have been praying for her, my friends have been praying for her. One of my friends at the hospital visited her on the ward, she said, your Mum is lovely, when I said your name, Lucy, she opened her eyes, she smiled. My friend said to me, ‘you mean the world to her’ . The nurses in the home say she has the most beautiful smile. Thank you Mum for everything you are to me, for teaching me to smile, even when life hurts and I’m in pain. I love you, Mum xx

  13. Kevin@CupidTools says:

    What a lovely blog about mother! Thanks! It makes me miss my mum so much!

  14. Pen says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I thank from the secret hollows of my heart for such an endearing message about your mum. And …. thank you for reminding us of how high we should value women. The most important job in the world is that raising children but unfortunately it is the lowest paid and most undervalued in most cultures. I’m just going to support that statement by saying amongst the most poor are women and children.

    I think this earth is a much kinder, sweeter, and light filled place with you, Matthew, on it … Hug and Kiss, someone’s momma.

  15. Temple says:

    What a beautiful message to woman and a lovely tribute to mothers! I give thanks to my mother and grandmother who were strong women. They are gone, but their legacy lives on in me.
    Thank you for taking the time to pay such a lovely tribute to all woman! It touched my heart. I appreciate what you do.

  16. Lilian says:

    When you mention about your mother looking for a new identity after all of you left home it screams that your mother have invested all what she had into that job.it is clear by the outcome. I hope women would understand that to get good results it is the only way to do anything in life. Sadly a lot of women take this job so light.What on earth is more important then being responsible fo a new life? Women can invest their souls in other interests after their job is done. It is kind of job done now time to have fun!! Having said that it does not mean she shouldn’t have a life while she is raising kids, but yes it is the most important job in life for both parents especially women. People that don’t like this reality should not have them. We have too many people in the world anyway. Lol

  17. Nicole says:

    That was sweet.

  18. denise says:

    Dear Matthew although I am not a mom. I would to thank you for reminding me of all that I learned from my mentors growing up. I have a life coach license for young adults Kama so I do understand every word you’re saying and where it comes from. Having you explain it I’ve come to realize I’m a very powerful woman with a lot of knowledge to spread around. I try to make a difference in at least one person’s life everyday. I can only help people who want to help themselves. But I have not encountered anyone who did not appreciate my wisdom. Which is probably why I’m still single because I’m probably really smarter than the guys that I meet and it is hard for them. I can’t play dumb lol love you lots.

  19. My says:

    Mr. Hussey,
    Please share with your mum for me: I wanted to thank her for being such a wise, lovely lady who raised a gentleman who helps, inspires, and empowers other women.

    In answering your question, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong women of character (my grandmothers, my mum, and my girlfriends). Women who are beautiful, wise, and powerful because of the challenges they overcame in their lives. They inspire me.

    Something I would pass on to another woman/person: There is only one of you in all the world. You have another day in the world maybe not because you need it but because someone needs you/your help.

    Happy Mother’s Day! :)

  20. Brenda Nowack says:

    Ok, first off, will you marry me? LOL……. Seriously, I have learned more about men from you than by being married to one!! Thank you for your choice to be instrumental in easing the communication gap between men and women. I strongly believe that relationships succeed or fail mainly because of good or bad communication; not that its anyone’s fault!

  21. Nathalie Frevry says:

    Thank you!
    I am not yet a mom and hoping that one day God will bless me enough to witness that joy and happiness that every mother out there is experiencing today.
    My mom thought me how to be a lady 1st, independent second. I am grateful for my though queen, my Mama!

    I just want to wish all the special mothers out there a beautiful mother’s day!
    Every day is Mama’s day!

  22. Rosangela Marise Da Silva says:

    Wish have mom figure o something like my live but I don’t. My parents divorced when baby. My father run away with me. I had 2 stepmother that abused me. I know what is be a mother because I am a single mom. My live is my son and he can first of everything else.

  23. Claire says:

    What a FANTASTIC way to start off Mother’s Day- THANK YOU! You gave us the perfect food for thought on this particular morning. I’m fortunate in that I’ve had several women in my world who have made an endless impact in my life because of what I have learned from them.
    From my grandmothers, both long departed from this earth, I have come to know that humble faith in God and unshakeable strength of character can sustain a woman, in spite of terrible hardships, unspeakable loss and grief that may come in life. This quiet yet profound strength enabled each of these women not only to persevere through great difficulties but to continue to show their love and support for their dear ones and endlessly endeavor to improve life for their families.
    Thanks to my dear aunt, now in her 90s, I’ve had a model of a woman of great courage who has through all her years remained steadfast in her convictions, despite the fact that her convictions and beliefs were unpopular with others, resulting in adversity coming from all directions in her life. I’ve learned much from her the great value of being true to myself and my core beliefs, no matter what.
    From my mom, who is among the most intelligent and capable people I know, I’ve learned to trust my choices in life. I’ve also learned to trust my own judgement if/when I decide to change my course completely, which might indicate a totally opposing set of choices… I’ve observed as she has assessed and then completely changed her mind in an important situation and then support that choice and course of action with the same determination as she did her previous choice. A woman of her interests, capability and intelligence would have earned renown in any field she chose to pursue, from education, to medicine, biology, astronomy, archeology or other science, to business (My dad likes to say, “By now she would have managed the hell out of and become the CEO of some Fortune 500 company”, and I agree with this as my mother chuckles).
    She instead chose raising her children as her career, and says she’s never looked back or considered her intelligence or talents wasted by dropping out of the work force: She’s clear that she considers the role of “Mother” to be the most important, meaningful and fulfilling “work” she could have chosen. That she is fully confident and satisfied with this choice in her life has inspired me to be more confident in the different choices I have made regarding what I have done with my life, and more confident in myself as a result.
    I’m not there yet, but I hope that continue to develop into a woman who models for others true strength of character, courage in one’s convictions, and confidence in one’s self and life’s choices, whatever they are. I certainly had beautiful examples in my grandmothers, my aunt, and my mom.
    Thank you Matthew for this wonderful exercise in appreciation. Contemplating the impact these amazing women have made in my life has been the perfect way to celebrate this morning. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  24. Polly says:

    My beloved mom. Gone five years next week. I miss her every day of the world. She lived a life of self-sacrifice for her husband and children. Her life was one of inestimable value. Amazing, darling, moma. xo xo God keep you in His care until we’re together again.

  25. Vasiliki says:

    Robert Fulghum said “Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.” Well my mom was ( and still is) an affectionate person and a great example for me to follow.

    As I was growing up I remember watching her in our home kitchen preparing home made meals for us, taking care of our home, us, as well as herself. She was always trying to broaden our horizons (me and my brothers) by taking us to museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, theaters, etc. She is a cheerful, kind and compassionate woman, never gossiping and always grateful to the people, that were there for her, when she was facing difficulties.

    When I was a little girl, I remember her holding me in her arms and singing to me a sweet GreeK song saying “You are my little rose, my precious little rose…”.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  26. Grace says:

    In this case both moms have magnificent value the one who gives birth, because without her you wouldn’t be here and the one who help you through life because you wouldn’t be who you are without her.

  27. nina says:

    What a great, thoughtful, and kindly message Matthew. You are a good guy with a lot of great wisdom in my opinion. Have a beautiful day !! :)

  28. Grace says:

    Thanks for chairing your concept of High Value-Woman.
    I believe, The standard value you give to yourself as a person, is exactly The same you’re going to transmit to your child as a mother, we all inherited what our mothers had, beside or plus if the child was desired or not, all her emotions thoughts feelings, what she talks, what she does, everything got imprint inner ourselves while the pregnancy, after the child is born, the way she treats that child, the love and care she gives, will define the human he or she will become.
    Matthew thanks again for your powerful video, which invited us to realize The importance of bringing quality in our lives.

  29. doris_ctw@yahoo.com says:

    My real mum always want to protect and stop us from falling. But it was my English mum who taught me to have courage in life’s challenges. Both ladies taught me to be kind and generous, and never expect anything in return. Sadly my English mum, my great friend and mentor have passed away 10 years ago. I miss her so much. Her teachings have never left me.

  30. Susie Storms says:

    For me it would be my mother, grandmother and my one of my aunts.. they taught me to be humble and taught me the gift of serving others among many other things. ♡♡♡

  31. Audrey says:

    My mom taught me many amazing things but what I learnt from observing her was that you are never too old to learn and grow.

  32. Lauren says:

    Aw! How sweet are you?!?! Love how you made this about including how powerful all women are- not just mothers. <3

  33. Marla says:

    There are so many things that my mom taught me far too many to mention. But by far the thing that stuck out the most for me was when my dad passed away, my mom had to step up to the plate and learn how to do the many things that my dad took care of. It was not easy for her, but she was proud of those things as these were things that my dad did for 38 years. This was just a demonstration of how strong she really was.
    And on this day, which was her birthday and mother’s day I find that I really am missing her.

  34. Kirsty says:

    Hi matthew It’s Kirsty thanks to you I can just talk to men just being friend’s with them & nothing more cause I enjoy the single life peace & quite I will think about relashionships when I’m older I’m only 23 I’m still young I like to have freedom. Not get tided down to anyone.

  35. Suzanne says:

    What men want is a feminine woman who loves herself first and accepts him as he is. He dies t really care stet de is into, he cares that she is in receptive, feminine mode. So use Matts techniques to attract a man but don’t sleep with him wo a commitment and let him give to you, appreciate him and let him lead and leave all the contact up to him. Simples!

  36. Camille Robinson says:

    My Mother, Mary. She has taught me that a woman works, and has her own money, way before a man even comes along in your life, and to never lower my standards when it comes to men. She’s a great Gardener, and an Interior Decorator, too. She has taught me that you dont have to got to college and have a whole bunch of degreees in order to be good at what you do. I’m so glad that SHE is my Mother.

  37. Deb says:

    My Great Aunt Gertrude, who turned 96 in February and still works three days a week and volunteers serving food to the homeless, taught me how to live my life the way I want to live it and to serve others. She is an amazing, strong, kind woman who raised 8 children and yet always had time for her great niece.

  38. Kalvinder says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Your post made me cry as I realise I feel totally powerless. Everyone sees what they want to but nobody sees how I really feel. They think they see a strong and powerfull woman who has a good career and her own home but they do not see that I never wanted to be divorced or be alone or have a high flying career ( I just wanted to have a good job and have a family and be a mother and a mum and instead I feel like I am a nobody and nothing as everyone around me is married and /or have children and I have neither and i do not know why as I was married but I suffered terrible emotional and psychological and financial and physical abuse and even sexual rejection and abuse by my exhusband and have not managed to find anyone I feel safe with since.Men are all the same. It is about them and not caring what the woman wants or needs.I know you say that woman have to show men what their values are but it makes no difference as all men just revert to their bad behaviour the minute I show any vulnerablity. I do not want to be strong all the time as then I might as well just be on my own. The whole point of being with someone is that one can also be vulnerable and soft and show weakness and not be attacked and taken advantage of but it seems that is the impossible dream with a man.

    • Kalvinder says:

      I think this is the problem that all men want a strong and powerful woman. Well what about a strong and powerful man who also appreciates a senstive and caring and vulnerable woman as I do not want to be the powerful woman all the time. I am a human being who also has needs and feelings and not just be superwoman all the time. Sorry but this is just wrong.

      • Kalvinder says:

        How about men being men and like my father who took care of my mother and us kids and yes my mum did a huge amount as he always said he could never have achieved anything without her by his side. But most men I come across are too busy doing it all and not wanting to rely on a woman except whtn they need something.My ex was looking after me but he was a totally controlling and manipulative man so where does one find a decent man who does his share too and not just expects the women to be around when he needs her.I do not think there are any such men. It is all just a myth.

  39. Sonya Karr says:

    I always love your messages. I ever thought about a mum like that. I always felt guilty about about giving to much attention to myour nonbirth mum. As always you’re right the influence of my other mum, in this case my mum-in-law, has had the best influence and change on me. Love her just as much as my biological mum. Thank you so much Matthew for your insight and words of wisdom Love you.

  40. Dannii Swann says:

    Wow what a powerful and beautiful message. I am very close to my mum too and admire how she raised 8 children. She taught me to follow my heart and how when choosing a partner to look carefully at his background and the influences in his life. I’d love to pass on my love and respect for ALL animals and to raise a generation that celebrates love, freedom and respect.

  41. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Thanks Matthew! You really are a testament to how you were raised & the wonderful person your Mum is…I have already told you this before…so true!
    I have a wonderful Mom too…She taught me to be a Hi-Value woman…as I have instilled the same values in my 2 grown adult gals..
    She told me NOT to be a “notch” in any man’s belt, growing up…She told me they will tell me they love me..if they want just casual sex…but, it would be ultimately my decision..but, once you give it away…you can’t get it back…so think about it before you decide to give away one of the greatest gifts…
    I stuck to that…& it was all worth it….
    Don’t ever compromise yourself & your values…That is what I was taught…& proud to say…My girls have been taught that…It is a choice…& what you do with that choice will affect you…the rest of your life…may be positive or very negative…Right??
    There are always consequences to one’s behavior…Be prepared to accept those consequences…
    ;) <3
    Don't ever let it be a REGRET!

  42. Adriana says:

    Thank you for practicing what you preach!It’s refreshing to see you and your family showing so much respect and support for each other.It is truly a tremendous pleasure to hear and apply your wise advice and ignore a lot of dysfunction promoted by the media on “reality” TV shows that makes you wonder where is this society headed to.
    Thank you for your honesty,keeping it real,your love for reasearch and passion in all that you do.
    On a fun note…we need less “sheeple”,more men with”an English start in life” who can provide more “brainal” and are able to not overshare on social media:)
    Be blessed!Love you!

  43. Kathy says:

    What a sweet and loving tribute to your mom and women everywhere.

  44. Amanda L. says:


    Thank you so much. I have bought your program within 24 hours. I read you book for just a few pages about how to get a guy’s attention…. first 2 ways….

    You know. I know this guy since last August, I met him at a MeetUp event. He is from a rich family and he has a very well educated and very rich. I got his contacts from a friend we both knew. I invited him to a bar before Chinese New year with a few friends(also met form MeetUp). It did not turn out good. He text me back for a long time. In March, I tried to ask him out for watching movie ALONE. He seemed to not be very interested. Finally, almost 2 days before the movie night, he even ignored me!!!!! Did not reply me!!! two months later, the other day, I texted him again(Yes, I am very persistent), he talked a little but finally did not reply…

    Last night and this morning, I read your book. Then, I went to the MeetUp even again, he went to there too. I wore long dress and tried effortless for my dress up, then, he sat in front of me but sometimes he saw me back, I saw him back too with smile. Back and forth, when I knew we had eye contact, I smiled back.
    After my MeetUp partner went away, I did not try to go to his table, instead, I went to another table because I did not want to show I was too eager. After a while, he left too.. How could I know, he went up to me, patted my back and said “Goodbye” and to me ONLY. There were also other girls there. But he ONLY said that to me. That’s soo sweet. I never expected that.

    However, I tried to not be eager so I will not text him.
    I feel so good about what happened to me today, I feel more confident and released. Thank you Matthew.

    Love you.


  45. Katie says:

    Great Message today!! My mom is indeed a woman of high value and I’m not quite sure where I’d be without her! I have three sisters who are also strong, powerful, loving moms! They are deserve this day! As for me, I’m 36 and single and am not sure being a mom is in the cards! But as an aunt and teacher, I try everyday to be a woman the kids can look up to, count on and admire!

  46. Lynn says:

    Thank you, Matthew! I love the idea of mom’s as agents of change. Never thought of it that way. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. We’re all happy she had you :-)

  47. Kaylene says:

    My mum taught me to be an individual, to follow my dreams no matter how crazy they were, to never doubt myself and to always value the person that I am.

    I am not a mum. But I am a teacher. And the students I teach are my children. I hope to inspire, to lead, to help them become the best versions of themselves and to follow their own passions. I hope to support them every step of the way, to teach them what they need to know to get where they want to be. I want them to know that they always have an advocate in me, that they will always have me at their backs and that I will always believe in their worth and abilities.

    I will proudly be a ‘mum’ to hundreds of young people throughout my career. And if I can make a difference to just one life… if I can inspire just one person to dare achieve what they thought was impossible… then I have left a legacy on this earth. My existence, fleeting as it is, has had purpose. To leave a legacy of inspiration, hope and joy… That, to me, is everything.

  48. Neitu says:

    To learn and rise in every circumstance irrespective of wow much it pull you down. Be fair, firm and sensible. Recognise your self worth and don’t let any person or event to degrade it.

  49. Frances Micklem says:

    Thanks a lot, I love your energy and warmth and great message today. I’d love to pass on loving consideration of all living things as a trait. I learnt 13 things from my Mum: Not take myself too seriously, forgive and forget, take an interest in people of all ages and races – ‘everyone has their story to tell’ Defend the underdog. Be hardy, don’t succumb to swimming in a wetsuit. An appreciation of food, especially where it came from and how hard or easy it was to grow. An enjoyment of get togethers. A love of writing and receiving hand written letters. Self respect. Personal responsibility. A habit of cheering people up with some positivity, generosity or a good laugh. How to be easy going and not take anything personally. Always make an effort but don’t be a perfectionist.

  50. Angelina says:

    Hi Matthew!I loved your presentation on the importance of mothers & women. As an educator & a female I would have to agree that mothers play a crucial role in raising children,sacrificing themselves to give to their families and instilling good values such as, kindness, compassion etc. Your presentation was beautiful.

  51. Manal says:

    Thank you hussey verry much and happy mother’s day,
    I didn’t see my mom for 4 months now cuz of work so i have to call her now and tell her that i love her haha. Anyway..
    She always give me good advices,due to her i am now educated,responsible and happy too.when i born she couldn’t take me with her so my grandma took care of me she was crying cuz i am the first child and after 2 years she back to me and takes me to live with her.so basicly my grandma is like my mom too.
    Woman become naturally a mother and i really want to be a mom soon

  52. Angela says:

    My mother has always been supportive, kind, and patient. She has weathered countless storms along the way. I respect her for that.

  53. Pam Odoms says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mum, and all women. Thank you for that.

  54. Dora says:

    So much love in one short video! Thank you, Matt, perfectly expressed, as always :)
    I think I owe most of who I am now to my mother: she taught me to be kind, thoughtful, empathic, curious, not too rash in judgement, and above all to love who I am for all the valuable qualities I have and can potentially have.
    She inspires me to be a better, happier, more motivated and more well-rounded person each and every day and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for that <3


  55. Nicole says:

    I love your mum! You’re getting way too cute Matt ! Love your videos x

  56. Claribel says:

    Thank you Mathew, for sharing this beautiful message! Mothers are amazing, buy my has been incredible. I will be endless grateful to her for being the inspiration of what I am nowadays. She has been the best influence of how to be a honest, lovely, hard worker and respectful person. Definitely my mother is the best!

  57. chioma says:

    I see your mom in you. God bless her for the gift she’s given to so many by giving the world you. You’ve connected me more strongly to my mother by helping me to see her in me. Thank you.

  58. Helen says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mum, Matt. Wonderful to hear your words of wisdom today. Thank you.

  59. Laetitia says:

    The most precious lesson my mother taught me was to question and evolve. Everything, always, and in every sense. I believe she was freaked out more than once by how well I learned her lesson :) I’m endlessly grateful.

  60. Sandra Salas says:

    Lovely message. Thank you.

  61. sharon rboyce says:

    Hi Matthew i told you thank for your message
    now as you say she taught me to be a woman who i am today mothers day is every day the frist house we live in was inside her that was the frist house
    I lv men that think about there mother you never can pay her for what. she did for you all we have to do is pray for rest for them my time where i am is 3:16 in the morning thank you so much have a bless day

  62. Jenny says:

    I love you Mathew , not the way a person loves there mate but I adore you and just wanted to let you know that I am your fan .

  63. Marg says:

    Aww love <3 thank you

  64. Mo says:

    Mum demonstrates to me every day the power in quietly influencing life for the good of those she cares about without being in your face. Grace & Tenacity. Happy Mother’s Day Mummy. I love you.

  65. joanne says:

    You are a great man…I say this not only because you are a great son..which makes you the man you are but because the feelings you evoke in each and every person who listens to the words that you send out..I thank you with my whole heart…keep doing what you are meant to do…luv ya’

  66. Jennifer Bortman says:

    I have a problem
    I texted and called my bf several times and still no response I love him very much but he won’t return my calls or texts please help what do I do do we break up or stay together and work it out

    • Sonya Karr says:

      I understand that you love him my question to you is, “Does he deserve that love?” One of the many things Matthew has taught me is, he needs to put effort into the relationship also. Has he done that?

    • Sydney says:

      If you are concerned for his safety, then contact the police.

      Otherwise, show up at his place, talk it out. It might be a good idea to check his place before going to the police, as well ha

      If the bad behavior gets repeated, then it’s two strikes you’re out in this ball game. (Move on.)

    • Suzanne says:

      He doesnt want to talk to you so let him go.

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