How Shy Women Can Meet Great Guys

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I take a question from Sarah on whether or not guys are turned off by a woman who is an introvert. The discussion we have may very well surprise you!

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7 Replies to “How Shy Women Can Meet Great Guys”

  1. I’m an extrovert but usually find extroverted men annoying. Instead, I’m attracted to the quieter, deep thinkers (with an adventurous edge).

  2. we’ll meet soon,don’t worry. you’re indeed a superhero. your hands of advice carry the strength of bringing out the best in others ;) so proud of you in this episode♥ though you are quite harsh to sarah telling her “lazy” but i couldn’t disagree either :) sometimes we need to hear the truth even if it hurts or just annoying…keeping in mind that “if it doesn’t challenge us, it will never change us” and i think Sarah felt the pressure ;) get it on honey.
    i am falling inlove with your hair everyday Mr.Hussey- it looks perfectly cute! ;)


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