How to Attract Men – Use This 1 Irresistible Mindset

When people take a break from their normal environment, they take MORE social risks than usual.


Because they adopt “The Holiday Mindset.”

In this week’s video, I logically break down exactly why it’s so much easier to meet guys when you take on this psychology and give my 3 simple techniques for getting out of your shell and employing this mindset in your everyday life (especially if you want to meet an amazing guy this summer).

►► These 8 Words Attract Any Man You Choose. Watch now >>>

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Lukas says:

    Really informative and fantastic bodily structure of content material, now that’s user genial (:.

  2. Aurum Diet says:

    Great post. I was checking constantly this weblog and
    I am impressed! Very helpful info particularly the remaining part :
    ) I maintain such information much. I used to be
    seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  3. marie says:

    Wow!!! Great advice never thought of it that way. Thanks for a different way to approach meeting people

  4. Libby says:

    THANKYOU …you are a breath of fresh air …..
    One very smart cookie … your videos . Would love to come on a retreat
    YOU ROCK !!!

  5. kristi♥ says:

    ooh wow your hair have grown so long!i i missed you for the last 3 weeks!!!i’m on a holiday right now :) lol. and i like your cute shirt…you’re still the best thing i see and hear the first time i checked my fb.
    I was not able to keep my promise of sending you emails.sorry about that :) i’ll catch up ;)

  6. Romina Thomann says:

    I just found you today!! I’m so thankful, I spend my whole sunday watching you at YouTube. Sorry for my English, I’m from Chile, 32, sad, alone and traumatized about past, but one day I will attend one your retreats, even if I’ve got to sale everything I have. You deserve a Nobel prize and since today you’re my personal Santa Claus Ann fairy!!! When I got married and have a wonderful family to take I will let you know!! Love u! Because you return hope to my future!! Xoxo

  7. m_who says:

    Hi Matt!
    I really like everything you say but here’s the thing. I’m in my 40’s, I have two kids and I’m single six years now ( of course my ex husband was my highschool sweetheart,practically only man in my life)… I’m happy being single, but I admit -I’m also afraid to go and meet someone. Yes I can do anything, I’m a supermum or something, but when it comes to men…well…where do we women find the strength to date again?
    I would like you to adress one video for my group of people – single mums, after 40, strangling with everyday life, money,kids,work etc. We look after everyone and everything, but in some point we need someone to look after us, don’t we?
    Are there serious men for us or what?

  8. Hafsa says:

    Hi Matthew just want to say your video.Brings light to my day love the idea you bring Everytime.

  9. 'Cutie' Lee says:

    I think a lot of this is common sense.
    Yet I find the way you put things hilarious at key points.
    I never had a problem and did help friends get there guy or gal……keep their guy or gal.
    Life would be so much easier if they stopped worryong about what others think or try and gain advice from friends or others that have not gotten their guy or gal.
    Best wishes….I watch your youtubes for the ones that make me laugh.

  10. Zari says:

    I can dig it. Also, your hair may be getting long but it’s cool and in that strange growing out phase. As a suggestion you can put the front half up in a man-bun and then that may match up better with your holiday shirt…and you can actually wear your sunglasses for the purpose they’re designed for. Matthew Hussey is on a roll to saving the last kingdom of manhood!

  11. Monica H says:

    I love your outlook Matt. You make the obvious so….well, OBVIOUS! Don’t get a haircut by the way…It looks just fine and women love that. If any woman out there disagrees send a reply. Or if you agree that Matt should keep his longer hair also, leave a reply. Let’s give him our input as the opposite sex!

  12. Julie MacKenzie says:

    You always “hit the nail on the head” Matthew….Love your advice….”The Holiday Mindset”….So true! ;)

  13. A says:

    I love uncle Hussey, he looks particularly flattering in that 80s getup look .

  14. Judy says:

    Matt, I think you’re great and what you say is very true, intelligent and helpful. BUT please cut your hair! :D

  15. Sika says:

    You are funny :-))) I really like that.

  16. Lauren says:

    I need a six month vacation twice a year! Holiday mindset goals! ;)

  17. Paula says:

    So freakin’ true. Thank you for realizing this.

  18. Maria says:

    hahahaha this one was on point. I was just talking about this yesterday after returning to new york from London and met so many cool people there.

  19. Cassie says:

    Wow!! I was wondering why I always feel so much more relaxed and carefree when I’m out of town. Good stuff

  20. Nicole Nelson says:

    “there IS a time crunch…it is called DEATH” lmao Matthew, you are too funny. You make me laugh with your intense honesty. SO passionate though that I was afraid a vein might come popping out of your neck ;) Have a good week.

  21. Sydney says:

    My hormones think you’re really HOT.

    it’s been nice knowing you


  22. Cheryl Williams says:

    I totally agree with you, but at the same time finances come into the equation as well. I would love to go on holiday more often even for short breaks and to visit London. Where I work there has been an admin review within the NHS so I may be out of work yet as jobs have been cut. I am also moving back to my own house (currently living with my mother) and having the kitchen modernised. The only other option for me would be to walk in a park more often and other places where costs are minimal

  23. Jenny says:

    You are the Best! Amazing- simple wisdom to change anyone’s life!
    Congratulations- You make the world better every day= bringing joy & Love to so many all over the world

  24. Beth says:

    Hey Matthew! I’ve been watching your videos for about 4 months, and you are so much fun! Love your energy, your advice is fantastic! It doesn’t hurt that you are so damn cute. You rock that hawaiin shirt! Whenever I get your emails I read them immediately, before anything else. Thanks for spreadin’ the love. Keep up the amazing work.


  25. Sasha says:

    Hey it’s Sasha,

    I really would love your advice on something. It would be cool if you made a video giving your perspective on how to make an action plan in being an entrepreneur.


  26. Lani says:

    We have very different ideas of holiday. ;-P My bad!

    When I go on holiday then I try to find the most isolated place, away from people, the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    I am actually very lucky that my parents live in a small recreation village with a gorgeous lagoon on the West Coast of RSA. So, when I am with them it is nice to just be at home with my them and most of them time I go visit then it is not peak season.

    When I go out, my mentality is: “HAVE FUN!” Working the room as the happy, friendly, care-free person really works. :-)


  27. Caryn says:

    Wonderful technique.
    Would also like to ask if we have a question on a problem what is the best way to reach you for advice and to get your take on how to tackle it?

  28. Luyi says:

    Hey Matt, I have a question: how can you make holiday romance work? Or is it just not possible to make it work? Thank you!

  29. Sydney says:

    You’re smart, sincere, and vulnerable

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