How to Break Out of Your Dating Rut

So many women treat being single like it’s a sad, tragic place to be. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Even if you’ve been through heartbreak and loneliness, I’m going to give you my top 3 strategies to get back in the game and find love again…

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  1. Fantastic advice Matthew! Love the download, really practical and energising reading too. I felt stronger, more excited about life & recognised my own power as I read it! Huge thanks for this :)

  2. I am a widow of 15 years, and finally met the one, after 6 months of dating he ghosted me, the day before this happened he was here and I thought really happy, every one that knows him said “great guy”. I’ve gone silent, Also he never wanted to be around my family, should have been a red flag, do I just move on?

  3. This single sentence summed it up for me. “We choose people who criticize, complain, hurt our self-esteem, tell us we’re incapable, or who just drain us of our positivity.” That was my mom. I was reenacting the relationship with my mom, with men. Whether or not to get a better ending or just in a loop. Either way it was all subconscious…up until now, with your words. This sentence resonated with me, too, “you still need to know how to attract the best guys”. “raise your standards, you send the ultimate message to the world. You get to be the doorman of your own life: You must be this awesome to enter.” I was approached by a handsome, well dressed man at the mall. He was attracted to me like a magnet. He was just like my mom, complaining and called me spoiled when I told him I always get what I want (eventually). I energetically cut him off. It was a lot less painful than telling him I wasn’t interested. When he texted me last, I told my friend, “It’s so tempting to continue this relationship.” But, thankfully, he never texted me again. Now I know that I was strong and honored myself. Here I uncovered that I was trying to make unhappy people happy (like my mom). Only they can choose to be happy. I thought my happiness for myself and Life could overflow. But I am capable of attracting someone 100% happy, too. I don’t need to feel significant by leaving my Life on the sidelines. I can attract my match! (I feel high right now) Thank you Matthew.

  4. I am in a toxic MARRIAGE. It a exhausting depressing and most of the time degrading. I’m so mad at myself for allowing myself to go through this again” my husband is 54 and I’m 35 . He is controlling a liar manipulator.he is verbally and sometimes physically abusive when I call him out on his lies. Idk what to d o? Please help if anyone has or is in the same situation I’m in please share your thoughts

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