How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

Smart women realize that any guy who likes them can be led to make the move, so long as she gives him some simple, subtle clues.

So in the name of helping men and women out everywhere, here is my favorite technique for getting any guy to ask you out (even if he’s a little shy at first)…

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  1. Kelly Petersen says:

    Hi Matthew. I went shopping without my kids. I am 46 years old…were attract
    ive. This cute guy waited for me to pay my parking ticket, then came over to me and said I hope you won’t think its forward of me but please tell me your name. I asked why… He said you are a beautiful lady… I was so taken aback. He looked very young. About 30 or so. I said why thank you. Then I wanted to tell him my name. And instead I walked over to my eldest sister waiting for me. I was so mad at myself afterwards for not telling him my name. And now I will never know. He really seemed like quite the gentleman.

  2. Mercy musumba says:

    This man is very very shy I don’t know what do and it’s so so difficult in Africa to tell him that you love me what should I do about it I think this man I don’t know what to do I think I’m just fighting a losing battle I’ve come to conclude that maybe I should just leave him alone because he’s too shy I’m telling you,imagine you Amanda given on variables the house I was expecting a happy Valentines massage you

  3. asal says:

    thank you very much. this situation had happened to me

    I also say you are genius like the girl in a video:)

  4. lally says:

    how you make things so easy, so cool though…thanks but am afraid i already made things awkward

  5. Hassiba says:

    Hey math thanks for this i will try it my little problem is that i have a boyfriend who is really shy we are going ti get engaged and he is still not open to me about lots of things i don’t want to ask him directly because he might not answer me what to do?? Help

  6. Hassiba says:

    Hey math thanks i have a boyfriend who is really shy we are going ti get engaged and he is still not open to me about lots of things i don’t want to ask him directly because he might not answer me what to do?? Help

  7. Nadia says:

    is he tell you he only wants FWB, and you don’t.
    Then RUN!
    See Matthew’s video on
    “the someday wager”

    If he tells you what he does not want in a relationship, believe him!

  8. Nadia says:

    What is wrong with that?
    She is showing interest.

  9. Stella buba says:


  10. Nelida says:


  11. epi says:

    But she asked him out.

  12. Jami says:

    Thanks Matt, again, for insight. I actually have a situation where I asked a guy out, he hesitantly said yes, then asked our mutual friend if it was ok if he talked to me. Once he got the ok, he told our friend he’d reach out to me, but hasn’t, and it’s been a couple weeks now. I took the stance that the ball is in his court and since he hasn’t reached out, he obviously wasn’t interested enough. Our mutual friend mentioned to me that this guy may just be shy and not know how to proceed. Seeing your video today makes me think I should maybe give it one more shot and use your tip to give him the ability to go for it. If it doesn’t pan out, plenty of other guys out there, and nothing more than a few moments have been invested.

  13. Nancy says:

    This advice is fine to assist a first date, but in my opinion, it should include critical follow-up advice. If the guy doesn’t offer to pay or pick you up or make reservations for the evening, be aware that this may not be a “shy” guy who is really interested in YOU. “Shy” can be a misinterpretation of a guy waiting to take advantage of a woman who will open the door for him to do so. He needs to step up to the plate and show some sign that he’s interested and genuine too. Just my two cents from experience.

  14. Nameless says:

    I’ve always found your ideas really impressive, Matthew.

  15. Melly says:

    It’s interesting, but I’ve seen the exact same phone call video before… ^^

  16. Katie Campbell says:

    I was put on two very successful dates with this guy. We appeared to be a good match physically and emotionally. He was very complimentary. However kept avoiding meeting up but kept in touch by text. Told me this weekend it was best for me that I meet a good person that he was too selfish for me and that I deserved better. Very sad but grateful for the truth. There is nothing I can do to change his mind.?What now. Say goodbye on good terms.

  17. Kimberley Awenlie Amindi says:

    Please what does it really mean if a shy guy who has asked you out on dates and took you to a cool romantic restaurant and friends hangout, only for him to tell you that he likes your company but he just wants Friends With Benefits with you? He hardly looks into your eyes but when he does, you can see that he likes you,he likes to touch you in silence.I wanna know exactly what this guy wants,because I told him straight away that I don’t do Friends With Benefits,either I’m seriously dating or just friends.

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