How To Give Compliments To Guys (And Why It’s So Important)

We’re back on the blog with another episode of LOVELife! Today’s topic is how (and why) to compliment a guy while going about your day, and why you need to do it more (not just with the people you’re interested in.) Enjoy!

Question Of The Day:

What’s the best compliment you’ve been paid so far in 2014?

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19 Replies to “How To Give Compliments To Guys (And Why It’s So Important)”

  • Very positive topic. Here are some complements I have said to people:

    – You´re smart.
    – You´re beauty.
    – You have very good taste.

    The thing is that some people then really show off so I became a little less open about giving complements. Some people really can take them. Some just become very egocentric and others begin to argue to you that they are not the things that you say.

    In fact, I have no idea how to take a complement. Usually I simply say that I´m not that thing. For me it feels a bit weird to take a complement.

  • The most original compliment I got from a guy I’m seeing, and I still don’t know whether to take it a good or a bad way, is:
    ” I value the fact that you aren’t needy and hang yourself onto me.”

  • Hey Matthew :) I received some amazing compliments from a guy I met a few days ago, who I felt I had a really great connection with. He seemed so smart, sophisticated, funny, quite knowledgable & very adventurous. He was someone I could even see myself accompanying for adventures. He said on a number of occasions that he thought I was a sexy, confident, & beautiful woman, but he never even asked for my phone number. Maybe he was just being nice & wasn’t into me.

    I have recently been giving out more compliments.

    1. I feel much more alive and open just by being around you.
    2. You look radiant.
    3. You’ve allowed me to delve into deeper issues and I’ve seen another side of myself I never even knew existed.
    4. You look extremely sexy today.
    5. You are exquisite.

  • I completely agree with what your saying Matthew. Though my issue is that sometimes when girls compliment guys – even if it is entirely natural – those guys then seem really up themselves! arrogant, or think your desperate! Which is not the case at all! It’s really infuriating and it feels like a lose-lose situation. I can understand complimenting later in the dating stages, but from the offset – guys in my opinions don’t like it.

  • I loved everything about this video, and am inspired to up my complimenting game!

    However, one teeny nit-pick: telling someone they “should smile more,” or *should* do anything, doesn’t feel like a compliment anymore, even with the best of intentions. It’s a bit of a hot-button for me, so I wanted to mention it.

  • I can’t remember a great compliment I’ve been paid so far in 2014. Perhaps there hasn’t been any, perhaps I just forgot?

    But I recently told I guy that I noticed we can talk about things we don’t completely agree on an that we can just stay calm, respectful and listen to each other’s arguments – and that I really liked that about him. I think he blushed a little :)

    Of course this is how it should be – but it isn’t like that with everyone.

  • I was cutting this guys hair and he seriously had the coolest eyes so I told him his eyes were gorgeous and looked like brown butter. Have to admit I got a pretty nice tip from a 19 year old.
    Matt, why would I call someone a sprite? Isn’t that like telling them they are short?

  • Here is the compliment: Matthew you are one of the most handsome guys I ever seen, probably because you are a great coach and you know how to attract people, maybe because you have a supersexy and tricky smile or because you visibly spend a lot of time in the gym. I don’t know why, but I should really come to one of your events and see you “live”

  • My best compliment so far…One of my closest friends looking at me for ages and saying “I’ll miss you.”
    Simple yet effective!

  • Just listened to your Love Life “Date a Man Not a Boy” ep. Thanks for the pep talk! Glad you got to see it from our POV!

  • Thank you Matthew.. You are a genius! Smart, kind and logical. Intelligent, thoughtful, Common sense approach that we all need!

  • Matthew you are awesome ;) you are a breath of fresh air and I love listening to EVERY one of your videos .. And your accent is Soooooo sexy ;) it’s such a turn on ;)
    I really loved this video and I already do this daily compliments flow very easy from me because I open my heart and speak the truth about what I’m thinking so many people are afraid to tell people how they feel as they don’t want to look silly or get embarrassed. But when then right intention is there only positive reactions can follow.. And both parties will feel good after giving and receiving a complement .

    I also work in retail and part of our customer service script when saying hello and welcoming her into our store & helping a woman find clothes is to find something nice to say about them .. It is a great practice to get into don’t limit it to 3 a day ..
    Challenge yourself to give a complement to EVERY PERSON you meet today ..

    Live with passion, purpose, love & gratitude
    Nikkiblu xx

  • Hi Matthew! You’re a genius. It feels great to listen to all your tips and advises. They really are such a big help. I hope you continue to share your wisdom. You’re such an enlightenment especially to women. Thank God for your existence:))

  • I love giving compliments and never thought of it in this way. How you say it will make you feel good and make that person feel good about you. I just love to give them not thinking it will make me look good. Nice to know and I will strive to do three a day.
    Thanks for the advice always.

  • I really appreciate the “How” part of this video. It really is helpful in making giving a compliment more sincere and effective! There was this guy I was dating and something that really really caused my intense attraction for him was the fact that he would compliment explicitly on details about me that he was crazy about (example: “I love that you say exactly what’s on your mind and don’t hold back no matter what people think!” Or “Your eyelashes and the way they flutter really pull me in!”)! I was like wow, this guy is excited and he can tell me exactly why! I was impressed because sometimes I find it difficult to articulate to that extent what I like them for (especially when they put me on the spot and ask “Well, why do you like me?” Which is another rant entirely- Lol). Most of the time it’s just a feeling, a connection and I don’t have things pinpointed at that very moment. I love all your videos and just wanted to say thanks!! I can’t get enough of your insight!!! :)

  • Hi Matthew,
    Earlier this week I delivered hand made Christmas cards with individualised letters inside telling each person what I most appreciated about them. It took weeks of preparation and thought. Everybody was so immensely grateful for the gesture – except one, the guy I like most. He told me he thought it was “bullsh*t” and that it was an inaccurate description of him.
    I was shocked and appalled by his nasty response. I regret giving him the card and it’s made me dislike him a lot. The compliments I paid still stand, but his like-ability is at rock bottom.
    What gives????

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