How To Let Him Know You Think He’s Hot

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, Kathleen wants to find out how she can initiate a conversation with a guy she likes. I give her one simple line to say that will work wonders with any guy.

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13 Replies to “How To Let Him Know You Think He’s Hot”

  • I have this guy who leads the improv sessions at my university and I am interested in him, however I feel using this approach is too forward, even though Matthew says “cute” is less forward than calling a guy “hot” but even telling a guy is “cute” is too forward. I get a bit nervous when we do scenes alone!

    1. One thing I do is remind myself that we are all human beings and that he’s no more perfect than I am. If you already know the guy there are other ways to add that in a conversation. I think they key is to make sure you interact in a playful way ;) I hope that helps

    2. He leads improv sessions , sounds interesting! Gluck

      Maybe you don’t have to ‘do anything just yet you already are spending the quality time Just have fun What a nice common interests just focus on that Xo

  • This is so funny because is was in a situation where I wanted to get to know someone better and those were almost the exact words I came up with! Unfortunately he left and I didn’t get the chance :(
    I just think it’s funny how much we think alike…at least on this subject.

  • Hi Matt,

    this video is totally interesting, but I have a somewhat different question, if you don’t mind.

    I have this colleague of mine, I want to get to know better. Not having him as a boyfriend or anything, just to get to know him.
    Since I’m doing your program (and believe you me, I enjoy every minute of it!), I’ve changed a lot. I’m not that little mouse anymore with whom he was exchanging smiles during a long working day. Just to give a few examples: I dress a more feminine, I’m using lipsticks with actual colors, I’m doing sports, etc. Nowadays I get feedbacks that I’ve changed, I look different and chic, even sexy.
    So here is my question: why does this guy started to ignore me? Before we had our dynamic, it was not much, but something I was looking forward to at work. A few smiles and glances here and there, a few bumping into eachother and chatting to eachother. But nowadays it’s like bouncing back from a wall. He doesn’t even look me in the eye, not to mention he builds up some sort of physical barrier when I’m around (like a table between us). And I have to admit, it gets me to the extend that I want to revert to my old ways (as the situation is spiced with unwanted staring from others that makes me feel sick)…

    So just to wrap up: how do I deal with this situation and why is it happening?

    Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi Matt,

    I have another question. I tell my boyfriend he is hot and he is cute and etc, but he really rarely tells me that he likes how i look, or that im beautiful or something like that. And i wish he tells me, or at least that i know that he thinks that, but i don’t want to he tells me and not thinks that. And i don’t know what to do.

    1. hi, been there with an ex. it’s frustrating!
      i started dropping hints at first. he would tell me how smart i am and i replay “and beautiful” looking waiting for him to say it himself. so yha, very small hints here and there :)
      but he is a man and not one that is used to handing out compliments. eventually when i needed him to tell me so i’d kind of ask “you haven’t told me i’m pretty today”, “need my magic words”
      always in a cute, sexy, whimsical way. by the end he got it. we are still friends and i thing i am the only person in his life he compliments :)

  • I had a guy tell me that most guys hate being called cute because it makes them feel like a little boy. Could we substitute another word…. like attractive and still be successful?

  • am i his rebound relationship?
    some of us where there one or twice in our lives, we date someone for a long time and the minute it’s over we meet someone new that is completely different then the ex, or just where we need them to be to represent someone utterly the other side of the spectrum from the ex.
    so, is he only after me because i represent all the different traits his ex lacked?

    we started seeing each other about a month ago, that was a week or 2 after she broke off with him. we met in a very casual way, a night out with mutual friends. he made sure i’ll be there the following week as well, we went on a few dates and some lunch dates in the middle of work\school days. he text me good morning beautiful and goodnight lovely almost every single day and always makes sure we have a date set in the scheduled. so far so good.
    he is extremely hot, smart, considerate, funny, interesting guy with sketchy taste in music i am willing to look away from for the time being :)
    how can i make sure what we have is real? that what he sees in me is more then the opposite if what he wasn’t pleased with in his so recent relationship? i am myself and hopping he will see me for me sooner rather then later. any word of advice for my fear might his ex suddenly calls him? or finds out about this site and learns how to win him back? he is such a rare gem, hard to think any lady would give him up, at least not without some fight.

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