How to Make a Guy Want You For More Than ONE Night

So you slept with a guy.

But now you wake up and have that awkward moment…

I get it. You want to play it cool, but you also want to make sure this guy knows you’re interested.

So here are 3 killer techniques that will make him desperate to see you again…

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46 Replies to “How to Make a Guy Want You For More Than ONE Night”

  • Good morning,

    I’m currently in a very casual physical relationship with a guy that persued me then after 2 months of dates he introduced me to his family and then 2 weeks later he said he thinks we are in different places and that he is looking to become a police office which requires him to leave for 6month then he probly won’t be back so he is just interested in a more casual relationship. Up until that point we had just played around physically but then we went all the way. I like him and think he would be a great guy in a relationship but what is going on now just is not meeting my needs. How do I end it in a high value way that states this was nice but not to my standards of what I want in a intimate relationship? I have a tendency of being to blunt.

    Thank you for your wisdom,

  • Hi Matt,

    After meeting a guy we chatted for a couple of weeks and then finally got together. He came to my place and we had sex. I then found out he was using a false last name and he is married! I told him this would not work and I would not break up anybody’s family. This happened to me where my husband had an affair and left me and my children. He keeps pursuing me even though I’ve told him no. . He went on a business trip and wanted me to go with him, he says his marriage is falling apart. I told him to leave his wife if his marriage is bad. This is the 5th married guy that has pursued me I’m hurt and frustrated, what am I doing wrong where married men are the only guys interested. I end up finding out then I’m the one who stops it. The last guy said, “you would have to be sensible one” HELP.

  • I love your advice. You always help me and give a fresh outlook on my cute man I so care for.

    1. Victoria and Nicola,
      DTMFA. If you never meet his friends n fam and he doesn’t act like you’re his gf, it is because you’re not. If he already has a gf, you the side chick, at best he sees you as a booty call. You are not. Even if you think you are, you are not. Nobody on earth was created and born to be reduced to a sex object to be used for another person’s selfish pleasure. Same is true if you are an empowered independent woman and he’s a nice dumbo. Samantha ain’t nobody’s role model. There is enough blind selfishness in the world without him enjoying himself at your expense. So stop teaching him it is okay to be a dick (which you do by rewarding lazy sloppy behavior with sex) and politely but firmly kick his ass to the curb. You are hurting yourself AND him every time you betray yourselves. Stop it. You both deserve better.
      Best to you ~ ♡

  • Every time I see your videos all I see is the furniture pieces. I can’t help it. The couches you sit on look so comfortable.

  • Alright I admit it.. I turned my phone to see how it would be waking up next to you getting out of bed would be really hard

  • First off: Nice arms. :-)

    Wow, so many settings! But good to know you can go back to dinner after sex. Very important! Bookmarking this video.



  • Hey, I am really happy to see that video I actually needed and I am fed-up doing fight myself and him I am feeling to die better in relationships

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