How to Make Anyone Instantly Like You

Over years of being on TV and radio, running a company with over 30 full-time staff, and speaking to audiences of thousands of people, I’ve learned the techniques that make people immediately compelling.

I’ve also learned the annoying habits that people get wrong (and which must be avoided at all costs if you ever want to win people over…)

So here it is, my #1 secret to getting people hooked in the first 60 seconds…

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17 Replies to “How to Make Anyone Instantly Like You”

  1. I have cancer, and everyone I speak with compares their health experiences to mine. Foot surgery is more dramatic, etc. Conversations are one-sided. The conversation turns into me being their psychologist, and the conversation ends when they’re done telling their stories. I guess I’m having a problem transitioning or relating experiences. My current way of resolving this is just not talking to people who have an inability to reciprocate.

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  3. This is exactly how to start ALL relationships! No two people or companies are the same. Early in my career I heard it pegged as WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? – ME being the person who you’re talking to. Ask key questions, relate key points back to them, THEN discuss you. Listening first makes it easier to touch on the things that connect your world to that company’s or person’s situation. This is a great reminder and GOLD for anyone who hasn’t done business or life this way. It really does work!

  4. I wanted to watch this all the way through but had to read it bcos audio not that good. But caption not on the screen long enough. So I got frustrated and turned it off.

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