How to Make Anyone Instantly Like You

Over years of being on TV and radio, running a company with over 30 full-time staff, and speaking to audiences of thousands of people, I’ve learned the techniques that make people immediately compelling.

I’ve also learned the annoying habits that people get wrong (and which must be avoided at all costs if you ever want to win people over…)

So here it is, my #1 secret to getting people hooked in the first 60 seconds…

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  1. Mona says:

    Hi Mathew,

    Thankyou for all of your emails and videos. Youur way of explaining the complicated communication skills is cool!

  2. Adriana says:

    Matt for fuck sake stop selling your products using those never-ending videos.

    Today, I tried to buy your impact program and was directed again to a 40 min video. The horrendous infomercial format. Over the years I had to watch every single minute before proceeding to buy or find out additional information. Please stop using this marketing. It appeals to the wrong market it screams cheap and no value. They are repetitive and too long to be taken seriously and if anything deter me to buy your products every time or to even go to your retreat. I already saw you speaking I already know what I want and why I want to buy it. I like you but I don’t need to hear about “your accomplishments” anymore. By now people should know whether they like you or not and why and if someone buys your product after watching those videos they are not your market. At least not the market that will allow you to create meaningful impact in the world.

    I wouldn’t care if you were one more “personality” with no substance. But you have shown capacity to develop ideas with incredible value and it’s been so painful to see you selling your products this way. It is not only a turn off but a disservice to what you are what you teach and what you want to create in the world.

    More than making me waste my time it also casts doubt on the authenticity and effectiveness of your advice as well on how effectively your philosophy and values are really communicated within your company. I mean, several people had to approve this video right? Those videos and marketing strategy are the exact opposite of what you are teaching. It is up to you but if were you I would invest the time and resources on a better way to engage your audience. This marketing is leading to poor branding and is not going to enable you to expand in the way you intent. (At least judging for your last week video). Please hire someone else to do the job.

  3. Savannah says:

    This might be the most game changing advice you’ve ever given. Thank you!!

  4. Barbara Scolaro says:

    Living/dating n Hollywood and working in entertainment. All everrrrr people talk about is there a bloody resumes. I don’t effing care what you do, or what show you’ve been on. I care who you are, what lights you up and how you light others up. ‍♀️

  5. Bianca says:

    OMG, I totally looooved this video because it’s so true.
    I was thinking more of a sales presentation & even for making friends, more than dating hehe Maybe because I have a bf :)
    Love u Matt!!!

  6. Alison says:

    Matt I love listening to you and you have helped me grow a person BUT this one bit of advice is by far the most powerful. It reaches across every strand of life.
    Just Brilliant


    Thank you so much

  8. Andrea Lindhardt says:

    This is the core problem of all relationships. Humans are genetically wired for survival and we only care about ourselves, really. But because we are supposed tybe intelligent beings, we should overcome this ancient programmed instinct and care about the other person, which is a signal that they are more impressed to us than ourselves.
    I have a boyfriend for years, who never really had a relationship and he never cared about my heritage or who I was as a person. He likes me but if I wasn’t in his life, he would be just fine too. He is constantly breaking my heart and letting me know because I ‘ll never be the star of our show. He likes to be alone and he doesn’t really want a partner in life. I know I deserve better but can’t seem to break up with him for good. I don’t feel wanted. And I love and care about him more than he ever will me. It makes me crazy and I am yearning for a real connection, to be someone’s world.

  9. Jo-Ann Grigor says:

    i always get an error when trying to get any of you free stuff…..very frustrating……..

  10. Nancy Sigmon says:

    Great video.Common sense to me but most don’t even have a clue because they’re so wrapped up in themselves or they’re so insecure. I get it!

  11. Selene says:

    Now we know why “me,I have,I do” people makes us run to the other side of Galaxy… Dudette, I dun’t care if you traveled, you have more things even more knowledge than me or whatever… *Eureka moment!*

  12. Reshma Cungayowaree Bacorisen says:

    Dear Matthew,
    all that concern is who will paid the bill. I’m not a very rich woman but all men said I will sent you a gift but you should paid for the enormous bill of delivering the parcel. Now that you could buy at your country into a small price yet you should paid an enormous bill of charges and then never heard for the guys.someone should accept you as you are and you couldn’t obliged someone to love you but come and meet you by his own willingness but not forcing him to came to meet you up at your home place but by his own willingness came from his wish to meet you.
    Thank you
    Your sincerely
    From Reshma Cungayowaree Bacorisen

  13. Flynn says:

    I have cancer, and everyone I speak with compares their health experiences to mine. Foot surgery is more dramatic, etc. Conversations are one-sided. The conversation turns into me being their psychologist, and the conversation ends when they’re done telling their stories. I guess I’m having a problem transitioning or relating experiences. My current way of resolving this is just not talking to people who have an inability to reciprocate.

  14. Reshma Cungayowaree Bacorisen says:

    Dear Matthew,
    all that concern is who will paid the bill. I’m not a very rich woman but all men said I will sent you a gift but you should paid for the enormous bill of delivering the parcel. Now that you could buy at your country into a small price yet you should paid an enormous bill of charges and then never heard for the guys.
    Thank you
    Your sincerely
    From Reshma Cungayowaree Bacorisen

  15. Mia Mae says:

    This is exactly how to start ALL relationships! No two people or companies are the same. Early in my career I heard it pegged as WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? – ME being the person who you’re talking to. Ask key questions, relate key points back to them, THEN discuss you. Listening first makes it easier to touch on the things that connect your world to that company’s or person’s situation. This is a great reminder and GOLD for anyone who hasn’t done business or life this way. It really does work!

  16. katy says:

    Telling a story & really listening to people & helping them is very important to me.

  17. Connie Bible says:

    I wanted to watch this all the way through but had to read it bcos audio not that good. But caption not on the screen long enough. So I got frustrated and turned it off.

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