How To Successfully Break Up With Someone

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I discuss how to break up with someone. It might be someone you still love, or that you don’t see a future with, but it’s never easy. Here are my thoughts to help you get through the tough time and keep arguments and heartache to a minimum.

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7 Replies to “How To Successfully Break Up With Someone”

  • I am 5 weeks into a break up. The list is the best thing I did, whenever I am missing him I look at it and remember why I ended it. It doesn’t hurt any less but it stops me forgetting the truth of how it was. You tell it just as it is, like you know exactly how I feel!

  • I liked the video it I really supportive. I have an experience once, one of my coworkers told me that he really loved me and wanted us to get married. He was a really nice guy and we have been working together for about 6 years now. When he told me so I could not resisted or reject it as I liked his words. Unfortunately, I was not attracted to him as he is. I tried to get out of this situation to told him that he is my college for a long time and trust him and he is a good person too. But I would rather prefer to stay as we are college and no more. I said that I wish for him to find his dream girl. He just keeped silent and said that he is not lucky this time then the situation was off. I respected my self for not manipulating his feeling. As a result, i gained his respect too. I cared about his respect because he is my college and he will always be.

    1. So you are right in writing down my reasons for the break up for my self. But you don’t necessarily communicate them with the one you are going to break up with him.

  • Thanks Matthew .. this video is pure gold
    a break-up is for sure a really hard process but if u have a road map to how to do it ,u will avoid a lot of traps.

  • Thanks Matt. This is exactly what is happening in my life right now . Please do a video about how to forget a person who you love but are not in love with.

  • Thanks Matt,

    You tell everything so nicely and meaningfully. :)

    Always being inspired and strong with your advices.

    Please keep this up…women needs you ;)

    Love you … :* ♡

  • Thanks for this amazing video. I have been recently thinking about my current relationship and how we both make each other unhappy but no one is really admitting that. I am afraid that my boyfriend will not admit that he’s unhappy because he would hurt me and also his parents, who strangely enough adore me. I think, however, that it is time we have “the talk”.

    Even so, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I feel really bad to be the one bringing up the suggestion of breaking up. I talked to other girls from this amazing discussion site and they all advised me not to wait any longer. There won’t be a right time, there never is. You have to do what you feel is right to do.

    I just wanted to share my story with all of you and maybe hear your thoughts on that. Maybe you have also experienced the same breakup. How did you deal with it?


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