How to Win Back His Trust

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I take a very thoughtful caller question on overcoming trust issues. How do you ‘rebuild the house’ after it’s been torn down? Reach a level of forgiveness, or put someone at ease to say something won’t happen again? That’s what we get into in this call…

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4 Replies to “How to Win Back His Trust”

  • I haven’t listened to this yet but I feel I’m having the issue of trusting men. I was thinking over my whole dating history and can only think of one guy I dated that actually treated me like the Queen that I am and I think it’s really sad that all the other guys were either A$$holes or pansies and then I wonder is that all that’s left and I’m starting to think it is. I can’t even imagine a man out there who would step up, grow a pair and fight for me. How does one get out of that funk?

  • Excellent advice really relevant to so many situations in life I will definitely be taking this on board for a current situation I’m in.

  • Dear Matthew,

    they say you can do wonders – and I could really use one. – Yes, I actually just said: “I could really need your help” ;-)

    I was in a relationship for 10 years (no kids), and I stayed at home for this time, since my man paid all bills. Lately he decided to get a midlife crisis and dumped me.
    Now I am 30, unemployed (doesn’t look like I am gonna find a job soon – being ten years off the market doesn’t make you the most wanted person out there), and unfortunately due to a medical condition (don’t want your pity, just want to make clear that this fact is not going to change any soon) literally twice the weight I’d like to be. I had a bunch of super interesting hobbies, but now that I am broke I can’t afford any of them anymore. So let’s be brutally honest, I am probably not the first person that comes any man in mind, when he thinks about his dream girl. (I know that since I tried online dating and the only man who wrote me was probably looking for someone to kill.)
    Still, I started reading your book, and you say that I woman should never ever ever settle. And if I don’t settle my expectations I’d like to meet a man, who wants to get married, wants to spoil his lady. has a good career and pays all the bills (I was raised in the believe that a man is a man and a woman is a goddess, and so I can’t drop this expectation). Please be blunt, is there anything you can do for me? Is there any chance I can GET THE GUY?

  • Yo Dude

    Thank-you for another inciteful video. Particularly enjoyed the video as not only was it a new tip of the day, enjoyed learning a new word – epigrammatic ( synonymous with incitement/concise/ to the point).

    At some stage your vocabulary will be on a par with that esteemed english journalist Mr Will Self – always learn new words when reading his stuff – most I would never use..but good to know for crosswords/ pub quizzes and wowing your boss also.

    Keep on sharing your learning – you are helping me loads by you blog etc. Thank-you for the videos

    Susie xx

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