The History of ‘The Dick Pic’ (A Documentary)

Have you ever received a picture of a guy’s junk?

I know a lot of women have.

I recently asked this at a seminar and was stunned at just how many women had been victims of this weird, insecure, pathetic behaviour from guys.

So my camera-man Jameson and I got our heads together and decided it was time to delve into the history of this bizarre phenomenon. This short video charts the results of what we discovered. ;)

Brought to you but the Hussey History Channel (Watch the video and you’ll understand lol)

Directed by Jameson Jordan
Written by Jameson Jordan and Matthew Hussey
Produced by Dependent Media and Get the Guy
Associate Producer – Alex Avila

CAST (in order of appearance)

Dr. Richards – ROY ALLEN
Dick Photographer – MATTHEW HUSSEY
Male Model – RYAN TURNER
Female Model – SAMANTHA PENA
Narrator – JAY SHIELDS
Videographer – BEN GOODMAN
Dr. Pamela Johnson – IONE BUTLER
Agnes Schwanz – BEATA KAMINSKA


Additional Cam Op – KEVIN WILLETT

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37 Replies to “The History of ‘The Dick Pic’ (A Documentary)”

  • i dunno dude….i think context with the dickpic is paramount towards deciding if this is vulgar behaviour or not. if i was chatting up someone on fb that had friended me say from a mutual team sport or something and they dickpic’d me unaware, yeah, i would be skeptical about their integrity/reasoning -but if it was sent to me via tinder or some other more sexually liberal site, i wouldnt bat an eye. i dont go to a strip club and act all haughty when i see genitals nor do i think the people showing them are insecure or pathetic. so i dont think people need to overreact if the context can logically warrant this phenomenon. although many dont like to admit it—penis package is important with sexually motivated relations and many women want to know what theyre potentially going to unwrap. some women might even want to thank these guys who are gutsy enough to expose themselves with no questions asked. ok- im done playing devils advocate. or should i say ‘c*ck cheerleader’

  • I received a dick pic 1 week ago. Opened my eyes at 7am on a Saturday, and here it was!
    Thank YOU, Matt. I could not stop laughing. You are the best, and really awesome as a photographer:)
    Good acting skills, there!

  • Very funny, Matt! This should be required viewing for every guy wanting to put a profile on a dating website. :) Jameson, the filming and editing are masterfully done! When are you guys going for a feature-length video?

  • Hilarious. Well done both of you!
    Its happened both from a boyfriend and from a friend, and it sucks to open an e-mail to an unsolicited “Little Wein”, regardless of size! Lol. Men. Entertaining at least.

  • Hilarious… loved it, thank you.

    I have received one or two little weens… have to say it killed any curiosity or enigmatic charm I initially saw in the guy, right then stone cold dead!

    Guys if you want to be rid of a good woman faster than the last cold beer at a July bbq…. and she just isn’t taking the hint. This should do the trick. But forget any chances of winning her back and forget winning back your own dignity (speaking specifically about univited pics)!!

  • OMG. I am an anthropologist (Ph.D.) and this gave me a good laugh. It isn’t often that someone parodies our profession in such a way. If academe and my colleagues weren’t so uptight, I’d share it on Facebook.

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