I’m Not Good Enough

You see a guy you’re attracted to, but you can’t bring yourself to talk to him.


The usual reasons. What if it doesn’t go well? What if people laugh? What if he is totally out of my league?

Deep down though, there is another truth you’re scared to face: Maybe you’re not really loveable. (Btw – if that’s you, take 5 minutes to watch this and learn how to shake off this BS belief forever!)

Think about it: What if it actually DOES go well with this guy, then he wants to get closer, and then he sees the REAL YOU, and then… well… maybe he won’t be crazy about the person you are inside.

Many of us have had those thoughts: “they won’t like me”, “I’m not good enough for that crowd”, “I don’t deserve to be here”. If you can relate to these feelings even 1%, you need to see this week’s video.

It’s a personal message from me to you, because I’ve seen up close how these feelings of inferiority can cost us YEARS of our lives if we don’t stand up to them while we have the chance.

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