Is He Too Hot For You?

Do you ever feel that when you walk into a room you’re having to compete with other women to get a guy’s attention? Do you ever have the fear that you’re being overshadowed by other, more attractive women? Or even that when you look at a hot guy, you feel he’s ‘out of your league’?

In today’s video I talk about these feelings and discuss the answer to a question that I know you ask yourself in the depths of these deeply insecure moments…

Is he too hot for me?

If you enjoyed that, my brother Stephen (who co-wrote the Get The Guy book with me) posted an article on the blog this week that’s a fantastic compliment to this video. It’s called ‘What Men *Really* Want‘, and further explains how looks aren’t everything (with the opposing view of looking at yourself in being attractive to others).

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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