Let’s Never Be “That Person” Again…

We all have people in our lives whose word we’ve learned not to believe.

You’ve given them so many chances in the past that your faith in them to deliver has eroded.

Now, as easy as it is to think about and get frustrated with others, is this something you could ever be guilty of yourself?

I know that I could be accused of breaking my word at times, and I want to ensure you and I are never “that person” again…

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  1. Anna says:

    This is great, Matt! Thank you for sharing the story, it was very inspirational and definitely made me want to stick to my words more.

  2. Nikkco says:

    What would my bf think if I forward your video to him? He has been disappointing me for not keeping his words for countless times and I want him to just be a little more serious when he says anything to me. I want to trust him but it becomes hard for me now.

  3. Maya Morgan says:

    “That you know as you are saying it that it is unrealistic or you are not gonna do it”!! Oh boy haha this applies very well to my current situation. I just did that coming back to my home base for a few weeks here in Panama telling a local young guy that I could give him english lesson and he could give me spanish. I said I would stop by one of the coming days… And when I was saying it, I didn’t realize I was gonna be caught up in a bunch of other things… and well I haven’t been able to go back and I don’t feel happy with that! You pointed out a very important lesson that I am still working on. It is so important to be impeccable with our words yet hard in practice. I think it’s better to say “maybe, I will let you know again” than promising. Because in the moment even if we really want to do it and think we will be able to, the thing is, when we are in that moment we can’t plan all the things that will change in our planning. Your example is a very good one because you were able to tap into the feeling you get from staying with your word and not disappointing someone. If you hadn’t stayed true to your word, she would have probably carry with her a different image of you even if you are truth worthy. But one time is enough for some people to change there image they have of us. Thank you for this video, I find it very insightful on a subject we all struggle with at some point.
    Hugs&kisses Mat

  4. rosanna says:

    That was very very good. Your word shows integrity. People will trust you. If you are always flaking out on ppl they will never have faith in you. So well done mr Hussey well done. Xoxo

  5. michaelle says:

    The thing that you are describing here is for me amusing because I am not English and I find that this is (I wisper this) a bit of an English way – and it is a NICE thing (I say this loud!!), because it has to do with some NICE cultural rules or imperatives, such as not upsetting others, being polite and so on. I come from a very mediterranean country and I live in England, and it takes me a lot of self doubt to interpret what people say to me at times (I hear what they say but I have to question my hears to understand what they really mean). When it comes to men, the barriers can be truly enormous. Words and behaviours can be obscure for those with a different background. Also through your work I realise that there are really different ways of relating to the opposite sex, very much influenced by the general “manners” that are accepted as appropriate in a particular place. You know it’d be really nice to hear more from you about Angloguys in a global context? Helping us specifically with the puzzle of decoding Anglocourting would be so valuable I believe to many women!!

  6. Veronica says:

    I am really good at keeping my word and if I am not sure if I can I say I will try to do ______. But to keep things that I say I usually do it right there

  7. Shev says:

    Thanks Matt for a reality check! I need to be more conscious about what I say to people and the follow through! Although I am responsible most of the time, I sometimes will say yes for the fear of hurting someone or upsetting them. My actions need to follow with this as well, so making a point to be on time or early to things, not frequently running late! The importance of my actions and follow through in a timely manner really hit home!!! I don’t want to be perceived as flaky or unreliable!!
    Good lesson for the beginning of a work week!
    Thanks again!
    Kindest regards,

  8. dee says:

    i was promised a one to one call from you years ago Matthew, as part of your endorsement when your career was taking off on that cusp, i have asked several times and your pa Bie keeps putting me off…
    one of the main things i was looking forward to from you, despite that i’ve stayed loyal to your brand even brought stuff and attend a seminar..so it would be wonderful for that to happen finally. I still trying to seal the deal with someone.

  9. Rowan says:

    More people need to see this video. I have long lived by my word being my bond but I find that most people today don’t live by that ideal. Which sucks. Can you do a video on how to pick friends that don’t flake?

  10. Pheobe says:

    She obviously made you invest in her. Very clever woman .)

  11. Teta says:

    She was a realy good lookin woman… why u didnt shot that foto right away..?

  12. Yessamin says:

    hi matt, I really loved this video, I love all of your videos but this on is just the best…Thank you because of this I am one step closer to become a better person haha your the best! of all people I ask for advises you are the only one I trust… as in THE ONLY ONE… your really the best matt I love you and your works and keep doing what you do best because you gave hope to my heart and to thousands— no millions— not even there BILLIONS! of hearts thank you so much


  13. Freshta says:

    hey Matt, loved the video, thank you. You are amazing. I listen to you everyday in the car, have downloaded all your videos :) so happy I have found you. Would love to meet you one day.. any chance of coming down to Australia Melbourne?

    Love you

  14. Dy says:

    Enjoy listening to you always!

  15. Magda Machado says:

    Love your video. i couldn’t agree with you more: all we have is our word. I really make an efford to honor something that say I will do when it comes to others, but sometimes, when it comes to my own promises to myself i fell short.I want to change that.

  16. Susi says:

    Interesting view and very motivating.
    My problem isn’t sticking to my promises, it may sound like a cliché but I’m german and have been spoon fed with this attitude and use it to the point where I may appear rude at times. (I have lived in the UK for 17years).
    I had a few relationships with men from 4 different countries and there is certainly something to be said about how difficult it is to adapt to a different culture….
    My problem is how to react to people who make superficial promises and don’t stick to their word?

  17. Laurie says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Great topic. I’m a firm believer in following through with what you say you’ll do. I’ve gotten much better at it over the years because I’d been called out before. And I appreciate that you emphasize that the little things you say you’ll do become an indicator to others whether you’ll do the bigger things you promise. It’s very true. It’s better to learn to say no rather than be a flake!!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful videos.

  18. kathleen says:


    Lots of integrity and honesty.


  19. Iselin says:

    This is so me, I’ve heard from one of my friends that I’m awful at sticking to my word when it comes to making plans, since she told me I’ve tried my best to be more realistic as to when I’ll arrive :) It’s great that you make people more aware of this, if it wasn’t for her telling me, I probably wouldn’t have changed, though I still need to become even better ^^

  20. claire says:

    This is my favorite video!!

  21. Sam says:

    I attended the London date of your tour, June last year. I wanted to get a photo taken with you, but there were so many girls waiting for the same. As time was running out you said it would be better to take group photos with Jameson’s camera and that they would be sent to us.
    As it was a very open statement at the time it did not delegate the task to anyone in particular to send us the photos so I did not know who to contact.
    I emailed the GTG team and asked if I could be sent the photo, I sent them an example of a very blurry (crappy) version of the photo to use as a reference to help them find it.
    The reply I got was:
    “Thank you very much for sending this in, looks like a fun batch! =)
    I will surely pass this on to Matt.”

    Which I think overlooked the point that I was asking for a clearer version of the pic, then I emailed again to clarify. Then I realised it was going to be impossible, as I know you and the team are so busy, and no one actually ‘promised’ anything per say, it was all a bit confused. So I just let it pass… you’re video just reminded me of it. I think it teaches me how I need to think of other ways of asking for what I want, without appearing needy or insistent, as it all seems vague to me.

    It’s a very important lesson and true we don’t always think of just how important our words are.

    I’m very grateful for everything you’ve taught me- and I did get a hug from Matt :) YAY

  22. Julie says:

    I’ve been waiting for a quality New Years (aka: New Life) resolution to come my way. As always,awesome video!

  23. Nathalie says:


    Based on my own experiences, keeping one’s promises and having the discernment to say no are inseparably complementary. (That is, if we want to keep it healthy, which of course we do right ;) )

    Actually, I would go so far as to say that the ability to say no is an essential prerequisite for holding ourselves accountable for our yeses.

    Because with an insufficient ability to say “no” to things it is easy to end up swamped with requests.
    In such a situation, no matter how much we believe in keeping word, we will flake out nonetheless – out of sheer overwhelm. And thus end up undermining ourselves – either by not being able to be true to our principle of accountability (and feeling bad about that), or by draining ourselves to fulfill our promises, neither of which are where we really want to be ;)

  24. Hajar says:

    Hi Matty it was great of u doing all this thing to keep your word I’m proud of you and I need to tell you that this subject is so important because if you say something and you don’t keep your word you will lose everybody’s trust and that is gonna be really extreme.
    All I can say that when you meet someone who keeps his word he becomes automatically trustable

  25. Venus says:

    I didn’t do this today..I had a lunch date and I got caught up. The worse thing is.i had no contact details..busted..thx Matt for the Reminder, ohhh dear. Lv u2. Keep up the Good Work!!

  26. Valentina says:

    I really liked your video, following through on my word is definitely something that I should focus on more as I do have a tendency to cancel plans quite often.

  27. Helen Bruce says:

    Hi Matt. Great video. The point that you brought up is so important in order to establish crediblity with others. In other words know whether you will be able to follow through when you say you will do something for someone. If there is a doubt it is definitely better to not even start. Thank you so much and stay well. Helen xx

  28. Emily Giuffre says:

    Keeping your word, especially with the small things is very sexy :)

  29. Cindy Hansen says:

    Great video! Thanks for posting, really makes you think about the sum of our actions and the impression we make on people based on our follow-through or lack thereof. See you in Chicago, I’m bringing 3 friends with me. We are excited!

  30. Cory says:

    Matt – Great topic. I’m mindful of this… but still working on it. Feeling less guilty after watching about not getting back to someone to say, “I’ll do it”… when I know I won’t be able to accomplish it. Just need to work on being prompt about saying no. Enjoy your Sunday wisdom very much. C.

  31. Jenn says:

    Dear Matthew Hussey,
    First off I would like to say that I have made it my goal to watch your blogs to try and better myself as a girlfriend to my boyfriend of 6 months.
    I have a question for you. My boyfriend and I get into arguments and he always brings up the part when I cheated on him about 4 months ago. We were kinda broken up at the time. Anyway, i don’t know what to do every time he brings it up. Thebpast is the past why can’t we focus on the future? Any advice?

  32. Naima says:

    thanks Matt this was great

  33. faith says:

    Hi Matt,

    This took me back to that day in the O2 VIP lounge when you were being flocked by women and I was asking for a photo of you and Steve together and you said after you had a photo with a group of ladies, you’d join me and Steve. So there we were, waiting when one of your team had to get you out of the crowd because your show was about to start. Steve had to grab your attention as you were rushing out and Steve said “You promised Faith a photo together” and that really touched me because even if you were in a rush, you still obliged and stood there with me for a photo.

    You and Steve are such great people and I hope life and love will give you many many kind returns for your generosity and sincerety in helping other people.

    Love you both Matt and Steve x

    Faith x

  34. M says:

    Thank you Matt for encouraging people to keep their word, it’s important.
    I have a request, do you have a video or if not, could make you about how to deal with other women that are highly competitive/dominating when you are interested in a guy. For me I’ve always had women that are in their 40-50’s compete with me (in my 20’s) to get the guy (that I’m interested in whose in their 20’s) attention. I Know they do it on purpose, just to push buttons. Im not afraid of these women, I just think it’s stupid that most of them are already married, or are a single parent on the hunt for a man for their 20 some daughter. Would greatly enjoy hearing a mans opinion and suggestions on this subject.
    Thank you, Matt

  35. Caroline says:

    I love your videos. Especially the long ones. I listen to them while I cook, clean, brush my teeth etc. When I was younger, I kept every promise. I did everything exactly when I said I would. But I noticed that no one else I knew did this. Therefore, I learned to not come through with what I said either. Then in college, I met a friend who was so bad with his “word” that we nicknamed him “a canceler”. He would say yes, then the day of things would change. I realized how it felt and have since made a real effort to keep my word. Thank you for the video, it confirmed my realization. I love hearing your opinion on this topic; it is like having a best friend who gives great advice.

    I would love if you did a piece on being on time/ being late. I have a friend who is ALWAYYYYYS late. She is one of my best friends so I cannot be upset with her. She explained that when she comes from home her family loves to chat with her before she leaves. If she doesn’t they get horribly offended. At first, I thought people that are late are simply disrespectful etc etc. Then I came to realize, we all had flaws and this just happens to be one of hers. What this means is I must plan accordingly. The best part is that I can never be late with her. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Looking forward to your next video, Matt and Jameson!

  36. Susan says:

    Hey Matt. I’m appreciative and valuing your latest vids as well. If the material is good quality, I have not problem listening until the end arrives. Thank you.

  37. Kiraz says:

    Of course, we watch them until the end.  Plus, sometimes you put bloopers at the end, they make me almost fall off my chair. :-P You talk as much as you like, Matthew. You could never be boring. M’kay? :)

    I know a couple of people who are always very late. Does it count as flakiness? They are not late just 10-15 mins (that is reasonable), but 30mins and more every time. It’s annoying. When we set up a time, say 4.30pm., then I’d say “So should I be there at 5pm. then?” It isn’t like they are busy running around, they are just taking it easy. But I know they are like that with everyone, I don’t take it personal. I hardly take anything personal really. :-P

    I have no problem saying “no” to people anymore, my life in Chicago has trained me to say no, otherwise, people will suck you dry. They just want to take, take and take in any way they can. I’ve traveled to many countries, I haven’t met as many opportunistic people as I did in the USA. I also developed the habit of completely ignoring the person, that is if I know he/she is contacting me just to ask a favor even though he/she is not my friend yet. A lot of people have no personal boundaries. You need to set your boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them.

    Yeah I’ve been flaky too in small things. I need to work on it, too. Thanks for the inspiration. I figure it is easier not to make that promise to begin with than try to stick with it later on.

    Best xx

  38. sayna says:

    I absolutly agree with you Matt. Having integrity and thinking twice before saying a word is very important. I have been applying it in my life ever since I learnt it and I feel so great!

    Thanks for all your videos. I hope to see you one day in London in Oxford St ;)

  39. Pauline says:

    thanks Matt this was good!

  40. Pitchy-Ann says:

    Don’t stop sharing your wisdom, you actually teach people how to be kinder and I think that you are amazing for that when all you see now a days are men being flashy and mean instead! Godbless you more Matt!xx

  41. Krista Van Kessel says:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the reminder of how important our word is. As a designer I tell my clients that I will do things for them all the time – “I’ll get that drawing done sometime this week”, “I’ll get you that tile sample when I get to the tile shop again”, “I’ll follow up with the contractor when I see him”.

    As you may see, there is some ambiguity in my promises. I always leave myself open as to the time frame as to when I’ll actually complete the task. I realize I do this on purpose to give myself some wiggle room but after your video I’d like to work on tightening up my commitments and be even more authentic with my word.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.

  42. Beth says:

    I hate when people make promises they can’t keep. I got mad at one of my friends because he would always make a promise and then not show up to wherever I had invited him too. I finally had enough and I called him on it I said if your not going to keep your promise then at least say no don’t say your coming if your not because that really disappoints me when you do that. He got better after that but I try to keep promises I have made to my friend and my family or other people I have talked to because I know what it like to be disappointed by someone who doesn’t keep they’re promises. If I am unable to do something then I try to make a compromise some how and if that doesn’t work then I tell them to let me know when a time to reschedule is good for them and I let them get back to me. I loved your video it hit home for me!

  43. Andrea says:

    Just to educate a non native speaker – what are pinkie promises?

    Thanks, Matt, for this video.I really appreciate and needed that message.Sometimes I am guilty of forgetting to follow up my words with actions. Mostly I write down things that I promise on a to-do-list, and at home I check what is still missing. But where my weak point is, that is when someone wants me to do something by a speciifc date, and I know I will not have the time. Usually I then try to negotiate a different date, but then, when they insist on the date, I resign internally, and I say “okay, I will do my best”, not really believing that I will have the time capacity.
    In future I need to say that I cannot do it. I thought I was good at saying no, but your video helped me to see that there is stil room for improvement.

    • Caroline says:

      A pinkie promise is something you did as a child. It goes to the saying, “pinkie swear, cross your heart and hope to die”. It is a promise you will not break or die trying to complete.

  44. Janelle says:

    I learned at an early age just how important it is to keep your word. I am a child of divorce, & my bio-dad never kept his word. I’m 40 years old & still remember the hurt that caused me as a kid. I try very hard every day to say what I mean & mean what I say & always stay true to my word, but of corse I’m not perfect & I do fall short of this some times. My biggest struggle is knowing just how to say no without hurting some one’s feelings. You said something in your video that I think really helps people to say no in a loving & caring way. I don’t think you even realize that you did it either. You said to be realistic. If you have to tell some one no, what better way than to say something along these lines…”You know if I’m being totally realistic, I just won’t be able to do that at this time.” To be that statement is full of truth. It shows that your word matters & you do not want to give false hope, & it shows that you care but are just simply unable to at this time, & above all it shows you are being totally honest. I can not speak for any one but me, but for me this really helps me feel just a little bit better about the times that I have to say no to some one.

  45. Avril Marchegiano says:

    Don’tcha just love when he gets all super-genuine and sincere in his videos? :)

    This one really hits home right now. I keep telling my mom that I’ll take care of certain things around the house and then forget to do them. In the past, I’ve also made plans with friends and then repeatedly cancelled on them just because I was too tired to go out or didn’t feel like being social.

    For sure the most difficult promises to keep can be the little ones. Just the fact that they’re little makes you feel like it’s not a huge deal if you have to break them. But Matt’s totally right – your word is always a big deal!


  46. Cassie says:

    I never make a promise I can’t keep: and I get so much grief for it.
    If you don’t ‘promise,’ people take it as you not WANTING to do something for them.
    Saying ‘no’ gets some really sulky responses sometimes.
    So, don’t expect people to be grateful when you turn them down!
    Still much, much better than saying yes and letting them down later, though.

  47. Andy says:

    This is golden. And it pleases me no end to know that I am not an utterly old-fashioned, out-of-date, hide-bound dinosaur to expect follow through both from myself and from others. My big question is: How to extend this high standard from one’s self to other people in one’s life who may be serial offenders? I’m sure, Matt, you’ll have an awesome answer to this one, but I’ll take a first crack at it. Here goes. 1) Don’t be a victim. If he repeatedly says he’ll call you and flakes, for example, don’t expect that venting your hurt feelings will change the pattern; 2) State what you want. Tell him you’d rather he didn’t make commitments than make them and not follow through; 3) Tell him what breaking commitments makes you think (not feel). You could say: “When you say you’ll call and don’t follow through, it makes me think of you as a person who doesn’t honor what they say, and frankly, I don’t like thinking about you in that way. I want to think of you as a person who’s word means something.”

    What do you think, Matt? Any good, or if not, how would you change the strategy?

    Sincere thanks for all your brilliant ideas.


  48. Nicole Cyr says:

    Yeah !!! I honor that video !! Good work Matt BUT … … Howcome youre not coming to MONTREAL in your TOUR ???!?
    You didnt really promiss BUT you were here last year !!
    Common !!! You cannot disapoint all the girls i have talked about you ???
    Please send and answer ?? :)
    Montreal girls are waiting for you !
    We are the nicest loll maybe youre soulmate is in the bunch ?
    Who knows

  49. Gale says:

    I love you too, Matt. I have been following you since I first saw you on YouTube. I have Fast Tract To Mister Right, Impact and I watch every Sundays for your videos. You have a lot of information and strategies to share with us. I appreciate your vast generosity. Not to mention your sexy accent. Gale

  50. Rhonda says:

    This is an awesome message! I am 57 years old And I have always tried to keep my word no matter how small a matter . And if I can’t for some reason I go back to that person and explain why . As I go through this life and observe other people’s lives. I have noted that I have respect and favor others do not because I keep my word ! Great message!!

  51. Vanora Norvang says:

    This is your best video by far! Many people do not realize how ji. Important it is to keep your word and how it affects all of your relationships. I love it and keep up the good worm.k


    It’s really all about honesty, isn’t it? Honesty with one’s self, and honesty with others. Honestly.

  53. Laura Oliverio says:

    Great video! I have struggled in the past with being a people pleaser and have done things i never really wanted to do but was afraid to say no. I’ve learned a huge amount from watching this and so many of your you tube videos.The info is helping me in so many areas of my life. Just finished reading your book!! It was excellent and a very useful resource.Looking forward to seeing you on March 7 in Toronto!!

  54. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the video! This video is really close to my idea of being present because we often say things we don’t mean when we are not present in the moment and not having gratitude for the person or people that we are interacting with in that moment.
    Thanks Again,

  55. Angela says:

    Hi, Matt! Question. Samantha is drop dead gorgeous. Does your girlfriend or wife mind that there are all these beautiful women who all want to be with you? Even though (I assume) you’re spoken for, do you ever get attracted to a few who are particularly pretty, have attractive energy/personality? How do you handle it?

    My husband is often around beautiful women. How do I come across as most high value to him?



  56. Sarah says:

    …now how to tell this to someone else?

  57. Carolina says:

    It doesn’t matter what he’s talking about, I will always watch his videos. Lmao

  58. Radosvetla says:

    Hello Matthew,
    I feel so grateful that a couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about you and it gave me the privilege to listen to and learn from your wisdom. To me you are an amazing embodiment of the true old-fashioned and eternal values and chivalry and the openness and broadness of contemporary way of thinking. It is such a heart warming combination. Thank you for what you are and what you teach us!

  59. Chantal says:

    Very true. I was just talking about this the other day. Flaky people. It’s unfortunate. I would rather someone tell me no than jerk me around. Very good video.

  60. Maria says:

    What a fantastic video Matt!

    I love how the things you coach on, though geared toward relationships (not so much this video), apply to every area of life.

    Way to be an inspiration.

  61. Andrea says:

    Hi Matt,

    Again another insightful video into how small shifts can make a bigger impact :) I would also add, that when we sense ‘false’ promises being made, we can also turn it to our advantage by enabling the other person to become aware of their behaviour too by how we respond e.g. ‘I can sense that lunch might be difficult for you so let’s commit when we both know we can make it” thus setting your own boundaries and making them feel better about not having to let you down.

    Thank you and keep them coming!!! Love having a quick flick through your videos on a lazy Sunday afternoon x

  62. Bibiana says:

    Thanks for this video, i know a few people like this and is really frutraiting and horrible, so i make them watch this and they “promise” not to do that kind of person again, hahahaha, will see.
    Thanks again, muchas gracias!

    Att. Bibiana, from Colombia

  63. Julia says:

    Matthew Hussey, I had to stop when you talked about the pinky promise. It took me back to October 2013 in Florida the night before the Retreat began. I was making pinky swears with many of the ladies about our goals for the five days. I didn’t realize that anyone was noticing what was going on. Until the last day of the Retreat when one of your staff said to me, ‘Yes. You were the one approaching and engaging everyone who was nervous with the pinkie swears on the first night.’ So glad that a bit of the tradition continues! Carry on with your strong work keeping us aware of the importance of our actions and words.

  64. kristi says:

    I can’t be jealous.

  65. Michelle says:

    I absolutely adore you and your videos. You tell it like it is and have such a cute personality. I’ve learned alot from you so thank you:)

  66. Marisa says:

    Great video, great attittude, great YOU!!!
    Matt, thank you as always, keep doing this great work.


  67. Liana says:

    Yes, it is something rather tough to do. And it definitely takes very much „presence” to realise what you are doing, when you are doing it and then correcting it. All this in a few seconds. And if it is in a public place, with more people listening, that can be even harder… One would have to work a lot for that kind of performance. It could be one year’s resolution for some people But hey!, it is one of those millimetre shifts that take us to success.

    p.s.: maybe I have bad eyesight, but you look sick / recovering and on pills.

  68. Sam says:

    Ha… thats a good advice which I agree 100%. It’s definately something I need to work on.. It is hard sometimes because I used to do that with my ex.. we would argue and I would tell him that I would never talk to him ever again and then a few days after.. here I was, talking to him again lol.. So its all bad now because he doesn’t believe me anymore.. Gotta watch what you say even when you are mad…Good video, good point!! That’s a new goal for this year… to say what I mean and mean what I say… :D

  69. marie says:

    Hi Matt

    Im 63 years old and often watch your videos! Being this age, divorced and a grandmother you have given me so much needed advice over the years. Thank you


  70. Alida says:

    Loved it Matt! Lovely story and very valuable lesson. If everyone valued their own integrity and word like that, the world would be a better place. Communication in itself has become flaky with the possibility of ignoring texts and not replying to people. I always reply to everyone even if it’s to say no as I know that not replying sends a negative message that’s even more serious as it uses the other person’s assumptions of us.
    What would you say to people who avoid replying to texts to not do something or avoid difficult conversations? It makes things so much harder in the long run!
    Thank you for all you do. I watch you every Sunday morning. It’s my little ritual! :-)
    Alida x

  71. Boba says:

    I think great problem (beside this), even bigger, is that often we don’t keep promises we’ve given to ourselves.

  72. Kimberley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Great video! I stick to my word 99.9% of the time because I’d never forget if I didn’t. Unfortunately I’ve had plenty of people not do things for me, often big things to do with my career and friends who never do extend that coffee invite they seemed so keen about. All of these promises are important because we all need each other and should make good on what we say. It’s so simple yet so difficult for some people!

    Thanks for af least acknowledging the fact that even you’re not always perfect ;-)

  73. Andréa Hyionno Soares Ferreira says:

    Words could never describe how important all your videos have being amazing to me add a person. And I PROMISE you I’ll go to your retreat someday soon to meet you in person.

  74. Ellie says:

    This is so true. I’ve drifted from a good friend because I’m sick of her letting me down and spreading herself too thin across loads of friends instead of focusing on those that matter. I always feel bad because I know she’s upset we’re not close anymore, but she’s created this situation herself. ‘No’ is a great word!!

  75. Nicole Carazo says:


    This video is so crazy to me! For many reasons of course but I had to just say that before you even got through half of the video and talked about Samantha, I made a mental note in my head to leave a response letting you know that when I saw you last April in Florida, on the last night I went through with you the same thing she did. I asked for a photo, you said “Absolutely” I hesitated and ALSO had you pinkie promise me you wouldn’t forget because I knew so many ladies were approaching you, later that night when I assumed you just got distracted, you came over and grabbed for a picture and I NEVER forget that. I’m watching and listening to this video and I laugh a little because except for the next day breakfast part, I felt like this was my same story. SO – in conclusion : YOU ARE A GOOD MAN. You care and it shows. We all slip up sometimes. I totally understand your point in this video though. Since the retreat, I’ve made so many positive changes I wouldn’t even know where to begin and I’ve started an update message to send you soon, but that’s beside the point. Being good on my word not just to other people but to myself as well has had a positive and last effect on my life and my confidence and I couldn’t be more grateful for learning how to be that person. Reliable and trustworthy for ME and for others. I make it my mission as best as possible to ONLY say YES to those things I KNOW I can do and follow through on what I say. Have I slipped up? I’m sure I still have, but it’s much harder for me to remember when that’s happened than I used to and that is all I can ask :) 1% shifts!So glad that Samantha got her photo and experience with you and your family and I can’t wait to see you in San Diego in May!

  76. Fiona says:

    Great video, a good solid piece of guidance which is exactly what I need on a Sunday morning having just turned off the radio as soon as the Sunday church service started (because I don’t believe in it) and just wished there was something that’s real that I could have instead to give me a nudge towards the right road, once a week. I have always considered my word to be my bond, especially to myself, and on the one occasion when I seriously didn’t do this I have suffered hugely as a result. Thanks for sharing and being so human about it too!

  77. Katherine says:

    Matthew, thank you!
    Great video!
    I’m a teacher giving private lessons to people. when smth comes up in a conversation during the lesson, I always say “I’ll send you a link to this article” or “I’ll send you a link to this youtube video” and very often I fail to do what I said, sometimes because I was busy sometimes because I forgot. Your video resonated with me on a deep level.
    Ladies, let’s keep on improving with Matthew!

  78. M says:

    I agree about the importance of sticking to what you say. I have been doing this whole my life without questioning. The trouble is that other people do not necessarily do the same but naively I always naturally expect or assume tothers tdo what I do. I never quite understood the mentality of saying one thing, even if not phrased as a promise, but does not honour what has been said. Are people forgetful or they just say without the intention of honouring it from the beginning – whatever the reason might be at the time? Maybe both, but it hurts me. I feel stupid and naive for relying upon the words. I also feel that those who do not stick to their words do not have a respect towards me. As there are so many people who do this, I wonder if this is cultural or me just not being able to embrace the fact that others do not think and behave in the way that to me is a basic manner and common sense. This video reminds me that it is not me who should feel the pain of lack of respect but that I should carry on with what I do.

  79. Beanie says:


    Totally agree with you and I always do the same, no need to say the word “promise” to actually do what I say. A lot of people don’t realize how important this is and it’s very hard to win trust the second time around.

    Great video, as always, :) ..


  80. Lauren says:

    Hi Matthew! I was aware of the fact that keeping our word to others has a lot of power but this video opened my eyes a little more and I realized it can make a huge impact! I think you have you have really great character. That’s such an awesome and inspiring story you shared about making sure Samantha got that pic with you that you agreed to take with her. it’s incredible that you went out of your way to make it happen for her! I’m sure she greatly appreciated it. Also, love how you’re willing to share your human side about sometimes not following through with your “promises”, but that you’re trying to be better. That helps keep me motivated because I’ve fallen short so many times but I know I’m not alone and I can really try to do better.

  81. Julie says:

    Enjoying the longer videos–you’re a great speaker, there’s never too much Matthew Hussey!

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