My Love Letter To You…

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The eve of the storm, I’m thinking of you… (Photo: Camerabee)

It goes without saying that everything happening right now is all a dream come true.

In the last couple of days I filmed for Inside Edition, Katie Couric, and The Today Show. All to talk about my new GetTheGuy book and ‘Ready For Love’ on NBC. This week, there is A LOT more to come.

And yet, while my dreams are coming true, it’s still hard.

People often forget that when trying to achieve their dreams. And that there will be ways in which life is still hard once they’ve achieved them. My life right now is hard. It’s hugely exciting and rewarding, but it’s still hard.

First, there is the pressure to perform. The next few days are going to be the biggest (and most nerve-racking) of my life. I’ll be appearing on somewhere in the region of 12 different TV shows, 10 different radio stations, and in more articles than I can keep track of. Performing is something I’ve done for years now, every weekend at my events. I can speak for 50 hours over 5 days straight (a long way from not being able to give a 5 minute speech in class at school!). It’s become second nature to me.

Except that all of this hasn’t been a ‘performance’ for me. It’s been me. It’s my love, my passion, my baby. My ideas, my thoughts, my stories, my personal experiences… everything is me. As I evolve and change, so does my material. As my story gets richer and more diverse, so do my ideas.

I believe that a great deal of my success has been due to my authenticity, my candidness, and the fact that I’m congruent with my material. So it’s something of a bind. The more authentic I get, the more successful I become, whilst simultaneously deepening the extent to which I let people into my world and my life.

Tomorrow, the number of people who will be exposed to me in that way will be beyond anything I have ever experienced.

And that’s a little scary.

Last week a delightful journalist by the name of Amanda Stern interviewed me at my hotel in New York. She gave me one of the most interesting interviews I’d ever had. She was honest. She was tough on me, and didn’t let me off the hook on anything, but I really liked her.

As the interview was nearing a close she said, “I’m a little worried about you”. She expressed her concern for everything that was about to happen to me. I mentioned to her that although I was scared, I was resigned to staying true to who I am, to what I believe, and not getting sucked into becoming something I’m not. I also said that my friends and family were there to keep me sane and be my rock through all of it. And they do, everyday (I remember when I went back to London to see them recently, I couldn’t so much as ask my mum for a cup of tea without my brothers saying, “Oh look at this guy, he’s gone all Beverly Hills already…pathetic”. I love them so much!).

As I was thinking about what constitutes my ‘rock’ in life, or rather WHO, I began to think of you – my readers, my viewers, my clients. Recently I released our book trailer video, “Kids Talk Dating Problems” – which I’m told might be the most viewed non-fiction book trailer of all time, though I’m not sure. When I released this, alongside the lovely comments from people who saw it as the light-hearted bit of fun it was supposed to be, we also had our share of very strong negative comments on Youtube. Now it’s not that I mind the negative comments. I really don’t. They are part of life and they certainly make things more interesting. If anything they spur me on to create more. But these negative comments do remind me of something…

That when I come back to my own blog I feel like I’m home.

Because I have you. You are my rock. You welcome the new things that I put out with open arms. You celebrate it. You share it. You support me. There is something that to me is extraordinary about this little world we have created together here. It goes beyond you just liking the content of the blog. You actually want the best for me as a person. And that is a rare thing.

It means more to me than you know to have somewhere I can come back to where people know me and love me, and the knowledge that even once the show and the book have come out, you will still be here fighting forward with me gives me so much joy. Let’s face it, there will be new people who arrive here, but I love more than anything that you will be crusading with me on the journey… my original crew : )

All this is to say that you are more than my clients and followers. You are my friends. And I love you.

We are a team, and we stick together. I will keep making videos and articles to support you. I will keep writing posts and staying honest not just about my triumphs, but my flaws, my insecurities, and my doubts. There is nothing we cannot achieve as a team.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me.

Always here for you.

Matthew xxx

P.S. I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming tomorrow. There’s an email that’s coming for you at 7am. Stay tuned.


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  1. Skeet says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Here you are stood on the brink. The junction at which your life pivots and changes, possibly for ever. The culmination of all your years of hard work, perseverance and tenacity. You deserve every success, you have earned it are worthy of it and we are here every step of the way.

    It is a privilege to have followed your work and see it evolve these past two years; to have attended your event here in London and have subsequently told every girlfriend who would listen, about you and what you do! (*He’s going to blow, trust me ladies – he’s going to be a global household name!)

    Your work is vital, so important and it needs to be shared with more people in the world. Thank you for your integrity, your authenticity and passion. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts; in many ways your words have helped to heal, inspire and empower in more ways than you could ever know.

    With much love, appreciation and gratitude ♥

    Shine on and let the new chapter begin… Go get ’em tiger!

  2. Saphire says:

    Hi Matthew, thanks for the lovely letter. I just wanted to clear something up with you. I’m totally confused! I keep getting emails from you telling me about the release of you book, but I already have it. I’ve just finished the first section, but feel like I need to meet someone before moving on to part 2! What’s the deal? Is it the same book but being released in the US? Thanks. S

  3. Vicky says:

    Dear Matt,

    To have you as my friend is a blessing. I am happy to see the success in your life and seeing you doing what you like to do the most to be there for others.

    Your humility and sincerity is something that has always draw me close to you. I am happy to see even that even with the success and well known people you meet on your road you still remain down to earth.

    I love you too, always keep that warm true smile and your true you. Showers of blessings in every area of your life.


  4. Denisse says:

    Matt this is awesome!! You are so sweet and honest. I wish you luck in everything you do and those speeches must be long! 50 hours.. I was complaining for my 7 min presentation but there is no need.

    Hope you the best! And I always read your letters. Looking forward for tomorrow!

    :) <333

  5. Natalie says:

    Thank you for all the time you put in helping us out, and making us feel special. You deserve all the good coming to you!

  6. gia baker says:

    I have just recently started to receive emails from you i look forward to each and every one of them.Want to congratulate you on your book release I’m excited to read and share your advice with other women…dating sucks especially as a single mother of 3.. you give me hope that there will be someone somewhere will want to play catch with my son and scare future boyfriends of my dahters ……congratulations to you and thank you for your guidance ..xoxox

  7. Melissa says:

    Hey Matt!

    I’ve been following your videos and blogs for several years now. I talk about you to my friends as if you were a buddy of mine! And you truly are. I couldn’t agree with you more that your genuinity will (and already has) taken you very far. You really want to help people and are really looking out for peopls’ best interests. Thanks for thinking so highly of us and don’t forget us little guys when you do become a superstar ;)

  8. Linda says:

    Dearest Matt – I have never been this excited to come home to an Amazon package. I am sitting here with the book next to me, and must force myself to get up and make supper prior to furiously delving into it.

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for what you do. You should be proud of your accomplishments as they stem from as pure a sense of entrepreneurship and passion as you can get.

    Embrace the nerves, smile, and KIR (keep it real)!

    Much love from Canada

  9. Jessica Fulford says:

    Hey Buddy! I feel as I have followed you and the program kinda feel like you are like a great friend…I look forward to the posts and regardless if I achieve love or fame or whatever, I feel like you are missing piece to my soul. Like a soul friend….you say and do and live a life that I strive to mirror. So kudos to the infinite power for getting this far for being true. Genuineness I believe is the best attribute anyone could posess. If I could wish anything for myself it would to be able to meet you andbecome enveloped in that true magnetism you carry.
    Continue to do what you have mastered and throw caution to the wind! Enjoy this moment. And just contine to be you. Wish I could afford your retreat and throw my caution to the wind and take life by the balls and live! Lol
    Cheers to you! Well done Matthew! I’m just proud to have seen it follow through for you.

    Lots of love and much respect! Xoxoxo

    Jessica, Greenville – NC

  10. Lennister says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Thank you so much. I know that I speak for most of us when I say, ” We love you too”.
    I cannot thank you enough for all of your encouragement & advise, they have kept me going.

    I am so excited for you. This is indeed great news.
    I cannot wait to get my hands on your book, thanks for posting the first 12 pages online. Yippe :) :)

    All the best.
    God bless you & protect you.


  11. diana says:


  12. Jane says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Thank you so much for the letter. It means so much that we have helped you, that we mean a lot to you. You are very open and honest and show your care. Some of us really need that! I, for one, have not found that guy, but knowing there is someone out there cheering us on is great. I am cheering YOU on now- you will do great!

  13. Lisa G says:

    And once again, Matthew, you teach by example. As I read this blog, I realized, “Oh. That’s what everyone’s been telling me to do around guys. Just be myself and say what I’m thinking.” Genuine people attract other genuine people.


  14. Yona says:

    I have been watching your video’s from the very first few you put up and have seen your progress in that time I would have loved to speak with you but live in a remote part of the world . Go you! For manifesting and being present on your path, you have helped me in my path and I appreciate you and are so grateful for you.
    It is my pleasure to have you as part of my life.
    Love you Matt xx

  15. Jaagii says:

    Hi Matt,

    You are so enlightened… Lots of women have actually opened their hearts to themselves, got rid of their insecurities and gained faith in life just by following your blog, watching your videos and reading your emails… You are a rare gift to this world and we are excited for your future :).

    Love always

  16. Grace says:

    We are honored, Matthew. Thank you for the letter. I’m glad to know that we give you courage to stay authenticity. We need candor in this mechanic world. Do take anti-poison dose daily and stay courageous for us. Grace

  17. Matthew Hussey says:

    Wow. I just got back from my interviews today to ready all of your comments. They are beautiful. I am speechless. You have made me feel so special and loved, beyond what you may even realise.

    It makes me even more determined to keep helping you in every way I can.

    You guys are seriously the best, and a true source of happiness in my life.

    Matthew xxx

    • Alex says:

      You deserve that, and much more. We love you and we respect you, and we’ll always be there to support you, no matter what. You’re amazing♥

  18. Maggie says:

    Thanks for your honesty, Matt. Good luck on your biggest adventure yet. I’m glad to hear your friends & family are helping you keep grounded. Enjoy the ride!
    Love from one of your friendly followers!

    Maggie :-)

  19. Rio says:

    Wow, Mat I literally have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for being honest about where you’re at on this wild ride that is about to take over your life! I think the effect of congruence is absolutely vital to your work, and no matter where the journey takes you, having such a strong grounding in your community, family and friends will always keep you close to the heart of what matters. Enjoy the stardust, it’s gonna be fun!

    Remember the success indicators (outlined in the article link above): “What struck me the most was not Steve Wozniak’s extreme brilliance or his exuberant passion. No, what struck me the most was his overwhelming sense of gratitude. His gratitude for having the opportunity to make the world a better place. To help us all to be able to communicate with loved ones, to run our businesses better and to have an enhanced life.”

  20. D says:

    MH – every time I read your blog posts it reminds me that dreams are not too far out from reality, no matter how far fetched they may be to an outsider. Keep dreaming big, you’ll succeed again and again.

  21. Maya Morgan says:

    I don’t know where to start but I will with the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of you and your work. THANK YOU! We’ve been missing people like you in this world and you know why? Because you are true. YOu are not a fake person that tries to just sell things for your own good. YOu are doing everything from the heart, putting yourself totally in. You don’t put yourself above any of us, you are simply next to us, giving us your advices, passing us your understanding and knowledge for us to achieve what we want and to become not only better in our love life but in our whole life. You are being the voice in our head that we forget we have, the one that reminds us that we have all what it takes, we have all the potential to make things happen if we really want. You are reminding us that things don’t come just by waiting for it to happen. Nobody will come knocking at our door and give us what we want, we have to be active and go get it. It’s about get the guy, yes but it’s more than that, it’s GET OUT THERE AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT! Be our true self and let our potential shine because we have all the resources in ourselves, we really do, we just forget it sometimes and that’s where you come in the picture. YOu make us believe in our potential again and remind us that even if we can’t control everything in life, there are things we can! :)!! And I think that if we listen to you it’s because we trust you as a person. We really do, because you not only give advice, you live according to what you talk about and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! You are a true person Matthew, you go beyond what most of the people do, you talk to us honestly, from the heart, sharing your reflexions, thoughts and even what you are afraid of, showing us that you are human too. Sharing with us your experience, how you are handling it! YOu make us a part of your adventure and that’s amazing. I’m really happy for you, all your effort are coming together and you deserve it all! It’s definitely going to be intense and a whole new chapter for you, it’s true that it’s not all going to be easy to handle, it’s a big move but you’ll handle the change very well I have no dough about that! You can be proud of yourself. It’s a time to CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT and be proud of yourself. :)

    Sorry for this long message, I could still go for hours so I’m gonna stop ^^ but THANK YOU thank you thank you!! :)

    Can’t wait to get the book!!

    Take care and get some sleep too :)


  22. Alina Nistor says:

    feel the fear and do it anyway!
    good luck to you on your new and very exciting journey….and keep them coming…we love the advise coming from a man…we all continue to learn,grow and evolve


  23. Talia says:

    Sorry about the other message, I clicked something by mistake, but originally I would like to thank you for all that you have done, you are my rock, and I will continue to support you through the hard and easy times. Good luck with all those interviews,and continue doing a fantastic job.

  24. Nofyah says:

    Dear Matthew,
    Thank you so much for everything you do to help women “get it”!

    Stay yourself and you’ll be great!


    • Nofyah says:

      PS. NBC hasn’t allowed its Ready For Love videos on YouTube to be viewed in Israel. EXTREMELY disappointing. Media Networks forget that these days media is a worldwide market. Women in Israel buy consumer goods and books, too. -Nofyah

  25. Talia says:

    Dear Matthew,

  26. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this awesome and honest letter, Matthew! Many prayers and good vibes being sent your way! What an exciting time in your life. I celebrate your inevitable success that is to come. Much love. xxx

  27. Tanya says:

    I love you too Matthew!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to live life more fully, and helping me connect to my true, authentic nature.

    You are the best, God bless.

  28. Yvette says:


    I love you because of how candid and authentic you are. What I love most about you, however, is you let us know your imperfections and don’t try hiding them. You let us know you are afraid at times, make mistakes, and have your own insecurties. You turn them all into positives and it has helped me out in so many ways over the past few years. Knowing someone as successful and handsome as you feels the same way I do at times has helped me see myself and other people in a different way. I know now others feel the same way I do. I am no longer afraid to speak to a complete stranger and wonder if they are judging me or if I am good enough for them. You are a genuine person and want the best for us ladies for that I do want the best for you. I am truly happy for you and all of your success. I can’t wait to see you at the end of the month in San Diego. I hope I get a chance to finally meet you in person and give you the big hug you deserve.

  29. Leila says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I became speechless from your letter.
    I admire you and I hope your program will become a huge success.

    Thanks for teaching us to be HIGH Value!

    I wish you good luck and strength!

    Leila ( Fan from The Netherlands) :)

  30. Stephanie says:

    Ha Matthew!I’m glad to be part of the original crew! I love how you think and also that your tips apply in general life as well.

    Keep the blog posts coming :)

  31. Alex says:

    Dear Matt,
    You’ve been probably told this a thousand times, and I understand, it is quite logical, because you give such great advices, and you have a certain charm that attracts people. But honestly, I consider you more than just a life-coach who helps me in my love life, but rather as an influence, an inspiration, a kind of positive energy, that pushes me to go ahead in the right direction. I never had the chance to know you personally, but this blog you have created here, as you say, this world that we all created together, makes me feel different, and especially close to you. You say that we’re not just your clients, we’re your friends. Well, let me tell you: You’re not just our life-coach, but our best friend, who gives us good advice when we need it most, who leads us and guides us to the right path. You’re the cause of our happiness, well, mine especially. Honestly, I got to where I am today thanks to you, your methods, and your videos. You motivated me. You’re the best, seriously.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on your success, your book and your show, you really deserve it. Deep down, I always knew, you were going to make it. People need you Matt, and you really know how to deal with each and every one of them. You’re amazing, I admire you. You’re one of a kind. A true gentleman, a good person and the best coach I’ve ever seen. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything, for sharing with us your journey, and.. I found “The One” thanks to you. Matt, you’re a wise man, I really hope that one day, I’ll get to meet you in person. I would want nothing more.

    Ps: I’m french so please forgive me for my broken-english. Wish you’d come to Paris one day, believe me, it’s a beautiful city. Lots of love, xx.

  32. Mermaid says:

    Dear Mathew,

    Thank you so much for being the wonderful person that you are, you are now the biggest thing in my life cuz if my love life ever blossems that would be because of you, thanks for giveing hope, thanks for making me love myself.
    Ps. We love you too Matt… Xoxo

  33. Kathryn says:

    Lovely Matthew,
    We ‘get’ that it is you behind the advice, the stories, the experiences in the book. Your real life stories of your romances in the book really bring home how real it all is to you. I love how candid you are in the book and in your video clips. You do a very endearing thing when you say something cheeky or risqué and follow with a cheeky knowing smile.
    I don’t know how you wrote that blog without it sounding cheesy but it is obviously how something comes across when it is genuine and from the heart. I am working on learning to voice emotions. It is so easy to just feel something but not put words to it and then the moment or opportunity is gone.
    It goes without saying how gorgeous you are but you are an example of perceived attractiveness. Your charming manner, smile, humour, down to earth, wear your heart on your sleeve way is why we all hang on your every word and genuinely wish you all the luck and success you so deserve.
    Now that does sound cheesy : )

  34. Yvonne says:

    Hey Matt :-)
    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow!
    Thumbs Up! Big :-) and Grin ;-)

  35. Hopeful says:

    Just the best and most beautiful rendition of leader to his followers. Thank you for taking this pathway in your life of fulfilling your own potential by helping other to fulfill their potential. The best of luck tomorrow, you will be great. The good thing is that whatever happens you will be fine, we will be here to support you and to listen and grow thanks to your advice. Thanks for the value you provide to people. Love.

  36. Jill says:

    I really really wish I could be there with you. Maybe one day:) Just remember these words from the one hit wonder Matthew Wilder Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
    Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no
    I got to keep on moving
    Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
    I’m running and I won’t touch ground
    Oh-no, I got to keep on moving
    You’re gonna be fine:) Call me if you need a pep talk

  37. Ana says:

    AW I feel so lucky to be part of the original crew! I am so glad I stumbled upon one of your youtube videos that helped me so much in feeling hopeful about my future. I have learned a lot from you, and I try to keep in mind the things you say in your videos. Not only did you give me hope that someone out there could actually like me, but I think I like myself a bit more now :)

  38. Zaida says:

    Dear Matt,

    I am very proud of you! I feel the same way about you! I recently started following you, reading your blogs, and videos: I feel as if we have been friends for years now:) Everything you do is truly appreciated!

    Keep on leading your dreams, if it were easy everybody would! Just inhale then exhale, tell yourself it’s going to be alright, smile and continue. Remember we will always be here to lean on <3

  39. Guly says:

    Love you too. You are just great and no more need to be said. Hugs from Germany

  40. Kryn says:

    Hey Matt, deep breath…relaxxxx, just remember life is a journey not a destination ;) It will never be perfect around you but as long as you always reach for the moon you can only land among the stars :) ps. Protect your privacy US media are known to be the worst. Good luck from the sunny London! oh yes it is! ;)

  41. Sana says:

    So…I saw this link on twitter just now and cracked some joke about you sending me, one of your random followers, a love letter. But then I read it. And I wanted to be serious for a second. I’ve always liked you. Right from the very start with those early videos on YouTube. And your inner monologue and inner dreams, fears, which you’re always so courageous to share with us…I know exactly what you mean. Granted you’re a lot further along in your journey and I’m just starting mine, but I know exactly what you mean. And like another commenter said, I’m proud I can say I knew you before the ‘hoopla’. AND…yeah, like the interviewer, I’m a little worried about you too. But I believe in you and hope you always keep at it. AND…if it means anything, just wanted to thank you for giving me the extra push to get the ball rolling on my own endeavors. I’m working on my official website(s) and I’m not a techie in the slightest, but with a little determination and help from Google Search…it’s taking shape. Hoping one day our paths cross. If not, as always, all the best! (Plus thanks for caving – loving the sneak peek!!!)

  42. Sydney says:

    Wow. Love you too

  43. Alexandra says:

    Dear Matthew!
    You are amazing and so is your job. I ordered your book and I read eagerly each email you send. You are great. You speak straight about all what matters and you give very practical advises.I’m from Israel so unfortunately I can’t come to your live events but I wanted to tell you (although you probably already know it) that your awesomeness is spread all over the world…!! Thank you for everything..!!!

  44. Brittaney Rigby says:

    Hey Matthew,
    We are here to support you and look forward to what is going to happen tomorrow.

    Good luck with everything and thank you for all that you have done.

  45. Elsa says:

    so happy for you :)
    you really deserve the success you’re having. I feel like I could’ve done without a lot of the books I read (on understanding people, not just guys) if you had been there years ago. so glad you’re here now though :)
    for all that you teach us, for the lovely smile and the way you’re yourself, THANK YOU :)
    Elsa xx

  46. Ruth says:

    Dear Matthew

    I’m glad that you consider us your friends.
    Thank you for your guidance and your kind words, sincerely.
    Don’t forget we love you too :) and you’ll be great as ever!
    Hugs from Brussels


  47. Helle says:

    Hi Matt,

    We love you too:-)

    I never got to say goodbye to you in Florida.


    Helle T Justesen

    PS: I’m still looking for my chinese replacement

  48. celi says:

    You are an inspiration. Thanks for so much.
    Go get ’em tiger, do us proud.
    celi from argentina.

  49. Francesca says:

    Dear Matthew,

    I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow. Not only are you a humble person but also truthful. You talk to the viewers as though we are your life long friends and that’s something rare in a person that is hard to achieve.

    Take tomorrow as a challenge that will turn out well, as we do our love lives.

    Take care,


  50. Petra says:

    That’s what makes you unique Matt, that you are so humble, that you remain so authentic even through all the chaos life has been throwing you lately.

    I feel so blessed to have met you because you have touched my life is so many ways, it’s hard to describe it. All I know is that you gave me the tools to go on when I felt like I was about to give it all up. You’ve made me want to embrace life again, find all the good things in it and persue everything that I hold dear.
    And you’ve made me realise just how special I am as a person and for that, you will have a rock solid place in my heart forever.

    I’m certain that – despite all the negative people – you will remain the way that you are and you will evolve and grow even more over years to come. Because you do that so well!

    And I know that the more you will be out there in the world, the more people you’ll affect that want to change things in their lives because you let them see the real you.
    Because you show people how to take their own responsibility in their lives and to make the best of their lives, through small yet so effective methods.
    And being able to do that is truly a gift to cherish.


  51. Audrey says:

    Congratulations! I feel proud that I have been reading your stuff and watching your YouTube videos from before all the hoopla. Good information. Useful. Loved the book excerpt.

    Keep on!

  52. Kelly says:

    Aw this is such a lovely article and we really appreciate it! I’m always picking up your book and reading the sections I most need to see at the time. Thanks so much for what you do, you’re a godsend, you really are. Plus yesterday I actually put some of your advice into action, and now one step at a time I will gain even more confidence after my boost yesterday. You’re an inspiration, I am so happy I stumbled upon your YouTube video a year ago, wouldn’t know what I know now without your insight and talent! :) thanks Matt!

    Love, Kelly

  53. Firstlady Lakeasha Johnson says:

    You are EVERYTHING to us!! We appreciate you for so many reason!!

    FirstLady LaKeasha Johnson

  54. wiola says:

    I bought your book couple months ago in England. This book is amazing!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Good luck and all the best, and… GO AND GET THEM !!! xxxx

  55. Jenifer Kaplan says:

    Dear Matthew,
    I have followed you for over 3 years. And in the words of Marianne Williamson who wrote Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address lies one of my favorite quotes. ”
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    It is our light, not our darkness
    That most frightens us.

    We ask ourselves
    Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
    Actually, who are you not to be?
    You are a child of God.

    Your playing small
    Does not serve the world.
    There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
    So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

    We are all meant to shine,
    As children do.
    We were born to make manifest
    The glory of God that is within us.

    It’s not just in some of us;
    It’s in everyone.

    And as we let our own light shine,
    We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
    As we’re liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others.”

    Your humbleness, perseverance, courage, and being vulnerable is what makes you enrolling and wonderful beyond words. You do have a grounded network and your dreams and passion are ignited not only by your voice and words but by those who surround you. Embrace the process. YOU ARE worthy of your success. You always tell us this, remember that for yourself. Breathe, enjoy the little things, like the sunset, the laughter, the kisses and hugs from your mum. Be present and above all stand in the possibility of the greatness to come.

    With love,

  56. j says:

    Your book shall do great, and so shall you. You’ll see :)

  57. Carmen says:

    Dear Matt, thank you for sharing your insecurities and your excitement on this JOURNEY that is unleashing. Your true fans will always be loyal to you no matter what. As the saying goes thru thick and thin. I’m so honored for someone like yourself to take on this unselfishly challenge. Btw my 17yr old and her friends were on to your Youtube videos way before I found you!! So, keep up the great work.

    Your faithful fan,
    Carmen :)

  58. Michele says:

    Dear Matt,

    You are so sweet to write us a love letter, and we thank you for all you do, it is a gift to all. As I was reading your letter I couldn’t help but think…I love this guy! I’ve never met you and probably never will but I love the person you present on your blog and in your videos. So, I wish you the best in all that is happening for you and many days of peace & joy to enjoy it. Carpe Diem!

    • Stef says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Michele! Matt, you’ve certainly come close to all of our hearts and that’s not only because you are the amazing person you show us every single time you write something, tell us something, show us something, reply to our messages…but also because of all the time you spend doing all of this! And you do it with all your heart and soul because that’s what you care the most about – helping people! If ever that day comes when you go “all Beverly Hills” then let us know, cause that’s the day He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has taken over the world ;)

      Always a joy hearing from you!

      Take care, we love you too :)

  59. Jasmine Che says:

    Dear Matt,

    Your letter was so honest and heart warming hahaha :) I’m really glad to see that you think of us as a family, we cheer on your triumphs and you reward us with your continual triumphs.
    That’s what makes you different from other life coaches and I really appreciate that! :)
    I’m currently achieving my dream at the moment, I’ve just gotten accepted into the university of Cambridge for architecture. Just trying to get the grades required and it’s so terrifying!!
    I understand how you feel, we can share the fear together hahaha :P and want you to know that you always have the control over your life (the most important respect – yourself) :)

    Keep always being true to yourself :)

    Jasmine xxx ( also! I usually don’t post here, I usually tweet about how good your blog posts are hahaha :) from jasmineche123)

    P.S. if you’re up for it, Instagram is always a great way to share your journey visually :D

  60. amelie says:

    awwwwww ♥ *hugs and kisses*

  61. Beanie says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m practicing what I’ve learnt from The Man Myth but realized I’m not a very good student so far. Last week I went on a vacation with a perfect guy I just met once 3 months ago. We had an amazing time together and he was everything I could ask for. But turned out at the end we are not right for each other as we’re lack of chemistry. It was hard to let go such a great guy but I know it’s the right way to do. I’ll go back to your materials with this experience hoping to learn more from it.

    It’s great that you are always here for us, those who need you, love you and support you through. I’m so happy that you made your dream come true. I agree that your life right now is hard and it’s even getting harder soon, that may sound scary. But if you think of it as just a career and keep your feet on the ground, you will be totally fine. Celebrities are still human being. I believe you can always be you and can always talk 50 hours a week till years and years later! :) ..

    And I also believe that this blog is always your home as we are always here for you!

    Love, xx


  62. Gabrielle says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Thank you,
    Thank you for everything you have done.
    I have lived in England for almost a year and when I got back, my life and the person I used to be was so different and I didn’t know how to deal with that.
    Have had some very tough times, but then I found your e-book about confidence and all and it helped me to get back on my feet.
    When I saw your get-the-guy program, I signed up immediately and it has been a great blessing.
    At the moment I am crazy in love with a guy and it seems like he likes me too, your advice helped me to find a nice and decent guy and I thank you from the bottom of my life!
    I am a christian and I really believe that God knows exactly what He is doing and I think I was meant to find your articles and stuff, it was his way of helping me.
    And I know, that as long as you stay true to yourself you can succeed and make all your dreams come true.
    I am honoured to be called your friend and I wish you all the best, with your book and programs and that you will help other people like you helped me!

    Big hug


  63. Leticia says:

    Hey Matt!

    It’s all going to work out no doubt! I remember that the big fancy bling bling media world got the better of me one day, but I was a mere child back then… I think you’re grounded enough to stay on top of things and not end up in lala land.

    <3 <3 <3


  64. Inna says:

    Matthew, I love your vulnerability. To me you seem like the most confident person on earth, so when you say you get scared too sometimes, and that things are not always easy when you’re fulfilling your dreams, it makes it ok for me to be scared too.

  65. Carole says:

    We love you Matthew and always will!
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for us!
    We stay tuned for more ;)

  66. Rivka says:

    We’re here with you. Like JulieAnn said, we’re not going anywhere.

  67. Malin says:

    Dear Matt,

    This was a very touching letter. I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you how fantastic and inspiring you are. Thank you for being so honest, I think we all can relate to the feelings you are experiencing right now. It’s admirable how you’re describing the importance of staying true to yourself, I completely agree with that, that’s the only way to genuinely be happy in life. If your personality and candidness has taken you this far, then why wouldn’t it be able to take just as far all over again? Stay true to yourself :)

    Massive good luck on all your happenings this week! You are amazing, and thank you for being an inspiration to me! <3


  68. Mary Mac says:

    From a fellow author…

    Matthew, your new book is going to become wildly successful.

    How do I know this…

    Because you write from your heart and you provide valuable wisdom that uplifts and empowers those you help.

    Plus, you’re launching tomorrow on my Birthday…so it’s going to be a fabulous day for you! LOL.

    Sky’s the limit!

    Mary Mac

  69. veronica mundell says:

    like so many others I just wish you the best and I feel like I am experiencing the excitement with you! I just felt like crying as I read this blog. Do stay true to yourself as that will always be a saving grace. who you are at your core will always ring true and it will sift the wheat from the chaff! Enjoy this time! I myself can’t wait for tomorrow night and have it scheduled to watch with a bunch of guy friends who think I am a romantic sap! :) I am!

  70. maddi says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thanks for your letter today!
    Thanks for for sharing your very personal experience with us. :D

    I’m really happy you’ve got such a great family who will help you stay grounded.

    I love that Steve Jobs quote: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.
    Always keep on being your humble, authentic and kind you!!

    Courage with the upcoming events.


  71. Vikki says:

    Your congruence and integrity is one of the many things that make you shine Matt. You will grow, develop, evolve, change and still retain the core of who you are. Tomorrow and this week will be part of that journey! Thrilled for you inspirational man! Enjoy the adventures, live through the fear and blaze!

    Looking forward to continuing to participate in your journey as you do in mine!

  72. Adele says:

    Hi Matt,
    Best of luck with everything!. Everything you say, write and do is a huge inspiration for many people and for that thank you.
    You are a very special man to share all the insights, advice and ‘cut the crap’ advice that you do.
    We love you too, enjoy this time, you deserve it.

  73. Anya says:

    *Gives you the Beverly Hills treatment by placing a cup of tea beside you; gentle shoulder squeeze; benevolent wink* Glad to know that the amount of love you give, Matt, is also the amount of love you palpably feel and receive. Deep breaths, enjoy the rollercoaster when you’re able to, and group hugs and safe habour here always, hun :) xx

  74. andrea says:

    Hey! You deserve this! You have helped so many women and you will help so many more! I have read and tried to follow so many people that claim to know “what’s wrong with women” these days. Not you! You are empowering and you speak to us like the intelligent human beings that we are. As a result of taking your course, I have met the love of my life! It’s all so simple, yet powerful.

    Ladies, please listen to this guy. He’s awesome.

  75. Barbara says:

    Dear Matthew!
    Even though it’s been only a few months since I read and follow your blog, I must say that I’ve grown really fond of you. You are an amazing person, who makes us feel better everytime we feel down and also gives us great advice without wanting anything in return. But you still do get something back and it’s our support for you and hope you achieve your dreams (which you kind of did now).
    I look forward to seeing how everything works out for you and for everyone else on this blog. Good luck to you all in your journeys! Thank you Matthew for being such an amazing human being. And remember everyone here loves you.

  76. Joanna says:

    Dear Matt,

    Firstly, I wanted to thank you for writing this blogpost. It was really nice to see you to take the time and write this eloquent post.
    Secondly, I also wanted to thank you for being you and having this dream! Without discovering your videos on youtube, I wouldn’t have known about this blog, and this blog has honestly helped me.
    The videos you make and the articles you have written have helped me in ways I never knew possible. I’ve realized the mistakes I made when dating and have even learned to be more confident and be happy with who I am, and I couldn’t have done it without you!
    I do wish I could go to your get the guy tours, but I live in Ottawa, Canada so it’s hard to commute to any of the places that you hold the presentations, but I am truly glad this blog exists and that you’ll continue to post things on it.

    So again, thank you and I wish you the best of luck!

  77. Adriana says:

    You are fantastic in so many ways, and have absolutely nothing to worry about! Take a deep breath tomorrow and truly enjoy what you have worked so hard for!

  78. Bev says:

    Thank you Matthew, it’s impressive when someone reaches the top and remembers just how they got there. And I get to meet you in just 12 days, I can’t wait! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  79. M Leonard says:

    I think you are truly authentic, which means you will remain so through all the hoopla and wackiness that will follow.

    If things get overwhelming, I take a minute or 20 and sit alone and blank my mind. Sitting in warm water (hot tub or tub of hot water) is great and just let it wash the overwhelm away.

    I always wondered how people like Oprah can possibly take in and integrate the level of love energy that comes their way every day. How they repel the negative “hater” energy that must come their way as well. I hope you will tell us in this blog what it feels like to experience all that, if there are words. There may not be words to describe it.

    Being a public figure is a hard road, but your message is so spot on, clear, needed and real.

    Take time away. In a quiet location. Without entourage, family, friends. Just be somewhere alone, quiet and peaceful where your privacy is truly respected. Don’t be afraid to be alone. I think many public personalities end up afraid to be alone.

    Be honest with yourself. If it gets to be too much, too much of the time. Bow out and let your message continue on without you.

    I survived treatment for Stage 3 cancer this past year, and it has taught me so many huge and tiny lessons. You are young. Yet wise. So many lessons will come to you as you grow through this process. Stay open, real, and strong.

    We need more men out in the world like you.


  80. Cecilia says:

    Dear Matt,

    Let the LOVE in and have a blast!

    Here it comes another wave too catch.

    Best wishes,


  81. zeineb says:

    i love what you said
    god bless you
    you are a great man ever :)
    good luck

  82. Monica says:

    Congratulations on the new adventures ahead. Yes, they can be scary and nerve racking, but in a good way. You have been such strength for me/us and I’m so honored that we are that for you in return. I appreciate you as a coach and friend. I will continue to follow you and see where this journey takes all of us.
    Stay strong, you believed in us and we believe in you!

    Best regards,

  83. Kelly Ruby says:

    Matthew my friend,

    Im a huge believer of that idea that “everyone wants me to succeed”. That this is a very friendly world, and that we are all here to help, support and love each other. By wanting someone else to succeed, you are also helping yourself.

    You have honestly changed my dating life so drastically. Your advise is real and honest. Not some mental “game”. You have not only helped me to “get the guy”, more importantly, you have helped me get the opportunities in life. I am confident that I am a much more fabulous woman because of you.

    Thank you for your kind words, and for beaming with gratitude.

    I want you to succeed, my friend.

  84. A says:

    Uncle Matthew so mushy! ;-(

    I wonder if you didn’t have your family or network as a rock, would u be able to deal with success and all of the circumstances?

  85. Astred says:

    No Fear, Matthew, reach for the stars, Blaze your trail. You are going to be even more AMAZING!

  86. Alissa says:

    Aww Matt you’re so sweet!! You’re right, just stay genuine through it all, no matter how tough it might get. And we’ll always be here for you:)

    P.S. so excited for your book & show!!!

  87. Gabrielle Carolina says:

    Dear Matthew,

    We all love you too.


  88. Stella says:

    Dear Matt,
    two years ago I came across one of your videos on youtube and since then I watch and read anything you produce.
    I think from tomorrow your success will become much bigger and you 100% deserve the recognition of your work!
    Good luck my friend,
    take a breath and appreciate all this success! You deserve it!
    I’m sure your book will be best-selling!
    Lots of love!

  89. Rivka says:

    Matthew, We feel so privileged at being the people who’ve been with you since even before this new surge of fame. It is so awesome to read your posts and feel close to you, feel like your friend even without being with you in person. You are a celebrity now, but you are not like any other celebrity. Not at all.
    (You did meet me. Oct 2011. I was the person who gave you 35 pages about myself slipped under your door. And barged in on dinner & lunch. Thanks. Changing my name in this post so my family doesn’t know for sure this is me:) Turns out I probably am an Aspie (aspergers) which explains a bit of my obsessiveness/persistence/only learning social skills in the second half of my twenties-with which you help, etc. (will keep you in my prayers :) ))

    Imagine lots of hugs and kisses from us!!!

  90. Amina says:

    Your letter is so moving. I wish you all the success you deserve because You Are Amazing Matthiew.. Luv from Algeria.

  91. Sarah says:

    Matthew, THANK YOU. I found you after a bad break up. Just before you emailed, I found out that the guy in question, who I had been dating very seriously for 2.5 years before he dumped me one Christmas without explanation before we were supposed to go on holiday has actually been seeing someone else with a child, probably since before we broke up. But your chirpy message has brightened up my day. I have bought your book and it is great. Thank you for helping with new beginnings xx

  92. Lourdes Valencia says:

    Dear Matthew:

    First of all, thank you for consider to us (your readers and followers) at your blog and giving us the best dating advices for our love lives. I think the best thing in the world is to help others to get not only love but also success in everything we ever wanted, and that my dear friend is heaven on earth.

    I have great news for you: now I have boyfriend :D and it was crazy how we get together but I apply some of your advices and techniques and work out very well. Thank you again for everything and I can’t wait for get your book.


  93. Claire says:

    A massive warm virtual hug for you! That was the loveliest thing I read today. Just remember to take care of yourself and give yourself a bit of quiet time to stay balanced through the whirlwind to come!
    Much love
    Claire X

  94. YuetChing says:

    Thanks for being here. I support you. xx ~~^^~~ xx

  95. Julie Ann says:

    Keep your head up! We’re not going anywhere. ;) And I, for one, am happy to be along for the ride. You’ll be great!

  96. Alba says:

    Dear Matthew,

    I just want to say thank you, sincerely on behalf of all your faithful friends here on your blog. Thank you for your help, your sincerity, and your guidance. I don’t know about you, but to me those three things are some of the best things a true friend should offer, and for that I thank you. Good luck on your journey!

  97. Diane says:

    Dear Matthew,
    I can not refrain of feeling submerged by all the emotions in your letter. Your anxiety is totally understandable in your situation. I suppose things are getting bigger than you have imagined it would ever be and I can understand that your scared. But be sure of one thing : you deserve all the good things that are happening to you.

    You worked hard and always with a good heart and the attention of helping people. Your authenticity, your love for people and your passion in what you do are exactly what we like about you. You’re not alone; we’re behind you.

    I’m really touched by this letter and I am very happy to be part of your team, even if I’m just following you.

    I wish you all the best (Again, you deserve it) !

    Kind regards

    • Trae says:

      I am excited for you & look forward to your much anticipated release! You are refreshingly honest & have a natural talent for making things easier to understand & am gratful to be here to share with you the success that has come from al your hard work & just remember that you deserve this & have helped so many women & now your going to be reaching millions more & imagine how many hearts are going to fix & the tru impact you are making is bringing love and commitment to couples not just in the uS but in the UK as well…..that is absolutley phenomenal!

      Definition~ A phenomenon (Greek: φαινόμενoν, from the Greek word ‘phainomenon’, from the verb ‘phanein’, to show, shine, appear, to be manifest (or manifest itself)), …

  98. Jessica says:

    Dear Matt,

    You are such a wonderful person in you videos and blog. As I read this post tears started to go down my face because of how beautiful your words are. I’m glad that you consider us your friends because I’ve also considered you mine. In many ways everyone has to face negative comments from others, I know I have this year and your posts always brought a smile to my face because they re-charged my belief that it’s okay to be different. Tomorrow is a big day and things are going to change. I believe for the better.

    I have to admit that I have felt worried for you-that you would change away from the person that you are now in a negative way. It happens to the best of us, but I’m glad that you look at us to be what will keep you grounded.

    As for what happened at your home, don’t be scared. If you have always asked your mom for tea, ask it! Family should be the people with which you can be your true self and nothing should change the family dynamic. Yes, you now will be Matthew Hussey with greater international audience but you are still Matt.

    It’s the same reason why I talk to my parents multiple times a day to let them know where I am and tell them that I love them. Just because I live hundreds of miles away doesn’t change that they worry about how I am doing, they trusted me enough to go away to college and I should uphold the values that they taught me. When I am back home, life goes back to business as usual.


  99. Wave says:

    I just want to give you a hug right now :)

  100. Sonja says:

    Dear Matthew,

    I love and consider it a very special privilege and wonderful treat to receive emails from you with delightful videos… I could listen to you forever… I love your accent and you’re so terribly easy on the eyes and such a lovely, authentic person. I absolutely love your blogs, your love letter is so very special… I’m so excited for you… I am really excited and looking forward to your live event in Seattle and finally getting my hands on your book.

    Best wishes to you always and thank you so much for all the wonderful ways you touch and bring good things to our lives… you are such a wonderful person and we do love you.


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