I Had To Share This Beautiful Love Story

The New York Times has a great weekly column called Modern Love that let’s readers share their  love stories with the world. They are  all interesting to read because they truly reflect that everyone’s love is slightly different. All the variables of two people in the world meeting, getting together, and falling in love that are impossible to quantify. Reading this column truly reinforces that love can happen in many ways from the unexpected to the seemingly mundane.

One particular story stood out for me. A truly beautiful, simple love story called, “The Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap”. For me, it really illustrates the joy of being in a relationship and how it really is the little moments in life that can be the most romantic and rewarding. This passage in particular stood out:

“OLD LOVE is different. In our 70s and 80s, we had been through enough of life’s ups and downs to know who we were, and we had learned to compromise. We knew something about death because we had seen loved ones die. The finish line was drawing closer. Why not have one last blossoming of the heart?

I was no longer so pretty, but I was not so neurotic either. I had survived loss and mistakes and ill-considered decisions; if this relationship failed, I’d survive that too. And unlike other men I’d been with, Sam was a grown-up, unafraid of intimacy, who joyfully explored what life had to offer. We followed our hearts and gambled, and for a few years we had a bit of heaven on earth.”

Here is a link Modern Love, enjoy!

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  1. 的条件的条件天地间 says:


  2. Mia says:

    This is truly a lovely story. Thank you, Matt.
    I’ve always read stories about couples who have been married for eternity and they are beautiful. I had always thought and hoped I would be one of those. But now that I’m divorced and moving forward, I know now that I had to write a different story. It has been difficult since I had a happy marriage. I’m not just saying that because I was in an illusion. I truly know what it feels like to be in a happy marriage and we were married for almost 20 years. It had its challenges like any but it was not because of the obvious…infidelity that it came to an end. He was a great partner in all levels and we were a great team in being parents, despite the circumstances. As a result, we have 2 extraordinary children.
    I hope I don’t have to wait until my 70s to experience joy again in sharing my life with another. That would be another 20 years…but this story tells me it is possible to feel true joy with finding a true love more than once in a lifetime.
    I really enjoy your insights in regards to relationships not only with finding a partner but more importantly in finding value in one’s self. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your stories.

  3. Gabriella says:

    I read the whole article. A beautiful story and so nicely written. :)

  4. Christa C. says:

    This was so pure, and beautiful. I can’t help but smile now that I have read it.

  5. Roohie says:

    That’s amazing beautiful :) I wish both of them good luck <3 Thanks for Sharing


  6. Amy says:

    This is beyond words. It is so beautiful to read how two people can enjoy their time together to such a degree. I’m overwhelmed by feelings at the simplistic beauty of this. Thankyou so much for sharing this Matthew and once again showing us all that age doesn’t matter when it comes to true love.

  7. Katrina says:

    Great find, Matthew! Thank you for sharing!

    I think that a lot of people have this idea that being “old” means we are no longer able to appreciate life and explore new depths and experiences. This is a nice little reminder that we don’t “die” when we turn 60, but can choose to continue to see the beauty and nuances in love, and everything else.

    Hope your 2013 is going well! :)


  8. Google eye says:

    She is so strong and powerful, which makes her so beautiful! I hope I can be like her when I am in my 70s, 80s, 90s! Who cares how old I am, but how much ups and downs I have experienced and overcome – yet still able to love and beloved! – Thanks for sharing!

  9. Zara Brown says:

    That’s very sweet. I certainly hope I and every other woman who reads this, finds there little bit of heaven on earth!

  10. yolanda says:

    if i had just one wish, i would ask for a true love like this. Thanks Matthew :)

  11. Erin says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m crying. So beautiful. Thanks Matt for sharing! xx

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