Even When It’s Good, It Hurts… [Love The Journey – Part 6]

I’m not going to lie, sometimes journeying around the country, sleeping on planes, and being away from home, can feel like a long slog.

But one thing I’ve discovered about life is that you have to always remind yourself just how good things are.

Even if what you’re doing is tough and you feel overworked right now, doesn’t mean they aren’t still great. You just have to find ways to remind yourself now and then.

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13 Replies to “Even When It’s Good, It Hurts… [Love The Journey – Part 6]”

  • Awww I was actually gutted when this ended, I was so drawn into the moment.

    You’re awe inspiring. Really Matthew.
    As well as being super hot ;)
    Will continue to watch, follow and champion you because your words and insight have helped me hugely.

    Bless you X

  • Good morning Matthew,

    You are a brave, intelligent spirit, who likes to challenge those you have been entrusted to and with. When you say on Love the Journey 4 “You keep me going”, you have been keeping me going. My journey has been quite challenging, but as you encourage us in this video to find the seemingly small things that keep us going. Being tried already this morning, looking into the sky to find a beautiful, full moon and to see you had posted this video on the Journey has touched my heart in a very special way.

    I feel so connected to you, and prayerfully we will see each other at the retreat in December. I love you and hope you have a blessed, prosperous day.

  • Hey Matthew,
    I felt compelled, after watching this video to reach out and tell you how awesome it was for me. I have been watching and following your “stuff” for a few months now and this alone has officially made me a FAN! I love what you are doing…I love your attitude on life…I love how inspired I feel after watching this. Thank you!!!!

  • Journey is almost done! You seem so tired sometimes, my friend. And then you start dancing! Then you are the picture of youthful optimism. And I can tell for you, it’s totally worth it.

    We, your safari van of ten*, we hear you and appreciate all that you do. :-)

  • Keep challenging beliefs, yes individually and in the world around us, even globally. Exercising the brain, a muscle to be always thinking, challenging, questioning. A lot of people get obsessed with going to the gym, don’t get me wrong, being in shape or rather feeling fit has always been a part of my life, but to be strong and able emotionally and mentally is just as important.
    It’s funny as you receive a lot of feedback on your looks and to be honest I don’t even notice any more. You just look like you, which is very nice to look at, but the longer we follow you the more we feel we know you. I watched a magical theatre show the other day and it was spellbinding. A moment in life to savour and feel blessed to have experienced. The two young lads and two young girls were nice looking, even the lad on the guitar was hot. But all I could see were amazingly talented people who were spending their life giving beauty, music and an occasion to remember to us all. When you stop to recognise beauty, in people or the nature, the cliffs and coastline around me, to stop and take it in, is when life is richer in all senses and becomes full of possibility. Thank you for spreading your messages and the sacrifices it takes to your life because you make the world a better place, and that is priceless. You are special and priceless.

  • love these documentaries. Not only does it humanize Matt but is a refreshing take on the content that is regularly produced.

  • Hello Matthew,

    thank you sooo much for your videos and also for the “love the journey” parts. They are sooo helpful and encourage to move on and keep going on even when a day was not that great.
    In part 6 of your journey you were talking about the mindset of fishing a good guy out of the sea which is filled with bad guys. And you pointed out that with that mindset you will reinforce what you think already: There are no good guys/ There are just bad guys.

    I found myself dating guys for fun with whom I would not like to be in a relationship. Besides that right now, I don’t want to commit because I have to move in some months and I don’t want to make it hard for me to leave the town. Anyway… I found myself thinking “See, no one of these guys were/is boyfriend material” That thought kept me wondering… maybe I’m dating these guys not only just for having a fun time, but maybe also to find something in their character/ behavior that I don’t like just to keep saying to myself “See, there is no good guy”.
    I really really want to change that contraproductive thought. How can I do this? What do I need to change?
    I would appreciate some advice or links to other appropriate videos/ blog side that are helpful in this content.

    And thank you so much for what you are doing and that you take others on your journey with you.

  • Has there been anytime in your live shows when a woman asked a question and you did not know the honest answer to it? What was it? I am just curious!

  • Hi Matt. So I’m in a relationship with this guy that I love with all my heart but today I feel that I did something wrong for him to get really mad at me. He wants me to get the planB pill so that we will not have any baby’s. Firstly I don’t like that idea and I know he doesn’t want any children and I think I’m okay with that. And then we go to the store to buy food for the house and he wants me to buy the pill. So I just had to walk away from him. So he got mad at that. Then I don’t feel well cause of the walther and I ask him so many times to do touch me and he keep doing it. So that when I had to say ” stop f*** touching me” and now he doesn’t want to talk to me when I said sorry so so so so so so so so so so so so so so many times to him. The thing is when he wants me to stop something I’m doing and I don’t hear he gets so mad but when asked him to stop doing something he doesn’t want to.

  • Lol… Looks like you really enjoyed your time at the safari park! :-) So awesome that you could play with the animals and feed them! They look so cute and beautiful!

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