He Hurt You? 5 Simple Steps to Open Your Heart to Love Again…

When love punches us in the gut, it’s easy to become terrified about going for a second round.

But there is a way to fall in love again.

Just use these 5 simple strategies and you’ll be amazed by what happens next…

►►  Open yourself back up to love. I’ll show you how at →   MatthewHusseyRetreat.com

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Neha says:

    Matt Thank You for your Valuable time to Change our Love life similarly teaching us that how to be a strong woman in the ups and downs word Matt!!! :)

  2. Nantongo Rebecca says:

    I have learned to love again and trust again,this was amazing!! Thank you so much Matthew
    Question : I need your help, how can i go about someone that didn’t disclose he was in another relationship and with babies in it?! On realising, you have already fallen for him and gone some extra mile with them ie loving him so much and you would actually wish to retain them and love them for life.Please help me out

  3. gracie says:

    Aaaaaw i love you so much Matt,,your videos are the best ,they encourage alot and this particular one has really inspired me to get myself together and experience a whole new love life,,keep up woth the good work you are doing.love from Kenya

  4. Mary says:

    I meet this guy actually someone connected us we have been charting calling but I found out DAT d first day we meet,was actually d end he don’t chart like before or even when I asks why he said he was to busy so I stop communicating with him did I do d right thing.

  5. Katrina says:

    I have listened to your videos,
    Where will that lead me as time goes on,
    I hope soon to change my feelings and make me strong inside again. And date someone again.
    I was always a strong woman but now it’s all been shattered. I am strong in Faith in The Lord God.
    But not strong inside myself anymore. Because I live alone. Carry a full car license just can’t afford to by a car. A low payed full time job. Just pays bills for living.what life is that for a single woman. No one to go out with and do things with any more. I’m just stuck at home. My Daughter works at night. But she’s not with me. It would be nice to have someone.

  6. Hazel says:

    20 years of marriage & Ive been cheated by my husband 8 times and yet i keep believing that one day he wil changed. One day i made a bluff and unexpectedly he fall for it. My world was shattered and broken into pieces wishing that i shud have left him long before rather than giving chances.
    He said he loves me but what he have done doesnt correlate to what he is saying. Im confused and i feel like im in the middle of the ocean without knowing what direction to take.
    Opening my heart to someone to loved again is something i dont see in the future ……

  7. Sally says:

    I would like to go on a date. If I do get asked out, I end up getting blown off at stood up. But, mostly, there’s no interest and it’s very demoralizing.

  8. Bridget Menham says:

    I’m the joker, ,went on a third date last night and I startung jokeng straight away and I knew I was protecting my deep side, but my jokes were funny and he laughthed ,but hes jokes back were more sarcastic so I felt weary,felt we were in competition ,so thats not good and I wont let him in my flat I can see hes getting frustrated and hes telling me he fancies me in not so many words ,but when he comes to pick me up at door he never says you look nice ,so it’s a wierd start to the date cause I have male friends who always comment on my hair or something,,how Can I know what he feels and it seems like I talk more and when he talks he never faces me,I mentioned that last night and he might of thought I sounded jealous ,saying he’s looking else ware ,can you give ne some advice please Matt
    Kind Regards Bridge

  9. Tricia says:

    Huge thank you for this Matthew As always, your videos are top notch.

  10. Saba says:

    I have listened to a few of your videos and can relate
    I have a successful practice and I accomplished a lot professionally but this love dating I can’t figure out. The online dating stuff I have pretty much given up. I feel that because there is no middle man who knows both parties people act crazy and too forward to the point I felt like walking with my hand in front of me preventing them from clinging on to me, must be a cultural thing anyway
    I have resorted to being a sarcastic person had some in me but got enhanced
    Divorced then long term relation which was going no where tried dating one that I liked only to find out he was still married then back to the old flame and he wants time
    How do u go about it
    U realize the only person who gets it and can handle u oz u r not easy to live with is the same guy who didn’t make the decision after 9 years
    Now what just go on life hoping ?

  11. Heather says:

    I have to say I really enjoy watching your videos. I will keep these tips in mind when I get the guts to get out there again lol. Send more! :)

  12. Jewels says:

    Chia I have to respectfully disagree. I’ve learned so much from his videos. The most helpful one was his 2 parter on being an introvert. Check that out. Also, this is a generalization but….men don’t really care about women’s wealth. Perhaps it was a different reason that you haven’t realized yet. Good luck!

  13. Frankie Gibbons says:

    Nice video, good encouragement too. :)

  14. Christine Mesquita says:

    Can’t thank you enough for your help to millions woman around the world. “GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM.

  15. Christine Mesquita says:

    Honestly I am not looking for a relationship but i am searching for real man who can benefit my true love.

  16. Christine Mesquita says:

    Thank you for making this video. I am not sure if I can open my heart to love again.

  17. Christine Mesquita says:

    I am in a current situation I am hurt by my man. The topic of your email made me to open the content and listen to you. I was loaded with emotions before even i opened up your email. I have opened up my heart to be loved again with love and trust. But past six months he’s going through financial crises and I did my best to support his needs but now I am thinking the relationship has become more financial support. We both love each other deeply. His financial crises are not resolving and he think I should be with him thick and thine till the end. we never met each other he says he’s from my town and country but doing his Capital Intensive business in other country. I love him with all my heart so as he.Please help me how can I bring my lover home and to be with me.

    • :( says:

      So are you saying, you have NEVER met your man? And he asks from you financial support even if you haven’t met before? Sorry to say that if I understood it right, this man is fooling you on your money. You deserve someone that can visit you regularly.

  18. Iris says:

    Thank you so much!
    I’ve always the feeling that i’m running and chattering through my life just so i don’t have to make that connection. These 5 steps are a real welcome reminder.
    You’re so good (and handsome :p), just love your videos but this one went straight to my heart!

  19. Aliaa says:

    Love the shirt.
    “Everything I need is in here” <3
    I should make a shirt that says,
    "I am a Lioness! Are you my Lion?"

  20. Mercy says:

    Thank you for making this video, it’s rare to get advice/help on this topic without being put down for feeling that way. Love that you always encourage us to be vulnerable, that advice and with the examples you give, have really helped me open up to people. Matthew and team, you Gus are greatly appreciated!

  21. Annie says:

    What do you mean “Go out on dates??” THERE ARENT ANY DATES. You make it sound like there are men asking us out. Your target audience must be college kids. I’m happy, self-sufficient, cute, fit and fun. Women are single because all the men around them are either married or nuts—or both. It’s not because of anything that the women are doing or not doing. I’m unsubscribing to this—I thought it would be fun to listen and get some ideas about relationships, but you bring me down instead of lift me up. Being hurt is not something we have done to ourselves that we must “work on” by running around trying to get men to date us.

  22. ROSA says:

    This is the kind of videos with great value that is nice to watch with useful tools. Compared with the last week video, this one values for two.
    Thanks Matt.

  23. Tamera Davis says:

    Love the idea & the obvious passion you have for what you do.
    I’m just not sure you or anyone for that matter could truly understand whew I’m at, what I’ve been through.
    I’m also pretty sure that’s probably a bit cliche, but I mean it.
    From an incident with a glass door that scarred my face which helped teen age low self-image ending in a teen pregnancy, to an 11yr progressively abusive marriage & 2 more children, to a second 11yr relationship to a later diagnosed narcissist & 1 child, who took my money, wouldn’t be in the same room with me if I was wearing a pony tail, toward the end he criticized me constantly until he convinced me I needed anti-depressants—the end of our relationship (during which I paid for our entire household for the 6yrs we lived together & did much much more) he asked if we could take off for a month or 2 a just start over—the next day he told me he was “leaving to jump on a sailboat for 8 weeks as crew”, and he left our 4yr old son and I the next day…he was gone for 3months—that was 1 1/2yrs ago. That’s the very very short story.
    I’ve gone on several dates I haven’t met anyone I’m atteacted to. I’ve tried, i panick when they kiss me because they make it clear they want more…& I don’t.
    I want someone someday, I just…I have so many standards. I’m honest about my desire to “get out and meet new people, make new friends, have fun…”but I can’t get past a 3rd date because it goes further than I’m ready for. My daughter says “no man wants to be just friends with you mom…” so I’ve stopped dating.

    I understand my worth & for once in my life I’m acting on it, but love…? I just don’t know anymore
    What now?

    • A says:

      I read your post and identified with your current feelings towards men & dating. After years of meeting Players, I also found myself dating men who – although attractive at first – became a turn-off the very moment they wanted more & over-stepped the mark in any way. I would cut contact straight away. I began to question whether I was at fault & had the wrong mindset (which made me feel worse). The truth is, we all want a man to want & desire us physically – that is one of the foundations of a partnership as opposed to a regular friendship. I think I would have given up if I had not met the man who I am now dating. Because although he made it obvious he wanted me physically, he showed me that waiting for me to feel ready was more important. This level of integrity & respect was such a turn-on that my barriers came down & I wanted him to take things further. I think if you can find a man with the same respectful attitude towards you – a man with no expectations, who genuinely loves your company with or without the bedroom entering into the equation – the same can happen & you will feel completely comfortable again. This man will be your breakthrough. Quietly observe your dates for this mentality to shine through. There is nothing wrong with how you are feeling right now. It is normal after what you have been through. Just have faith that your love life is not over but still unfolding. We are all capable of the happy ending when we set the standards we want & things naturally fall into place. Key words: mutual respect ❤️

  24. Sasha says:

    Dear Matthew,
    I just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for what you do. Wish you and your team best of luck with all the current and future projects.
    Lots of love from far away x

  25. Rose says:

    Hey Matthew, thanks for this timely and valuable guidance – your advice is so often exactly on point! I sometimes use all three avoidance techniques, although have started to up more in conversation and be vulnerable. Going on an actual date though is still scary a.f. Just for you, I will be brave!
    Quick question – are you in Sydney? I recognise that harbour and the red brick architecture and some of the bird calls? If so, have a fabulous time in my home town :) and if not, have fun wherever you are!

  26. Samantha says:

    I really, really needed this… as someone who picks up vibes too easily- Men often gravitate toward me- and the most common thing I hear after we speak a while is… ‘wow.’ Haha- I Love being able to connect to people that way, connection is a bit of a passion… However, I do have a very hard time when it comes to managing their expectations. In the last few days, I have had several men tell me they are ready to marry me. Haha. Want to dive right in. That is incredible, I do not take it for granted… And they are good guys. But I just got out of a relationship and am in no way way ready to go through that shit show again. I don’t want to sacrific enjoying people for winding up somewhere I do not want to be… and am not ready for. I hope that makes sense. And, tuning out their vibes is indeed challenging. I know what they want, I feel the weight of their expectations. Ifeel the desperate wish of it, which we all have. But- i am just not ‘ready’- whatever that means haha. So, when you gave me permission in #5 of this ‘He Hurt You?’ video,… You have no idea how much I needed that. Thank you so much for saying to me what I new in my heart, but have a very hard time expressing. ♡ Working on setting more rigid boundaries, while still remaining open- is quite the circus stunt haha. Wish me luck~~ What you do, is so needed. Thank you. ♡♧ Thank you.

  27. Bianca says:

    Want emails from matthew hussey

    • MH Support says:

      Hi Bianca, to subscribe, just visit our website homepage and add your name and email address. You’ll get your first email from Matt soon after. Enjoy! – Mars

  28. Jennifer Lovin says:

    Thank you Matthew for sharing this valuable information with me! I shared it with my ex and he liked it too, he even listened to it twice! God bless us all with everything we need to heal our broken hearts ! Thank you god for restoring love so that we can move forward in life and move foward so I will love again! Thank you amen!

  29. Helen says:

    Thanks! I really needed to hear this right now! This video could not have come at a better time! I just had my heart broken a month ago and it has been hard opening myself up again to someone new.


  30. Inez says:

    I have a very bad memory to the point I cant remember people places things ect.. I someone puts me on the spot I cant it I go blank – Can I mention this to people? Ive never had a relationship because of this ..

  31. Lisa says:

    Another great video Hussey. And can I say the I LOVE your Tshirt!

  32. Rachel says:

    Matthew, I’ve been watching your videos and subscribing to your courses for almost 2 years. I’ve recommended you to friends because of the changes you’ve helped inspire in my life, but for some unknown reason(s), I’m finally, for the first time, responding to a video. I am some one who you might meet and would say, “This girl has the confidence,” or “ this girl is strong and sassy!” But finally, weirdly enough to say,(especially after listening, valuing, and implementing so much of your saged advice) I am beginning to recognizing how much of this has been an elaborate act. With the new year looming around the corner, my goal for myself is not just to get our there more, but is also a willingness to show vulnerability. I dont have all the money in the world, but I’m hoping in the next year I can come to one of your retreats to learn to be genuinely vulnerable with suitors I find interesting

    . Ultimately, I wanted to thank you for what you are doing. There are so many out there that won’t say it till something finally stikes their heart, but thank you for what you give you us!

  33. nesta says:

    I have been happy step beck out there. I’m witty,attractive and fun. Noone wants to look beyond my size so I stand by and watch the thin girls get approached by guys. I’m out going or least least was out going enough to approach men but they have no interest in getting to know me, except of course if they think they might get sex,which is not what I want.. So my conclusion is size does matter. Loose weight they say, yes of course I would love to be just like any normal person, much easier said then done but the painful part is men don’t see me for who I truely am… Men don’t see me, so why would I bother.

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