Why Being In Love Really Matters (But Not In The Way You Think)

Nothing annoys me more than someone who tells you not to feel the pain you’re in. Life can be tough – it lets you down, it feels like being punched in the gut on the bad days. But the question now is: How do you get out of it?

In this week’s video, I’ll tell you about the most important relationship you’ll ever have, and it may not be the one you think…

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14 Replies to “Why Being In Love Really Matters (But Not In The Way You Think)”

  • Whoooh, dear Matt, there was one sentence in your video which inspired me most: “Life is a lover.” That’s so true and sounds so hot. Thank you so much for opening my eyes again and again.

  • Love this perspective, a great concept to view life as a relationship and I love that you look at what we should be bringing rather than having a sense of entitlement

  • I m a Mindfulness based addiction counselor and this was one of the best videos I hv heard for a long time. Congratulations xxx

  • Matt, awesome connection you’ve made by thinking of “life as a lover”. So insightful..thank you again for adding value to my life by giving me such thought provoking ideas!

  • Hey! Last two videos are designed delicately.
    To show the main point, and theme, making the video in the rain is a good idea. Also, sometimes being simple, direct, not using more complicated games in written and visual texts can be better! Like classical novels in the 19th century.
    This week I am surprised on my side because I have been going through a cloudy, and rainy mood for some days. Although I know and experienced many times that life has up and down roads, it isn’t easy keeping the optimistic feelings everytime. Somehow, your video crashed to my mood, and made me smiled! :)) Thank you…
    Ciao bella,

  • OMG Matt! You just hit the nail on the head and thank you for using your platform to get this message out to so many people!!! I have been saying this for years that there is no wrong or right, no emotion is good or bad they all serve a purpose. I have spent the majority of my life running from “bad” emotions because as I see it I was conditioned that way and resorted to extreme measures to numb them by self-medicating with drink and drugs, but now I embrace every single emotion whatever they may be, it’s life and being present for all the ups and down has given me peace and contentment. I love my life warts and all with every fibre of my being but as you said I may not always like it, it’s like my family; sometimes my family really annoy me and I don’t like them but I still love them. And I love you for this message! Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

  • One thing I want to think Matthew whenever I watch the video of you you put a smile on my face. Plus you’re so cute. I just wanna say thank you for making me happy even when I’m sad. I don’t know why men always tell me then I’m sexy in my pictures and I’m just wearing a sweater. I don’t understand the reason why men have to always talk about sex. You need to create clones of you you’re so unique and you care so much. And I feel that you’re very genuine but very inspiring. I have never met a man like you and I have met a lot of men I just want to say thank you for always making me smile and giving me the confidence love Will come again. I only wish that Could met a man like you. Xx I never wrote this before today. You’re very inspiring

  • Your videos inspire me and you make me smile. I think dating today is very difficult. It’s very frustrating . Why do men always say that you’re Sexy Such a turn off thing to say to woman that you haven’t even met yet. British men are very different than American men.

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