The Major RED FLAG You Should Never Ignore in a Man…

It’s so easy to ignore all the warning signs from men.

You like him. He has a good career. You have amazing sexual chemistry. But there are things that you know make him wrong for a relationship:

  • His wandering eye…
  • His emotional withdrawal…
  • His selfish, narcissistic behavior…

If you’ve ever been tempted to stay with a guy despite everything your gut tells you, please watch this video now, before you do anything else today.

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103 Replies to “The Major RED FLAG You Should Never Ignore in a Man…”

  • “Under my privates . . .” LOL. Such sacrifices you make for us. In a fantasy world someone would be there to, um, help you clean that up. ;-)

    Ah, fantasies. Thanks for clarifying. When I first heard of your blueprint theory, it seemed a similar process. You’d meet some man who would change his blueprint for you. Which is different than changing his character (which is unlikely). But blueprint changing is also difficult. Even if you are amazing. I once was willing to change my blueprint but back then my future plans weren’t as compelling. Now? Nothing doin’ I want to see my blueprint through and am now looking for men who fit within it.

    In reality, even if they make attempts to change for a woman, if it’s not from within, I don’t want it. I’m great, but I don’t want that responsibility. And waiting? Can be a long, long, long, long time. You are rolling the hard six and putting your own future in limbo while waiting.

    Thanks for your compassion. Sometimes you want to wait because you want to see how it plays out. There is enough good things in him that you are happy in the meantime for a time. As long as the woman realizes that it may be a fantasy and how unlikely change really is. Then she should go for it. Get her vanilla on!

  • Dear Matthew…..I am one who believes you do, indeed, have it wrong (where the movie is concerned). Everything you say is absolutely right on the money, as usual. But! The point, and romance of this movie (rather the trilogy – there’s more of the story to come), is that Christian DOES change….slowly, and of his own volition. He is damaged from his past and has shut down his emotions and thrown walls up. The romance of this story; although very painful at the same time; is that Anastasia breaks down those walls of his and he changes to becomes the romantic man she she wants. She does get the romance in the end. It’s rather sweet actually….but lets not forget, it is just a story – entertainment. But it’s beautiful….I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the video and especially for the free chapter!

    I have one question though: I’m wondering whether the “lines” and phrases you suggest in your book are effective on all men, regardless of their culture?

    I’m from Germany so I obviously have to translate the sentences from your book into German before using them with men. While reading the free chapter I couldn’t help but feel like I would never use some of those phrases with a German guy. In my culture, they might come across as unnatural, for example the question: “Now, you weren’t just looking for my fotos of me in a swimsuit, were you?” Most men from my country would think I was extremely full of myself if I said that.

    So I just wanted to ask whether you think there are cultural differences between men and how they like being talked to before I start using the phrases you suggested :)

    Thank you very much,

  • I know how hard it is to change. For decades I’ve been trying to become more positive – both in thought and emotions. Every now and again I think I’ve finally got it and hence-forward life will be sweet. But no… The first time something challenging comes up, ye olde responses are back. However, today I think I’ve finally got it. No, really.

  • Thank you Matthew for this inspiring message. I am in this boat and have been for over two years. I know I love him and he said he love me too but I know from watch and listening to your messages his actions doesn’t follow his words. I get depressed when I think about not being with him and I know logically I deserve more and better or at least the same investment. I know it’s me not him.

  • Thank you for the spoof video, Matt! It really opened my eyes to a relationship I fell into. From the start, he initiated it, and about 4 months in, he started pushing me to try things with other women. It’s been another two months of slowing things down, but I realize now, that he never really would have changed. We would never be an official couple, and I’d never have peace of mind. He still brings up finding a girl for me to experiment with… He wants what he wants and I’m not willing to give up what I want.

    Red flags are flying high, and I’m finally ready to let go. It’s been a 6 month long lesson, but I’ve definitely learned.

    Thank you thank you thank you to you, Matt, and your team!

  • Where’s the love button? You need a love button because that was phenominal! Love your work, and in particular, that video! What an amazing balance between light hearted humour and deep understanding. Definitely felt the heart in that one. Keep it coming. Matthew and the Matthew Hussey team – you’re nailing it!

  • Just love it Matthew!

    Straight to the point and hilarious as always! Wet my pants watching the fifty shades spoof and this one :-) please keep going in helping women get a healthy view on guys, relationships and in the end: THEMSELVES.


  • Omg! I can’t believe I got this clip just as I am going through this emotional heartache. Eveeything said is so rue. Yet why can’t I let go!!:((

  • Thank you Matthew,

    it is so so good and so important to speak about this issues.

    Keep on like that please!


  • Thanks Matthew. The timing of this video is spot on for me as is the message! Literally have just finished with a guy I’d been dating for 3 months for these exact reasons. Lots of red flags which I initially just ignored. Never paid or offered to pay for anything on a date ( not even a coffee). Said he didn’t do compliments. Flirted with other women in my presence, let me do all the arranging of dates, new things to try etc. Has never had a real relationship (he’s 44) though he says he wants one. Spent hours & hours talking about himself but never really asked anything about me. I could keep going.
    At the back of my mind I Kept asking myself what would Matthew Hussey say & I knew you’d have told me to let it go after the first few weeks. It’s a sign of how much your videos. programmes and scripts etc have helped me because THIS TIME I woke up and actually followed though to end it. Finally breaking my destructive patterns and believing I deserve more. So big hugs to you and thanks for all your advice x

  • The bet is never worth taking. By taking it you change who you are and become a person different to the one they thought they knew anyway, so it always ends badly. You end feeling resentful, trapped and disappointed that people don’t change… Far easier to accept the way folk are and not waste time stressing and go do something more positive instead.

    Thanks for the reminder Matt and next time try warm tea ;) you never know you might like it!!!

  • What a profound self-awakening message. Thank you so much for the advise and constant reminder. Even though we woman should already know about it, but we tend to side track .

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