Make Him Talk Dirty To You

When you’re in the bedroom with a guy you like, what are you feeling?

Arousal, desire, lust… all good things. But in the back of your mind are you also feeling hesitant, timid or unsure?

In today’s video I answer a question about sex and walk you through bringing up dirty talk with a guy (something every guy secretly wants!).

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20 Replies to “Make Him Talk Dirty To You”

  • Well I definitely need more advice on how to talk to men.
    You talk in a way that is very attractive, I think part of it is the accent, but then your tone… I don’t know what exactly but you should do a video on that.

  • Great video as always. Have you ever thought of growing one of those trendy beards?………think it would really suit you :) x

  • I love this topic! One of the things I have learned from you, Matt, is how important it is to make my man feel desired on a regular basis. This is one of the ways that I can express my love for him in a way that makes him feel loved and appreciated. My desiring him makes me more desirable to him — a winning combination!!

  • I learned the value of positive reinforcement in a recent relationship. Every time I did something sexually he liked, he would say, “Yes!” in this sexy voice. It made me feel so good, you can bet I did more of the things that brought out that response from him. Now I hope to give more positive feedback in my next relationship — it could turn him on more, and lead to greater satisfaction for me, instead of us both being a bit uncomfortable while we bumble around with each other, wondering if we are getting it right.

  • I have a question about a guy that I have dinner with occasionally. He’s intelligent, sexy and gets aroused when we kiss but he’s afraid to make the next step. We’re in our forties so not teenagers by any means. I’m very attracted to him but he said since we are neighbors he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship. He definitely doesn’t kiss me like a friend. Should I just back away? I’ve been told I have the 4 B’s….brains(PhD in psychology), blonde, breasts and a nice round butt. What’s wrong with me ? Thank you.

    1. I hope you don’t mind my comment but this cracked me. I think I like naughty talk better then dirty talk

  • Hey. This doesn’t really have too much to do with this post, but I thought that if I put it on your earliest post you might see it. But anyways, ok so I think I’m falling in love with this guy. he’s my brothers friend. And he comes over pretty often and we mess around with eachother. He came into my room the other day while my brother was playin xbox. And he just sat on my bed and he kinda like stared at me. I was watching Kevin hart so I was just sittin there laughing and we played basketball with my brother and his other friend. But like, I really don’t know if he likes me like I really like him. He hasn’t given me his number, and is think it’d be kinda weird to ask my brothers friend for his number. So I never have. And my brother won’t say anything to him about me because he’s afraid if we do get together and then break up, it’s be awkward for him. But I really like this guy please give me some advice on what to do!

    1. Find a way to playfully bring it up like Man I look hot in the jeans…don’t ya think and throw a playful wink at him. You will know in his response and the way he looks at you.

  • I think it’s important to remember like any other part of a relationship there has to be communication. I think too often we expect the guy to know what we want or “we just aren’t compatible sexually” I did have this convo with a girlfriend once and I told her to tell he BF what she wanted and she looked at my like I was crazy. Oh well I guess her sex life won’t ever change just the men in it. :(

  • How important do you think chemistry is in or for a relationship?
    I recently broke up with the guy I was seeing because I felt it wasn’t there and because I only liked him as friends.
    I don’t regret the decision, but i just keep on questioning the fact on how important chemistry is between two people.
    For me personally it is :)

  • I am worried about of the result of this, Matt. In my case, i’m not sure that it went well. I and that guy, we have never met in real life (online dating)…just texting via line about 3 months now. We started with small talk, no sex thing. A little bit flirt and a little bit fantasy but i never gave him 100 percentage of fantasy. Then, it happened about 1 hr ago, he started with the topic of “cuddle” and we had a dirty talk and you know…i gave him 100 percentage of my fantasy. I am worried that what i did is right or not. I AM CONFUSED :( Or the right thing is that when share dirty talk to guy, we need to meet that guy in a person first? Ohh, i am confused.

  • I like this video and talking about the sex in the relationship. I have an issue when talking about sex because I came from eastern society in which talking about sex is not common or sometimes it is bad thing. I am now with a Dutch guy, we met several times for the last three months and we had only one conversation about sex on chat and it was so conservative. We didn’t have sex and we don’t talk about sex. I am totally confused about ‘not talking about sex’ with him. If he really liked me he supposed to want sex. I am little bit shy to start talking about this point with him……. I don’t know……!!!

  • Matt, I have the opposite problem, and I am not alone, my friend has this problem also, me with a young man her with and older man so this is not generational. My guy watches a lot of porn, so does my friends guy! how do we help them move a way from this issue in a gentle manner. I don’t want to always have to rise to the porno behavior. I may just end it if it continues. I know this is a big issue that is just now coming to light and I am not alone. Help!

  • Nicely put Matt, thanks.

    Your clear speech sends shivers throughout me. This is what I want to yell at him, ’cause currently he just mumbles all the time.

    And your advice, as always, greatly appreciated. {we start full on this weekend… I nibble my pen with notes taken and hmmm thoughts}

  • I’ll need to find an Englishman with an accent to comment positively on, Matt! ;)


    Great question – it’s very tough to bring up these topics.


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