3 Simple Ways to Make Tonight Count!

In the video below I talk about one of the things I love most about my new show: that you can go out the very same night and practice what you learnt on the show.

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Well tonight is Friday night. And I want to ask you a simple question:

Are you going to spend tonight analysing, or taking action?

So many times in my events women will spend their time analysing a current situation, instead of figuring out how to go and take action that might bring them a new situation. Or at least figuring out what action they can take in their current one. Analysing is often just another form of waiting, and you know what I say constantly:

At any given moment you are either WAITING or CREATING.

Will you stay in or make something happen? (Photo: AehoHikaruki)

I want to make sure that this Friday night you are out there creating. So here are three ways you can make this Friday night count.

1. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go.

Choose a place to go this evening that isn’t on your normal list of top places to go. Women are always asking me where to meet good men. Well you might just find somewhere with a better quality of man than your average place. At the very least you’ll meet men you don’t bump into usually because you won’t be at your regular. And if it sucks, well it’s one more place you’ve been to that you know not to go to again.

2. Choose one thing you want to get better at tonight.

You may decide your eye contact isn’t great, that your glance needs to be a little sexier, or more prolonged. Great! Focus on that. You may decide you’re really bad at being approachable. No problem. Just spend the night getting closer to the people you’re attracted to, maybe even just saying the word ‘hi!’ when you’re standing next to someone so that they have a cue to start. Just focus on doing one thing better tonight rather than adding 10 new tools to your belt.

3. Introduce rest times.

Treat it like you would treat a productive day at work. You can’t work for 8 hours straight and remain productive the entire time. Nor is it easy to stay out all night and remain sociable and proactive the entire time. Work in 10-15 minutes bursts. Make it a game i.e. “For the next 10 minutes I’m going to talk to people, then I’m going to chat with my friends, dance, relax… whatever”. This is also a good technique for ensuring you don’t look desperate. When you know you’re not going to be chatting to some new guy for the next hour, you look more confident and in control because you know you’re not sticking around.

Question of the day!

What are your plans tonight? And how are you going to try to use them to move forward in your love life? Let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your night lovelies!

Matthew xxx


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49 Replies to “3 Simple Ways to Make Tonight Count!”

  • Hi Matt
    I’m amazed by the skills and knowledge you always present.
    I’m just wondering which course and Uni did you finish?

    Bela xxx

  • Hi,
    Thank you Mathew, I learned a lot. I have a great smile and eyes, but my problem is that I am shy and I attract wrong guys! I have dated tons of men and I haven`t liked them. with each guy, I found a fault. I guess I am scared to get settled down! lol
    Have a great night,

  • OMG what a coincidence! Today is my birthday and I’m planning to hang with my friends at a place completely new!! I needed these words to put an extra effort to make this night memorable! I don’t want to analyze every single situation anymore! I’m tired of being on the background making assumptions on every guys that crosses my path! Tonight I’ll make it official to be a woman who creates opportunities rather than waiting for then to happen! Enough waiting!

    I know my biggest problems when I go out are; first, I feel like I can’t be free and be myself. For some reason I hold back a lot just because I’m afraid to apear crazy to the eyes of the American people! I mean my Latin fire can be very intimidating! Second, for some reason I get very shy when I want to talk with a very attractive guy and so on.. So today I’ll start to live freely! I’m not scare anymore! I’m 23! !! Let’s enjoy life!

    1. OMg me too I’m exactly like you I’m latin and always afraid to appear crazy in the eyes of other people and can never be myself with new guys! Love You have fun

      1. Thank you Hillary! I had a great night and I think as I grow older that shyness goes away! So I pray that one day I’ll have none. :) good luck friend!!

    2. FEAR NOTHING…!!!…., BUT GOD!!!…23…be you , become your best, worry about noone elses opinions…n let that fire side come out!!!

      1. Thank you Kelly! I will! I am already doing it! It’s just a matter of time to get more comfortable about it.

  • I love your enthusiasm. I am definitely a people
    person. I never have a problem chatting with
    strangers. I had to laugh when I saw your comment
    on analyzing a situation. I find I do that because
    I am an investigator work wise so it tends to
    spill over into my personal life but tonight I
    won’t be sitting at home to analyze anything.
    Heading into Boston to meet an old guy friend &
    I haven’t seen in 15 years & meet some new ones. Life
    is just too short to be sitting it out. I have the great guy &
    we have a great relationship but new tips always
    go along way so I make it to our 2 year & more.
    Thanks for this, it’s great.

  • Hey Matt,
    I love your tips – the point is I already have someone I fancy but this guy has a girlfriend now. Any tips for getting him back?

  • I watched your videos and subscribed to get tips from you a few weeks ago but finally,after reading this today I decided to go out with some friends tonight. I tried to keep all your past tips in mind and to practice these “3 ways to make tonight count.” I can’t recall the last time that a guy I just met in public asked me for my number and the first night I really tried your tips, I got asked for my number by 2 different guys!I was feeling so confidant and great! Thank you so much for the help. I’m seriously shocked it is so simple and really worked for me so far! I can’t wait to read your book when it comes out!

  • Hey,

    Where I am kind of interested in maybe going on one of the retreats. Where can I find the cost break down? I live in MN, but am kind of looking at the Florida one in October as the dates are right for my work.


  • I am going out tonight, but deciding with friends/acquaintance where to go – movie for starters.

    I am going to go with the flow, but make better eye contact.
    Wearing a new dress and going for the polished. elegant, sophisticated look. No cleavage wars with this other woman who dresses sleazy. I am going for class :)))

  • Hi!Matt!! Thanks for your tip as always. I don’t think I will master them straight away, but am working at it. Thanks as always!!!x

  • Hi mat i just want to say a big thanks for mentoring me its just that i think to hear from you on phone i have alot to talk about ,thanks once more

  • Hey Matthew,
    Really like your advice. Just pre-ordered your book a few days ago, can’t wait to read it!
    Just wondering, are you ever going to come to Australia to do your live events? :)

    1. Thanks so much Jane!

      Right now we’re setting our sights on the US – one big continent at a time :) But I really hope I can come over in the near future, so stay tuned.


  • Matt,

    I took your advice and ended up changing my plans entirely :P. I ended up on a trip out of town, and then went to my first wine tasting at a local vineyard – I ended up meeting a tonne of awesome people!
    Here’s to a weekend I’ll never forget!


  • hey matt i have been a great fan of yours since well more than 3 years ago and i don’t know, I’m a bit disappointed, not with you or your program, I’m sure it works, but i live in mexico which is literally next to th US and well i can’t get your book, no live events and sometimes not even the small videos you upload…i know because of the language is not easy to open yourself to this market, but there are thousands of mexican women who love you, understand you and most important, need you. please, consider it, the world goes far beyond the US.

  • Thanks for the 3 tips, they’re simple, concrete and most importantly, down to earth. Great way to introduce a change!

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