3 Texts That Make Him Chase You

In this week’s video, I’m going to give you 3 killer texts that show your standards, put you back in control, and double his attraction for you.

Like I said, this secret is hugely powerful.

Use it wisely…

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35 Replies to “3 Texts That Make Him Chase You”

  • Well Matthew, if only I could use all you say and write. Let me explain myself better. Most people in my country left or are leaving. People no longer go out after 06:30 pm because of the violence and insecurity. We no longer go out with friends and meet people, because money is for food. Maybe corrupted people from the regime are dating among them. How can people find love in a country like Venezuela these days? Regards from my tropical “love paradise”

  • Thanks Matthew a great help I sent u a email asking bout something guy on the train always looks but never says anything I don’t know if I should talk to him or just leave it as is cause I might be reading it wrong I really need to know what to do

  • Damn what do I do if I didn’t send anything the day of the disappearance? Any bliss messages I can send the day after?? ☺️

  • Dear Matt, I’ve been listening to your advice for a number of weeks now, I recently purchased your book ‘How to get the guy’ from Amazon, and almost signed up to an online course, but increasingly I’m feeling that your advice isn’t very relevant to my particular case, but I am starting to feel out of my depth. I met a lovely man on a dating site 5 months ago, he’s a few years younger than me, I’m 56 with 3 practically grown up kids, the youngest is 17. Currently getting divorced but separated a few years, and this is my first relationship since my separation. I’m also disabled with arthritis, I need a hip and knee replacement, the hip is being done in a few weeks time. Anyhow, Craig lives 79 miles away, neither of us can drive, we chat almost daily on face book etc, we have lots in common, but so far only managed to meet up once when I stayed with him for a few days. It is very distressing since I feel in love with him, but we are both on sickness benefits. Recently I looked at his history on his face book page and from this I discovered that he had treatment 3 years ago, for Borderline Personality Disorder. I think it caused his short marriage to fail in 2013, although he has 2 grown up sons with another partner from his past. What I’m trying to say is that as good as your advice undoubtedly is, it really seems to me that it suits a particular age group of people, mostly the young, never previously married, and healthy, and also financially sound individuals. I don’t know what advice I could benefit from, Craig is supposed to be coming to see me before long to build some furniture for me before I go into hospital, and I’m longing to see him again, but with so many problems like distance, lack of finances, physical and mental health problems, it is hard to see how to go forward, some of your advice would probably have sparked a fear of abandonment in him, if I’d held back from messaging him to try and make him take the lead for example…He sends messages eagerly for a number of days, and I’m on cloud 9, and then goes all quiet for days on end, not even opening messages I’ve sent him. Recently he explained he’d been suffering depression. He cancelled 3 visits I’d planned, to him, over the summer.He says he really likes me though and wants to see me again, I just don’t know what to do really, and sadly I don’t think you could work this one out either. You’re a lovely young man though, your mum must be proud of you! It’s nice listening to your videos but I wish I felt they were relevant to me….

    1. Hi, I happened upon your comment re. your situation. Although I cannot claim to fully understand what it is like to be involved with BPD, I have lived a lot of life for someone who just turned 30 due to growing up with a parent affected by severe depression, other mental health issues & we now know has evolved into early on-set dementia. I myself have suspected to be Asperger’s since early childhood & feel very lucky to have found someone who loves & understands my quirks & social difficulties.
      Your physical & financial challenges can improve over time, however when faced with someone who is essentially wired very differently from the norm such as Asperger’s & BPD, the only way to love that person is to understand the many twists and turns those wires can take them & be very compassionate without judgement. It is also important to think long term because to be that person’s ‘human’ often requires stronger will & commitment than any relationship between two healthy adults, as being a person outside the norm does create attachment issues which make us more sensitive & nothing hurts more than to have our quirks we can’t control be misunderstood.
      Not to be a downer, of course, but these are serious issues you need to consider for yourself as well & if you are confident you can brave whatever storm he throws at you, great! If not, it may be best for the both of you to give him the space he needs in order to find his unicorn.

  • Hey there! I hooked with my ex a few weeks ago, he said we should gor for drinks the following week.. then on parting at the statio he repated I’ll text you and well go for drinks. The funds are low but..to which I said I could finance that time round..
    I waited the following week to text him “how was your bank holiday weekend, bit quieter? ” Nothing..Rude right? I feel like texting him: are the funds so low you can’t affort to text back?
    Thats cheeky and lighearted but show my standards, courtesy it vital.

  • Two production elements that I find really fun and lovely: having the actors lip sync to Matt’s voice with its adorable accent, and the boku inspired closing screen, with the golden lights against a black backdrop. Matt has a great message, and fittingly he doesn’t throw it up online in the equivalent of a paper bag when it comes to production and visual presentation. The understated but elegant details tell me he has someone working behind the scenes who has the heart of an artist. Imo one of his smarter moves was finding a creative person to put the right bow on his *ahem package lol well done!

  • Hi Matthew, I wanted to say thanks for this site and the info on it. When I was single in my teens and early 20s i found dating pretty easy – I knew how to get guys to like me and respect me. Coming back into dating in my 30s has been a shock! I’ve totally forgotten how to do it, plus there is the extra pressure of seemingly everyone else having married and had kids so dating just doesn’t seem as fun as it used to. But this site has really helped remind me of how I used to find dating fun, and to maintain myself as high value. Glad you seem to be doing well to!

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