Are Men REALLY Turned Off By Intelligent Women?? THE TRUTH!

It’s often believed that there is an unfair bias against those women with high IQ’s in dating. Women are attracted to smart men, they say, but guys feel threatened by women who challenge them too much in the brains department.

But is that stereotype actually true??

In this week’s blog video, I’m going to reveal the 100% honest answer based on my research on men and attraction. If you’re a smart person and have ever felt compelled to hide your knowledge from guys in conversation, then you REALLY need to hear this advice…

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84 Replies to “Are Men REALLY Turned Off By Intelligent Women?? THE TRUTH!”

  • Matt… This is SUCH a good look for you. I’ve never seen you looking so hot! The subtle check in your jacket really makes your eyes pop. Love the studious professor vibe, it’s such a yummy contrast with your physique and pretty face.
    Good comments too!
    Keep up the great work, brainiac…
    PS I hear Brian loves his madeleines.

  • What absolutely floors me is this man’s perspective and way of delivering his research. I know some of us, women, focus on his looks because, well, we have eyes, lol. However, I’m constantly amazed how Matthew becomes my optometrist and gives me a whole new prescription on seeing the world. I’m a moderately bookish woman and have fallen into one of these categories either unintentionally out of sheer excitement for a subject or intentionally out of a place of fear and insecurity. Hopefully, I can get this dial calibrated right for my “next times.”

    Thank you again, Matthew! Fantastic job once again GTG team.

    1. Well that is a subtle rebuke. I’ve commented here about half a dozen times and it’s the first time I’ve said anything personal about Matt. Fact it, it was totally genuine. That’s the best I’ve seen him look and I’m not against paying a compliment where it’s due. Isn’t that one of the things he teaches?

  • Thanks for this Matt. Its good to know there is a difference between being a pompous person and an intelligent person. I’ll be looking out for this. You rock, and keep the good vibes coming. Have an AWESOME week!

  • The only man that I found extremely sexy recently was more intelligent than I. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. However, I feel that I ruined it by showing him my admiration and giving up to his charms too quickly, and now I lost my chances.
    Before, almost always, it was the opposite. Men could be attracted to me but if I didn’t see them as being on the same level, I wouldn’t be interested.
    I wish I could find some happy medium in between these two options one day.

  • Matt! You’ve done it again! Thanks so much for your insight. This particular video made me feel like I’m actually doing everything right! I think social intelligence is something so important and we can’t learn it. And we often forget… People (not just the men we like or want to impress) will remember not what we say but how we made them feel. So thanks for th reminder and thanks for making me feel great today!

  • Thanks for the sharing and could not agree you more on real intelligent people makes other feel good about themselves.
    Just curious on your last point regarding building a life-style that put us in the same venues as intelligent and interesting people?

  • Hi Matt,
    Long time. You look great BTW.
    Great angle on the intelligence question. This applies to both men and women. I believe that the first two toxic kinds of display of intelligence is based in that persons insecurities. A truly knowledgeable and intelligent person uses that knowledge to enlighten others not to put them down. I find that you can have deep and fulfilling conversations with most people no matter the level of education. I would say if you feel you have to prove your intelligence to people you will alienate rather then interest.

  • Matt: Beautifully spoken. I understand where I can come off as each of these forms of intelligent at times depending on my mood. After hearing this, I’ll definitely be more conscious of the way I handle myself in possible romantic and personal situations. Thanks much!

  • Exactly what I need. To be around intelligent people which in my current environment are so few. I need to reach the high caliber population.

  • Yes of course you’ll have to have a social intelligence. But that goes for all most everything when you’re among other people.
    In a classroom, on work, being with friends and/or Family and so on. If you have a social intelligence it will be easier to get in contact with others.
    But that kind of intelligence can have a lot of difference outputs.
    You can be kind, sweet and carrying without “knowing your audience”, but still be a person who people will like to get know better.
    So this doesn’t answer the question wether intelligence scares guys off?
    I will have to say given the modern society, some guys are scared of by intelligent women, because of the gender roles. It can make the man feel like less of a man if the woman show to much intelligecnce, because he won’t be the superior sex – but then Again just a thought :-)

  • I’ve never had it broken down like that and I took notes it’s absolutely amazing I’m intelligent and want someone who is intelligent need to do your point surrounding myself and creating a lifestyle of intelligence and now that I’m a woman of a particular age who didn’t practice this at a younger age I also have a smaller group of people in my pool of options because of my age request to be over 48 years old

  • Yes! You have verbalized something that I have been thinking and feeling for a while. I enjoy your eloquence and simplicity. Genius. Thank you for being honest and for caring.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Intelligence is the key to success to protect from oblivious and to thrive in life. Be nice to people who are not as intelligent as u are.
    P.S. I like ur hair better this way -;) Good Share

  • I love the way you broke this down and explained how one may be perceived. i was once turned down for a job for using ‘too many big words’ and so I definitely grew my social intelligence. I am socially intelligent and my life is oriented to finding just this type of partner-so far no luck but hey-you never know what’s just around the corner.

    1. A precise mental wish will bring you the partner that you’ll appreciate the rest of your life. The key, precise!! Blessings Amy!

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