Everything You Know About Attraction is Wrong

Maybe it’s happened to you before: you knew you kind of liked a guy, but then he did one special move that made your heart do a triple back flip – now you are crazy about him.

How does this happen??

It’s not about fancy tricks, it’s about understanding this secret of deep, lasting attraction…

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  1. Elena says:

    Micro attraction moment… when he sat in a chair next to me in my office and turned his whole body towards me looked down and looked so vulnerable in his attraction to me.

  2. catherine says:

    i knew a guy from online dating…became friends through chatting exchanging our life experiences…he is oldee than me 13 years..first i don’t like him as a partner i am even want to him to escort a auntie of mine…but he said don’t pass me to anyone..it is you i like not any other woman…he started seeing me personally from other country he travel just to meet me for so many times…i saw how serious and clean his intension and how he respect me and i realized that i already liked him…like him not because he has a great job and status in life..i liked him because of how he show me character and behaviour

  3. Trudie Phillips says:

    I am 63…going out with someone for 3 years ..he is not an emotional/touchy/ feely person….but 2 things have happened in the last 3 months which have made me see him differently….and I realised what a kind person he is and what a connection we really do have

  4. Mia says:

    He stayed with me for sometime and he did the dishes. I made him coffee once and put a heartshape chocolate granule topping just to be creative and the next time he made it for us he also did the same. So sweet how he reciprocated my gestures and I didn’t expect how much it made my heart happy. I instantly fell in love with him.

  5. MsChipper says:

    at the last minute, I decided to bring a bottle of wine for us to share on our first date on the beach and that’s when he knew I was someone he could see himself spending his whole life with

  6. sanaz says:

    I had a serious exam which if i passed it i could be medical intern and we had so many troubles in our relationship and used to argue and break but in whole 2 months i was studying whenever i want to be mad and break , he controled me and himself , made me relaxed and afterall warned me that we have time to argue and was taking care of me and my studing all the time .

  7. A says:

    While volunteering to clear the tables of dirty dishes at a friend’s wedding after the second course, the best man got up and offered to leave the head table to go around with my serving partner and I to hold the heavy container and take it back to the kitchen.

  8. Ket says:

    How terrible is it that no one has ever said anything like that to me? I’m 51 years old and have never experienced most of what Matthew discusses as positives.

  9. Arllet says:

    When he told me that his most enjoyable work is when he was a Country manager of a seed company and teaching the farmers how to plant hybrid rice. His other jobs after that are more for heavy industry. I just have soft spot for people who find the values of farmers and treat them well.

  10. Jen Merry says:

    For me it’s when someone actually brings up something I’ve said because to me it shows they are listening to me instead of just hearing me talk

  11. Christine says:

    He told me it was when he had a nosebleed and I told him about the nasal gel that my son uses to help prevent them. He said that told him that I cared.

  12. Christine says:

    We were at a diner when had first started seeing each other. He saw an old military photo on the wall and recognized it as the man behind the counter. The man appeared to have some physical disabilities and couldn’t speak well. My date asked him if the photo was of the other man, shook his hand and thanked him for his service.

  13. Lynique says:

    I would get this fuzzy feeling when I noticed how shy he got when I spoke about something and he would turn a light pink and smile uncontrollably.

  14. Michelle says:

    My ex BF and I were going to a horse thing. I was running out of the house with my gear thinking I was making us late and found he’d gone and loaded my horse and tack in the trailer for me, and secretly poured me a coffee and had it waiting in the truck. AND he was completely relaxed and not concerned about the time. I was floored and completely hooked just like that :-)

  15. Christina says:

    My X hub was embarrassed to cry in front of me during a movie. I was crying so hard and caught him tearing up. I looked over and said it’s beautiful and totally ok if you cry. It shows strength not weakness.

  16. Candy says:

    Every year on the anniversary of my Dad’s death, I get breakfast at McDonald’s. It was a Saturday morning ritual for my dad and me when I was young. A few years ago, I mentioned to the man that I was dating that I was going to McDonalds the next morning and why. That following day, he texted me a photo of a McDonalds bag. He had gone there too, to honor me honoring my dad. It’s probably one of the sweetest gestures anyone has done for me.

  17. Freya says:

    When we went shopping and as we left the shop he automatically took all of my bags out of my hands, and carried them on top of his own bags like it is the most normal thing in the world. He didn’t think or hesitate for a moment, didn’t even stop telling his story. For him it was nothing, for me it was everything. In that moment I fell in love a little bit. :)

  18. Michelle says:

    He told me he is barely 28years old and he was along me for Interior design ideas since he was planning build a bungalow by 29years.

    I just loved how fucused and determined he was.

  19. Sahar says:

    When he realized at our first date that was actually my birthday night. He took me to a coffe shop after dinner. Ordered a sliced cake with candle (secretly..but I knew he did and I didn’t mention it till the cake arrived). Everything after that went beautifully for four months now.

  20. Lavinia mumbala says:

    Showing off my self after love

  21. Bint says:

    Thanks so much Matt for this wonderful work you’ve devoted your time to inorder to make love life easy for women, there is this guy friend of mine I never realised I liked him so much until I heard him help reconcile a couple which heard difficult time in their relationship the way he spoke in a mature manner and presented himself in away I never realised he could I also found out he has helped so many other people in different ways.I realised i am so attracted to him until now I feel he’s the kind of man I would love to have in my life actually my feelings for him have grown beyond just attraction I would love to have him for a life time partner

  22. M says:

    When I told a guy which political party I supported and he read their platform before getting back to me and continuing the conversation. Also, when I cry or soften up – when I don’t just talk from my intellect.

  23. Christine Straub says:

    We met in the community we both live in. We both use the gym and I happened to be in a bootcamp at the time. Shortly after we starting seeing each other he charged into the gym and quickly ran toward me and kissed me. It was the best feeling. He told my world that he liked me, really liked me.

  24. Jes says:

    I am 45, Asian. Maybe due to my babyface,exercise-toned body..i always attract much younger guys. My ex was 10 years younger than me. Recently i met some young guys interested in me. One of them is a 28 years old good looking Chicago ibanker. My heart beats so fast when he’s talking to me.
    But deep inside i am so scared. Dare not to tell them my age (always tell him it’s women secret :)). Worry that they will look at me with disgust and run away. That will be quite embarassing.
    I have decided to quit in this game. Too much pressure

  25. Deborah korang Asomeni says:

    The moment of Attraction was when he came closer to me trying to guide me on how to choose my Carrier and other things like making a decision in life

  26. Dhini says:

    There are many little things that were happening at the same time I guess, when he told me that he bought a bracelet from a child and did not bargain for the price.. when he pulled me by my hand to avoid waves (we were walking at night on the beach).. when he laughed at me when I almost clumsily dropped my eyedrops..

  27. Holly Burnett says:

    I was walking with a guy and stopped to get a drink from a drinking fountain. He reached over and helped me hold my hair long thick hair back. It just struck me as so randomly thoughtful. We’ve been married 24 years.

  28. Stella says:

    Hi matt,
    I remember a time when I was really drawn to someone because he showed keen interest in what I wanted to for a living and set out to support every effort I made towards achieving my aspirations. He saw my happiness to be his happiness too, my sorrows as his sorrows.

  29. GHUNAVATHY says:

    I dont eat beef due to my religous beleife and my date who is not accustomed to this made sure he never order the beef when we having dinners together. Evethough i dont mind of him eating beef yet the thought realy made me fall for him.

  30. Ashley says:

    My Collie is 13 years old. I grew up watching Lassie and had always wanted my dream dog. I achieved that goal
    and I’ve had my dog since he was 5 weeks old. We don’t have much time left together now though. One night while discussing a dog he (an old acquaintance) rescued, I mentioned that I don’t know what I’m going to do when the time comes for my Champ. he said, “I know the pain darling… I’ll be here for you should that time comes but I pray it doesn’t”… Most guys think it’s just a dog or say the wrong things. His comment warmed my heart because he understood that it is painful and I remember thinking, “He’s unique…’He’s Special”…

  31. Emma says:

    I was with this guy I’m seeing and at the end of a lovely night he drove me home and walked me to my front gate. At this point he bent down and very gently kissed my forehead and lent his against mine. It was such a gentle gesture that I couldn’t help be be more attracted to him.

  32. Roe says:

    My friend whom I was dating had arrived at my house and I was busy spending time inside my barn. I had warned my 12 yr old daughter not to play near the prickly bushes because they had fuzzy and prickly seed pods that would stick to everything. Outside my barn I could hear her and my friend talking. She was crying softly so I came out to investigate. Before I made an appearance from the barn, I came upon an image that would stay with me forever. My daughter had very long straight hair and she apparently went too close to those prickly bushes, but here was this big, strong man painstakingly taking every strand of her hair and gently removing the thorns. He hadn’t called for me to take care of it. He took it upon himself to help her. That moment in time made my heart do a double take, and I knew then I had found a good man.

  33. Kirby Ritter says:

    He is a 2x veteran. I was driving us to a movie and stopped to give money to a homeless vet. He said his heart melted at that moment because i didn’t stop to question if the guy was real, i just acted because I saw a need. He said “I have been looking for someone like you my entire life”

  34. Emi says:

    My boyfriend at the time did not usually show so much affection for kids. One time we got to pick up my 5 year old brother from kindie and he was so responsible and caring, holding his hands and making sure he does not run off everywhere. I never forget that moment.

  35. Victoria says:

    I have not had that feeling in my life.

  36. Yusmine says:

    As I was driving us to our date night, he was on his cell phone taking a call. Which it didn’t bother me but he caught me off guard by grabbing my hand all the way to our destination even after he finished his call. I felt so reassured and confident an unexpected feeling that I never knew existed.

  37. Danita says:

    I had started to stay a few nights at the guys house who I am seeing . He wouldn’t wake me but let me sleep. I would wake up and find him outside watering and taking care of his rose bushes. His dog would be outside with him and his dog would let him
    know when I was awake. He would cut off a really nice looking rose and trim the leaves and give me the rose.We both love roses. I never had anyone to give me a rose that is nicely trimmed from his rose bushes. Each time I thank him for a rose our eyes lock for a minute or two.

  38. Luana Gheorghe says:

    When the guy kiss me on my forehead,my hair…this is lovely

  39. Jemima says:

    It is very true I have experience some before the way he talk and how he looks at me made me go crazy, we are no more but the feelings is still there what should I do to forget about him.

  40. Enia says:

    It was when after we had wild sex, before he got up to get dressed he kissed me on my forehead.
    It was when the next morning he made me a special coffee.
    It was when we were just chatting and he pulled something out of my hear so gently.
    It was when I first went to his place, he warmed up his bedroom because he knew I prefer warm rooms.

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