Everything You Know About Attraction is Wrong

Maybe it’s happened to you before: you knew you kind of liked a guy, but then he did one special move that made your heart do a triple back flip – now you are crazy about him.

How does this happen??

It’s not about fancy tricks, it’s about understanding this secret of deep, lasting attraction…

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Lynda says:

    Yes! You are right Matthew the little things do mean alot. You have an old thinking head on young shoulders! People are too caught up in material thing nowadays, but when you need someone by your side that don’t mean a thing! I Was on a date once where a guy pushed my bright pink trolley for me,and that was one of those moments. It made me laugh too! Look foolish for me!! Yes! we have alot to offer if we dig deep and character is important. You have enlightened me in this material world we live in!

  2. Brenda Cathy says:

    The time I visited him in his house n he had cooked for me nicely .and in a romantic way hi sung for mi

  3. Deb says:

    He was a divorced father of two children and when he spoke of his relationship with them from birth until now ( preteens ) my heart melted. I knew he was for real.

  4. Jo says:

    When a guy comes round to see you but stops to have a conversation with your parents first. Not just to greet them, but is interested in what they have to say and doesn’t feel awkward.

  5. Tatiana says:

    I wrote a blog post where I shared my most personal deep thoughts and feelings about a subject. Almost everyone who I thought would appreciate it and support me actually criticized me a bit disrespectfully for my way of thinking. This guy not only didn’t criticize me, he thanked me warmly for the fact that I shared my outlook with him and said that my point of view was very much appreciated, interesting, enriching and valuable. And even though as it turned out later, he himself had a different opinion on the subject, the fact that he respected so much my right to be different and also found my perspective unique and enriching, made me incredibly attracted to him.

  6. Nina says:

    Thank you Matt for your video and support.
    I felt very special when the guy I liked texted me with news that he’s very happy about his work and shared with me his emotions. He also told me that I’m the first he announced it to. It really touched me.

  7. Sharon Smith says:

    He had spilt sunflower seeds and was cleaning them up but kept spilling them everywhere we both were laughing bout it it was the way he looked up at me every time they spilt out the attraction was so strong after that day

  8. Pála says:

    When a guy I liked tried to pronounce words in my mother tongue

  9. Dian says:

    What drawn to him and he drawn to me is giving support, sharing ideas and feeling and faith. be involved with each other, support him and listen him also when he listened me

  10. Marie says:

    We were going out on our second date. He picked me up so he would have more time with me chatting in his car on our way to his favourite restaurant. On the highway, we witnessed a 5 car pile up accident, in fact he himself had to brake suddenly to avoid crashing into the car in front of us. As we drove past the crash, he stopped the car and told me he was a trained first aider and wanted to make sure the people involved in the crash were all ok before we drove off. That moment was when he pulled at my heartstrings, the fact that he was genuinely worried about the welfare and safety of total strangers.

  11. Lisa Tidmas says:

    My guy always returns our empty glasses to the bar on leaving, he told me, he felt it would make life a little easier for the 1 person who probably felt undvalued at work, in the moment they would have to go collect them.❤ keeper!!

  12. Vimbai says:

    Thanks Matt for the great video. For me it’s when the guy I was on a date with literally told me he never went to school, for me that was so honest. I mean I was shocked with how he was straight up with me, I mean everyone tells a girl they have major academic qualifications just so as to impress them. I found his honesty attractive.

  13. Erika says:

    We were having lunch, and I was telling him a health problem my brother was going through and how my family and me felt about.

    After that I was telling him that I had to be strong in front of my family and he said you know what I want a woman who is a good person instead of having a successful woman, a woman who feels, who is sensible, and you have strong character.

    I can say this is a micromoment.

  14. Karen says:

    This is great Matthew and I can think of many moments like this. However, and feeling a bit bad raising a bit after such a positive piece, what about those moments of unattraction? The moments where you think “oh! I don’t like that?”. If moments of micro attraction are so important are moments of micro unattraction as important? Are they red flags or are we being picky?
    Love your work and it’s helping me enormously – can’t believe I have been doing ALL the things you recommend we don’t do! But I’m learning now so thank you.

  15. Cristina says:

    My grandpa was really sick and in the hospital. I didn’t want anyone outside my family to know… he came by my work and we started talking I was about to cry and he got closer and hold me so tight. That was it. It was all I needed.

  16. Sandra says:

    my boyfriend works in another state for now!! He told me I bought my airplane ticket to be with you next weekend for your birthday.

  17. Laura Holt says:

    This guy took me to a movie that he really wanted to see. In the middle of the movie I got cold. He noticed and excused himself. A moment later he draped his jacket over my lap. He’d left the movie he wanted to see to run out to his car to get his jacket for me. It was so incredibly thoughtful.

  18. Susan says:

    I was dating several men but while on a date with one of those special gentlemen I experienced my micro attraction moment. While walking into a lovely venue downtown a homeless man paused and requested assistance. My date reached into his interior coat pocket, gave the stranger an envelope, shook his hand and wished him well. After this exchange I asked my date what was in the envelope; he said nothing but reached into his coat pocket again and pulled out an identical envelope and handed it to me. The envelope contained gift cards to three restaurants downtown, a certificate for a hotel room, a gift card to a drugstore, the phone number to request housing assistance, $20 cash and a note that said…”You Deserve!”
    Stunned and overwhelmed I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with his respectful kindness.
    Thank you Matthew for sharing your goodness!!! You have helped me more than I could possibly say!

  19. diana young says:

    matt,the meaning of your video is so important.i learned something i never knew , Microattractions is certainly the basis of my story, someone i shared 8 yrs of life with had four major moments of devotion and character towards me that now i see so clear. 1st was with the loss of my mother, a hummingbird ,its sign ,and this man knowing before i did that I was being prepared to be alone with my mom as she took her last breath. i met him july 26th my mother passed sept 26th 2 months in to our dating,, , 8 yrs later we together lost a best friend on sept 26th, the person was a childhood friend of mine, and his best guy buddy years later. 2nd.was taking my son across country wth his best friend to college in california, i was a single mom never without my son in 18 yrs of his life i was with him every moment a stay at home mom working from home, the 1st night back to indiana i was to be alone without my child for the 1st time ever, he had gone to his house on our return back from taking the kids to california, 1 hr later my doorbell rang, i was shocked as i opened the door to see him standing on the porch, i asked did he forget a bag,he kindly said, this is your 1st time alone in 18 yrs without zach, i couldnt let you sleep alone tonight. that moment i knew i would love him forever no matter if we stayed together, he would hold my heart always.3rd i was in a horrible motorcycle accident, we had not dated in two years he was told at his work, and left work to come straight to my side, i didnt remember much of the moment, but months later he came and got me and my wheelchair and took me on and outing to Halloween shop because we both loved it, he pushed me around, helped me even in the girls bathroom and held door open to come get me. 4th, my father passed the next year, he drove from our motorcycle shop as the funeral home sent their people to get our father from home threw hospice, the funeral homes unit to place him inside the vehicle got stuck, he went to the ground fixed what was wrong as my brothers and i stood in tears and helped them load my father, this man has stood so high in character its beyond words the blessings i feel for having him in my life during 5 years of uphill days.I guess it would be clear to say i have major Microattractions for this soul ill always love..

  20. Melonie says:

    When he looked at me the 1st morning after and said you don’t need makeup to make you beautiful to me.

  21. Kareen Hamilton says:

    When he ask me to come and visit and he pay for the bus and the hotels and my time there I think that was attraction because guys that I did with always wanting me to do all those things I find I was attractive..

  22. Cecilia Jones says:

    When he told me about a charity he was deeply involved in.

  23. Sharon Robinson says:

    He heard my son was in the hospital and called right away . Then the next day as I was leaving the hospital he asked me to stop by he hugged me for a really long time and I needed that . I really want this man’s love . I want to be his .

  24. valerie says:

    i like the video. i agree that money and how many followers mean nothing. i would rather have those other things you mentioned.

  25. Donna Grenek says:

    I was on a Saturday date, he turned a corner, when suddenly he slowed down and pulled to the curb. He got out and lifted the windshield wiper to free a little butterfly that had gotten stuck. Instantly my heart was stuck!

  26. Susanne says:

    When the Guy I just started dating said his son falls asleep better when he let him fall asleep on his arm.

  27. Karen Hepburn says:

    Great vid Matthew. My micro attraction was before our first date he offered to come to the door with his umbrella for me so I wouldn’t get wet.

  28. Pamela J says:

    When he was struggling with his camera and was embarrassed to ask me for batteries cause his was dead. Then had to ask me to put them in. Cause his 8yr old son was getting ready to pick his volunteer pumpkins from a pile of dirt he brought me. They both were sooooo excited about how many and how BIG those pumpkins were! You would have thought he was 8 yrs old himself… :-)

  29. Kim Bishop says:

    I had just started dating this guy when we came out of the bowling alley and he ran across the street without saying a word to me. I could see he went to help a woman that was trying to load furniture into the back of a truck by herself. He spent a few minutes loading it all up for her, a complete stranger. When he came back he apologized for running off with out saying anything, and he thought I might be mad. I was so impressed with his strength and generosity, I was hooked.

  30. Radical says:

    When I was a student I was doing the sound on a show when one of the actors came up and started chatting me up but I didn’t think much of him and as I was in the middle if a task I didn’t engage much. Days later, I heard him sing and it wasn’t that he was a good singer that I liked but that he sang the song in the way that I would have sung it and expressed it just as I would have and that’s when I fell for him. Unfortunately he had moved on and was chasing and eventually went out with someone else. I had missed my chance.
    This scenario has happened to me time and again since then.

  31. The_Paradoxical_Nerd says:

    There’s this guy whom I’ve only seen as a friend with benefits for almost 14 years. Whenever I had broken up with a bf, I would unintentionally see him in unexpected places. From there we’ll rekindle until such time when any one of us would find another serious relationship. Recently, we went out on a date. Since we were using my car and he’s driving, I joked and said that he has to drive well and not hurt my car. He just nodded. Until we exited the freeway and I realized that he was driving very cautiously. I told him that it was only then that I realized that he’s a cautious driver. He said, “Because you told me to.” I remembered when we were younger, we were driving through a road with trees lined up on the sidewalk. It was a lovely afternoon then. He slowed down, turned the music to Enya, opened the window on my side, and told me look up to the sun and just bask myself on how beautiful that day was. These little things that he does for me makes me wonder why we never pursued our relationship into something deeper. But these also proves why we remain friends for 14 years…

  32. Goldie says:

    I was waking down my block with a guy I was seeing, and at the top of the street, there were a bunch of envelopes strewn across the pavement. I bent down and picked up all the mail and put it in the right mailbox. I didn’t think it was such a big deal, but the guy never forgot, still mentioning it every so often.

  33. Michelle says:

    My first boyfriend carried a box of books and magazines that I had bought at a book sale

  34. Janna says:

    The moment I felt that deep attraction was when we were at a nice restaurant and my caesar salad came out without croutons. I mentioned this but didn’t make a big deal about it at all. The next thing I knew he took about half of his croutons from his house salad and gave them to me. This kind gesture meant so much to me. This coupled with the look of innocent generosity created that little “fluttery” feeling we all look for in a relationship. He is one of the kindest and most real people I know.

  35. Paloma says:

    I was walking ahead of the group after our college basketball team won, and high-fiving everyone (as you do) when one man wouldn’t let go of my hand. He ran up front to forcefully remove the man’s hand from mine and walked me away from the situation. He asked if I was okay, and later at home, did not even bring up what happened. The last part is what got me.

  36. Vanja Schoch says:

    I was doing volunteerwork one summer and was put in tents with all the other volunteers. In the course of the summer I hooked up with a guy there and when I started staying over in his tent, he rearranged all the furniture in there so we could have a cozy little love nest.

  37. ANITA says:

    I was attracted to my boyfriend on a whole other level when I asked him to come over bc i needed to talk w/ him about something important to me. Even tho he’d just gotten home from work, he was here in 30 min and listened to what I had to say, without having any preconceived responses ready. He teared up when I asked him for how he was feeling about what I had shared, which so endeared him to me, I was almost lost.

  38. Autumn says:

    He took me on a hike for one of our first dates. He picked a blossom from a tree, handed it to me and said, “Here. First flower of the year.” I still have that flower almost a year later.

  39. Tammy says:

    He brought me coffee at home before work just to see me and give me a hug. He still does it now when he can.

  40. Maya says:

    I’ve been dating this guy for a few weeks and I wasn’t too sure about him until his friend told me how he had helped his friend’s wife, he rode on his bicycle in the pouring rain to help her when she was unwell and it melted my heart. The fact that he hadn’t mentioned it to me either made me even more attracted to him. Hot and humble 2 unique pairings :)

  41. Julianne McGrath says:

    I’ve definitely been hit with the Microattraction spell.

    I recently stayed over at a guys place after we met and when I came back from the shower he had prepared me with some coffee and breakfast and said he had to leave but I could take my time to head out, but before he left for work he asked if I wanted him to start my car for me. I was already touched by his thoughtfulness of making sure I was caffeinated and fed, but also was sweet enough to take some time out of his morning to start my car. Even though it seems so trivial. I felt was so unbelievably happy that someone asked and wanted to do that for me. I knew that morning that I wanted to keep seeing this guy.

  42. Ruth Lowry says:

    I am so drowning to this guy from my church. I think he’s the sweetest guy ever. He’s really really quiet and is just so hard to start a conversation with him. People like that, how do you approach them about your feelings towards them?

  43. Jennifer says:

    Mine: The moment that got me was when he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to dance at a bon fire after everyone had left…
    His: The next night, he invited me to another bon fire, same thing happened but he kissed me and we lost our balance and we tripped and landed on the ground and we just laughed… he told me that he fell for me at that moment, literally! Lol

  44. Veronica says:

    I was at his house and I said, as a joke, that I had to buy some slippers because i was coming to his house more often. So the next day he picked me up, I saw that he had a bag in the back sit but I didn’t ask what it was. We entered his house, he left the bag on the floor in the living room and I went to his room, he went to the bathroom. One minute after his mother was asking “what is this?” . She thought it was mine, so I went to see and She got the slippers out of the bag. I didn’t understand at first. And than it hit me. I went to the bathroom with a big smile asking him if it was for me and he act like he didn’t know what I was talking about until he opened the door. You right. It’s the little things

  45. Liza says:

    I’m in love with teacher. I don’t know it is attraction or love at first sight. But I want him badly. He is always on my mind. I don’t know anything about him even I don’t is he single or committed. I don’t care at all. I just want him. But I don’t know how to show him my feelings and make him attracted towards me too. Help me please.

  46. Nikky says:

    The way he speaks about the things that he’s passionate about – it displays his incredible intelligence in a manner that doesn’t come off as arrogant or superior. It’s rather humbling, actually, to be around someone so driven to dive head first into a subject and just soak it all up.

  47. Lauren says:

    Yes! Love this concept! More on this topic please.

    We got in our first fight. It was over the phone. We hung up awkwardly knowing we were both still mad. I called back 15 minutes later to attempt to fine calm resolution. He was able to step away from the emotions of the situation with me and problem solve a solution for the future in which we both admit a challenges and committed to working on them as a team

  48. Sal says:

    loved this Matt. Thank you. Mine was when ‘new man’ went out to fix my broken rear view mirror without me knowing – a small thing maybe, but it was distressing me and i didn’t have time to take it to a garage. I had real butterflies in my stomach. I knew then he would be in my life for a very long time.

  49. Ea says:

    I was doing a bartender course in London.

    one of our instructors came off as an arrogant prick, or at least that was my first impression of him.
    he was teaching us the flair part or show part of bartending, and the first time I watched him practice his own routines for the upcoming competition, I just melted! never ever have I been drawn to someone like that, the happiness, passion, and determination was just glowing off of him, even now 2.5 year later, thinking of that moment still makes me smile from ear to ear :)

  50. Sarah says:

    My boyfriend told me how attractive he found me after I put together a 3D wooden puzzle which I had never seen before but someone else had left on the table undone.

  51. Lisa says:

    This does resonate.

    A guy recently stayed over the night after we met and when I came back from the shower he had prepared some breakfast (that he brought when he had to leave earlier to check out of his hotel room) which was already pretty sweet but the moment that really put a big smile on my face was when I looked into the bag of bread buns and ALL of them were already cut in half by him… ^_^

  52. Audrey says:

    I was at a restaurant once with my then boyfriend. Our waitress was beautiful and I told her she was absolutely gorgeous and she smiled and thanked me then took our order. My boyfriend told me that night he loved that I noticed the little things and that I was confident enough in who I was to lift people up. I thought all he would notice as well was our hot waitress haha so we both benefited from that moment!

  53. Isabella says:

    I knew when I saw how he interacted with the kids in the production where I first met him. Also just the way he makes whomever he is talking to feel important.

  54. Lynn Wilson says:

    I recently went on a date that was beyond expectations! I knew from the photos he posted on the dating site and the descriptive words he used in his profile, that he was my ideal date. I had thought of this over and over before the first date and when I arrived , searching the room with my eyes, the initial impact was magical when our eyes met…his smile was genuine and inviting . We stated before the date, what type of outfits each would be wearing and I found him almost immediately. His smile spoke volumes…the best moment was, when we simultaneously stated to each other, that we were comfortable and felt like we have always known each other…somewhere in time… that was so special and I will never forget that moment.
    Sadly , although we totally hit it off together, a prior girlfriend, came back into his life and he said he had to go …even though he broke it off with her months before. I am sad..and miss him everyday. We spent a month together and funny how I just know that he is who I’ve been looking for, for so long… and I do believe he will be back!

    • Gaby says:

      Aw, you made me tear up :'( However, I also do believe he will be back, just because of your description of how you guys had those magical moments (vs. someone he already broke up with once) Fingers crossed for you!

  55. Gwynneth says:

    Hi Matthew thanks for your excellent advice & videos. Really liked this one. For me it happened when the guy I was talking to told me that his friend was going through a tough time and he was going to visit him & just spend some time with him. It really increased the attraction for me as I value friendship a lot & it’s also something I have done many times with my friends. It was encouraging to see that men do this too. Another moment was when he said WOW. When I told him about an instrument I played when I was younger. It really felt like he was in awe of me & no guy has ever done this before

  56. Celina Jacob says:

    I really appreciate this message, I was about making same mistake with my relationship by telling my boyfriend am not educated like him that what if he finds someone better than me he was so angry with me for saying that

  57. Akshata says:

    Hi, i am a dancer and i wish to dance after marriage.I just saw his pictures and got his contact.. so i was chatting with him for the first time. And on 1st day only he was taking so much interest in my dance videos. He appriciated and that was the moment i felt that he could be the person i m looking for…. thanku matthew… ur videos are helping many women in positive way like me. M grateful to you… thanx a lot

  58. Megan says:

    Two things: When I am talking to him, he listens so intently, like I am the only person in the world. Secondly, when the topic of his family came up, he started to talk about his youngest sister and how she is so mature and that she is an inspiration to him. Then he started to tear up. In that moment, I knew he was a man with the values that I desire.

  59. Heather Deane says:

    I knew I had met someone different and special when he asked me about my future. No other man had before, in fact my ex refused to discuss the past or the future. Someone who was interested in learning about my future became so much more attractive to me.

  60. Rachel says:

    The way he looked at me

  61. Cari Brizendine says:

    When he apologized for being distant
    And in a bad mood. Tjat it wasnt my fault and he didnt want me to think it was.

  62. Sharmila says:

    I felt really attracted to guy whom I was meeting for second time. After a not so fun evening as planned and anticipated by both of us, he was concerned if I reached home well. He felt sorry about the way it went.

  63. Emma says:

    Makes perfect sense. I went to have a shower to get ready for a night out and whilst I was in there, he had taken the dress that I was wearing that night out of my suitcase and laid it on the bed neatly for me. Thoughtful and interesting!

  64. Amber says:

    When my boyfriend and I first started dating he always got up first and brought me breakfast in bed and packed a lunch for me for work that day. I always thought that was the sweetest thing.

    He says one of the things I did that he always found attractive is that I offered to put sunscreen on his back when we would go to the beach.

  65. Juanita Florez says:

    I was invited to a wedding and I told the guy I was seeing to come along. We had so much fun but the specific moment was when we were going out from the party to our room and the grand ma of the bride was there and he just talked to her like he knew her and joked with her in a really sweet moment.

    The other side.. when I listened to him and payed attention to his problems maybe not to solve them or help him solve them but just hear him out and support him. That was the moment for him

  66. Kris Todd says:

    We live in Florida Keys. My stepdaughter, her mom, bother and infant sister and stepdad lost everything! Their home, my stepdaughters car, etc. the family was split up in different homes. The stepdad was sleeping in a camper outside their home trying to protect what was left of their things. Stepdaughter was here with us. Her mom was with her sister, with a newborn. And her brother was at friends houses, or with his dad in the camper. The stress of the family being separated was tearing everyone apart.
    I take care of a vacation home for a child hood friend of mine, who lives a few hours north. I asked her if my step daughter and her family could stay at her home, until FEMA could come down here, or until they could figure something out?? She said absolutely, my friend said that it was a wonderful thing for me to ask and get them a place.
    I didn’t tell my boyfriend that I had talked to my child hood friend. So I asked my boyfriends ex wife to come over to the house. She came over and I explained that I watch a house for a friend, I then handed her the key to the house, and said she is willing to let you and your family stay until you can figure things out!! At that moment the ex wife eyes filled with tears and we cried together and we-hugged and then she almost fell to the ground! My boyfriend then came up behind us both hugging all three of us and he was crying too!! After she left, He said baby that’s exactly why I fell in love with you! Your always looking out for others and you make me want to be a better person!!

  67. Linda says:

    I was with a guy, he was driving through a parking lot, when a gust of wind knocked a frail old man right over. Without hesitation, he put his car in park, jumped out and ran to assist the elderly man. Not only did he help him up but he treated him with respect so the mans dignity remained intact. I was impressed and amazed but he acted like he hadn’t done anything. I married him several months later. That was 35 years ago.

  68. Earlene Dowell says:

    The guy I was seeing was really into Fantasy Nascar that I would watch with him. I would go to the bathroom and come back and he would have a pillow and blanket on the coach beside him for me to be comfy. While watching I would pay attention to his ranking in his league and call out his stats and he would say to me smart is so sexy.

  69. Sherry says:

    I had only had 2 dates with a guy and felt very attracted physically. He had just started a bathroom remodel project and a few days after the second date, I sent him a couple of links with image ideas and purchase places that matched his theme. He was SO surprised and complimentary that I had taken the time to do it. THAT was a big thing…that he understood my giving heart…..:)

  70. Emily in wonderland says:

    We went out last week for buying some gifts to my family and went to a fountain pen store. He’s very into that area and knows more than me. We had a great shopping there and went to a café to check our groceries. Days later he told me, while he saw me filling new ink for his newly bought pen, he suddenly felt very sexy and wanna hug me at that moment. He said he feels happy and don’t know why and it’s actually just an intellectual activity, nothing strange. He said, he never thought he’ll share his lonely interest w a woman in this life, he always does it by himself. Probably this is what you’re saying.

  71. Signe says:

    When I got a kitten last summer, I spent a lot of time with her and took care of her and she followed me wherever I went. (ex. she always sat on my feet and licked herself while I brushed my teeth). Whenever my boyfriend noticed that the cat showed me love or that I was kind to the cat, he often took me in his arms and told me that he loved me :)

  72. Anna says:

    When a guy was talking so passionately about the wine shop that impressed him and how much he appreciated every little detail that was put in to a shop as if it was a museum; he was going over small tiny details that were perfect about that wine shop – the way the prices were carved out on the wood, the order in which the bottles were arranged, and stuff like that. It was sooo attractive because it showed how much beauty he sees even in little things like that and how passionate he was about the details…

  73. Karryanna says:

    My moment was when we had been to see the Christmas lights in London and we were in apacked bar. My boyfriend was waiting to order drinks so .. I was standing behind him .., I put one arm around him and leaned my head on his back and then he reached back and took hold of my other hand.. oh Matt . this made me melt. Such a small gesture but so intoxicating

  74. Claire vioent says:

    Laughter.mutual, Similanetious.The sexiest standard to live by, surduced with the “complimentary medicine”,

    It’s like lightening..( hot fuzz style)
    Trick is to keep the Grid alit with tht electricity.

  75. Vivien Lawrence says:

    We were on our way to dinner (our first date) and as I stepped out of the taxi he took my hand and didn’t let it go until we sat down at our table.

  76. Karin says:

    Hi Matthew
    First I’d like to thank you for the fantastic fun videos and advice you always provide.

    You asked to describe a micro attraction moment in this video.

    For me, this happened a couple of weeks ago. I was meeting my boyfriend in the morning, he didn’t have a lot of time and he had a bad back. I asked him if he could drive me to my surgery as I had to drop of something. He did without any hesitation and with pleasure. That’s when I fell in love properly, I sort of was but wasn’t sure whether he felt the same. Well, I needed have worried. I wrote him a sweet thank you text telling him how special he made me feel at that precise moment and that I felt this huge wave of love and desire wash over me like a wave.

    He didn’t get back to me straight away, as a matter of fact, it took him the whole weekend! I panicked and thought I’d he’d done a runner. I was so miserable but deep down I know he loved me but never told me. But I could see it in his eyes, the love in his eyes was so obvious.
    Anyway, he finally replied on Sunday evening. He told me he felt so overwhelmed and he actually did think of doing a runner, he said he gasped after reading my text.

    He told me he fell in love the first time he saw my picture and when we met for the first time when he walked into my house! It was then that I realised also that we had this amazing attraction for each other but it took me until that micro attraction moment to really fall in love with him. I told him that I love him too and it’s the most wonderful feeling. I never thought that I would experience love again at this time in my life, I’m nearly 64! He’s 50! How about that!

  77. Rosa says:

    I went for a walk along the seafront one winter afternoon with a guy I was dating. Afterwards when we went to the pub for a drink he revealed that he had brought a torch with him just in case it had got dark whilst we were out. Such a small thing but his being prepared protective instinct was just so attractive.

  78. Iris says:

    I worked in a small retail store which was crowded at the time with people buying Christmas presents. A 5 y/o came in on his own with a 5€ bill clutched in his small sweaty hand. He looked overwhelmed by so many people and must have felt completely lost. My boss spotted him immediately, said “excuse me” to his clients and asked him how he could help him. The kid showed him the money and whispered that this was what he wanted to spend on a present for his Mom, but he didn’t know what to get. So my boss went through the whole store, showed him his recommendations for Christmas presents, let him choose one and wrapped it up nicely for him. Only when the boy had left the store, beaming with happiness, he got back to the other customers. Fell in love instantly :)

  79. Ngozi igbidu says:

    This is truth before I woke up he has prepared break fast and served me on my bed

  80. Theresa Kim says:

    I met retired marine about 8 months ago when I accidentally sent a text to the wrong number. We texted for about a week and we decided to go out for coffee. When he came to my house for the first time, he was sitting in my living room and my cat curled up on his chest. He was so gentle and tender with her. I couldnt help myself. I just to stopped and watched him from the other room. Even after all these months, I still watch him out of the corner of my eye and am touched every tiime he is sitting in my living room petting my cat just like he did the first time we ever met.

  81. Carolyn Singer says:

    Have been following Matthew’s scripts and his advice for awhile. Met a great guy 6 months ago.

    He is so good looking and way out of my league it seemed.

    My good girlfriend had a leg op and is in crutches. One day we were sitting around and she got up and wobbled and fell. My man leapt up, dropped his drink in mid flight to catch her before she hit the ground.

    I was so impressed. He has his own back issues and still thought selflessly of catching her.

    I’m so lucky to have him.

  82. Katrina Brink says:

    I agree with this 100% Matthew. I’ve followed you for years now and so appreciate your authenticity and speaking honestly to women about what really matters.

    About 3 months ago I met a guy, from the UK actually, who completely made me fall for him on a second date. It’s been going incredibly well ever since and is a more fulfilling and amazing relationship than I could have ever dreamed of.

    The first moment of micro-attraction I had for him was on that second date when he invited me to a holiday market at an art gallery. He was genuinely interested in speaking with and engaging with one of the artists there (a bearded Santa-looking man in his 60’s), and totally geeked out with him over a wooden puzzle of all things. Seems so weird, but we had such a wonderful time just looking around at the beautiful things, and he had a sincere appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship. We just so enjoyed spending that time together and I so appreciated how he interacted with people and truly valued them. He’s playful and fun, and there have been millions of moments of micro-attractions ever since. Your video today rings completely true for me.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  83. Megan says:

    While we were dating, one night my ex divulged that a few nights before, while he I were out, a woman approached and hit on him at the bar. He responded by pointing at me and said I’m with that gorgeous woman.

  84. Theresa says:

    love it- so right on!
    When he opened the fridge and it was obvious he’d thought about being able to prepare a meal or two or three while I was visiting…while camping and HE said I’ll be right back with the coffee and cups…..while at the beach and he spontaneously scooped me up and carried me over the dune….when he took the hair dryer out of my hand and offered to finish drying my hair….when he called to say good night versus sending a text…these are not all the same person but special moments that may me pause and smile from over the past year

  85. Mirabelle says:

    When the man I was seeing, became interested in the activities that I enjoyed, and while doing them he would often ask if we can just take a moment to soak it all in.

  86. Debbie says:

    Attraction to a guy who repeatedly demonstrates random acts of kindness.

  87. Kaniz Fatima says:

    Thank you for this amazing video!!!
    I felt attracted to a guy, who was just a friend, because of similar interests like books on personal growth,and challenges in our life.

  88. Ela says:

    What a wonderful video! Thank you!
    It’s the things that he didn’t do (unlike what other guys would do). I guess it makes him unique that way. For example, I met a guy and he asked me to dance with him. While we were dancing, he asked me what were my favorite places in the city(it was my first time visiting because of a conference and we just met that night). So, I actually don’t know him well yet but his question made me think of the exciting places I had visited. When ever I express myself, I normally use my hands. When I get excited, my hands get busy so I accidentally squeezed his hand and his arm as I was telling him about those places. Remember, I was dancing with him? It was a slow dance! Instead of hearing a comment, he just continued to smile and did not say anything. He was calm and happy the whole time eventhough I was slightly embarrassed at myself. Because he did not say anything, I felt safe and stopped feeling embarrassed. I enjoyed dancing with him the whole night. Until now, we still keep in touch.

  89. Donna says:

    I was drawn to the man I am currently dating because of the way he spoke about his adult children which echoes the way I am with mine and how important they are to both of us…..massive turn on that family is so important to him. In addition his integrity with clients…going the extra mile to ensure they are really happy with the service…..again same as me. I know my happiness will be very important to him.

  90. Ellana says:

    There was this one time I was with a guy and it was our first date. I made the first move, by gently holding his hand. He smiled so that’s what told me that he had an immediate attraction to me. I find that microattraction is incredibly important, especially when you are making a first impression on someone. Sadly, it didn’t last, cause I somehow scared him off. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, I will continue to pay particular attention to it, in my future.

  91. Sibel Ercan says:

    I think this is the one the best videos I’ve watched of you. This is not just about the script, also due to how it is visualized. Animated characters are from different nations, colors, and this matches with the root idea of the topic. Also its text obeys the rules of reference system. I wish to believe in appearance isn’t important, but it is in reality generally. Of course this is not enough, it has a value and this can be about cultural differences. As I see in some realy civilized Western countries, men are relatively more respectful and give value different qualities. I would like to express some other thoughts about your persona, but unfortunately I need to improve and write my PhD thesis. Hopefully soon…

  92. Dodo says:

    I just met someone at a party , we haven’t talked allnight but we have spent the night looking at each other and exchanging cute looks. At the end of the night, I asked him for his Facebook profile. We talked the day after. The first thing he told me is that he was amazed at how confident I appeared, that he couldn’t tell if he was more attracted to my energy that night or my smile. This made me feel more attracted to him. Men usually compliment me on my body or how I dance or what I am wearing. But to see that a man really took the time to follow every step I made that night and was interested not at the material but the spirit is so exciting and attracting. Next date : we spent the hole night talking and he never stoped looking at me in the eyes even though I was were something really sexy . ( I have tried to use a lot of your love tricks , and it’s working good so far , thank you Matthew :) )

  93. Jackie says:

    I met a man recently who seems very sweet, thoughtful and deep. He told me he writes poetry. After only two dates I had texted him about a difficult student I work with who was feeling sad and has had a very rough life so far. He texted me the most inspiring and beautiful poem to give her. When I read it to her she was so touched by it and how the words resonated with her she said she wanted a copy and then said she wanted to tattoo it on her arm! His words were so perfect given her situation and that he took the time to care about my work and this unknown girl who was suffering really meant a lot. My feelings for him have really grown since that micro attraction moment. Seeing a man who cares for others and can inspire you with his words or writings is a real gift and is a super attractive quality!

  94. Sandy says:

    We were at the beach, it was too cold to swim but we walked at the edge of the surf. Each time the tide washed the sand from under our feet he laughed and giggled like a child, time and time again. Very sweet and endearing

  95. Mable says:

    I recently went over to a guy, who I’m very interested in, house for a small get together. Everyone who smoked went outside to do so and it left me, him, and two other people inside. I walked over to him and the others, while they were talking, and he stopped listening to turn towards me and look at my skin (I have an ongoing condition.) I was slightly embarrassed for it being pointed out and said “I know. I know, its bad.” and he responded “No. I still think you’re pretty.”

    Not only did he compliment me, but something that gives me a lot of issues personally was made look lesser than myself, and I needed that.

  96. clr says:

    i was at a bar for a bday w/ a guy i’d been dating for about a month. i mentioned that i wished people had been dancing, and didn’t want to be “the only fool on the dance floor”. he asked what it would take to get me to dance, and i said i’d only do it for my favorite artist/song. so he got the bartender to play said artist/song. we became the only 2 fools on the dance floor. it was awesome.

  97. Manon says:

    I will always remember the day my ex-boyfriend offered me a tiny book that he bought in a shop while waiting for me. It was a mini-book his mother read to him before sleeping when he was a child. We where not together at that time and it totally melt my heart. It showed so many things: his sensitivity, the importance of family for him and the fact that he wanted to share something personal with me. A few days after we began a story that lasted a little more than 3 years. We’re not together anymore, but I keep a lot of good memories and we have a very good relationship today. :)

  98. Kaitlyn says:

    When my ex told me that I was his hero. He always made sure to make eye contact with me and it felt different than normal eye contact…at times it felt like he was looking right at my soul. I hope to find that again in someone.

  99. Victoria says:

    This may seem super simple but it’s in the way he will do for me like he does for himself. It’s the tiny considerations of getting me ketchup too without asking (like a fast food place), telling me to watch my step because he has seen something in my path before me or knowing he’s cold so without asking puts a little throw blanket on me while we are watching tv. I also see in his leadership at work that he is compassionate towards those that are considered under him. He shares stories with me that show me he cares about their success and celebrates them when they do.

  100. Hailie says:

    I was seeing this guy, when one day he confessed the he starting falling in love with me when I shared with him how my dream house would look like. It seemed like such a small thing to me, but he said it showed my vision and my values.

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