Why Love Advice Doesn’t Work For You… Yet

The average woman who reads dating advice (yep, even mine, sadly), will never make it work. Why?

Because this kind of woman doesn’t have a system to make herself feel in an attractive mindset when the right guy does come along.

In this video, I’ll show you what really makes you attractive in the long term, and how you can learn this system to bring out your best self whenever you need to when dating…

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35 Replies to “Why Love Advice Doesn’t Work For You… Yet”

  1. Great message in this video. It really is about loving and taking care of yourself so there is a good foundation there for someone else to love.

  2. i simply just love you, matthew. this video has the truest message i’ve heard this week. i feel so much more in control of all my relationships now because i can focus more in the moment, when i‘m interacting with friends, lovers, co-workers, family and strangers, i‘m actualy there and want to bring the best out of me (simply just to feel even better). and all of that is just possible now that i‘m in peace with myself, i know where i want to go, i got rid of bagage that was keeping me behind, i‘m so happy for all i have and so excited for all there is to come. i want to grab every challange that will let me grow and i feel there is little to be scared about. one needs to find excitement in life, feel all the depths there are, the sad and the beautiful parts. live life the fullest, be there. be courious, have compassion, let go, enjoy yourself, breath. all the rest will come automatically. so much love for all your honesty and unbelivable amount of kindness you show by giving so much wisdom for free to the world. following you for two years now and it had from time to time a BIG inpact on my life. i will never be able to show you my entire appreciation so for now just this: so damn much love to you and your team! you’re important!! xx

  3. I appreciate all the work you, Matthew, and your team are putting in action. Every video is genuine, new, conveys important ideas and is really helpful for everyone who is aware of how important internal structure is. Your videos have huge impact on my life. Thank you all, so much! ^_^

  4. I ordered get him running back. . Well. He ran. . Yep. Right to his new girlfriens home,moved in with her. YEP!!! He sold hois house. Sent me the nastyist text then changed his. Phone number.
    IT killed me and what’s worst . She.ouves. / he they live 2 blocks away ..Omg . I. GUNNA die .

  5. Loved this video.
    I agree, when I’m in a good mood, happy, have that little zip in my step things are easier. But working 2 jobs, taking care of my house, my yard and my other responsibilities I’m finding I don’t have the energy for a relationship. Or maybe I just haven’t found the person that brings me energy. Still lookin and thank you. You give me a lot of positive thoughts. Take care

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