Why Love Advice Doesn’t Work For You… Yet

The average woman who reads dating advice (yep, even mine, sadly), will never make it work. Why?

Because this kind of woman doesn’t have a system to make herself feel in an attractive mindset when the right guy does come along.

In this video, I’ll show you what really makes you attractive in the long term, and how you can learn this system to bring out your best self whenever you need to when dating…

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35 Replies to “Why Love Advice Doesn’t Work For You… Yet”

  • Thank you for sharing. I myself got side tracked for a few months myself. Started with the flu. I had been berating myself for backsliding on my emotional growth.
    Now with your insightful video post, can forgive myself and move forward! Your such a great coach!

  • Thank you so much for posting this video. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. I try to live my life this way; building my character by taking care of myself, creating inner peace, which enables acts of kindness to come naturally. An added bonus is it creates attraction. I recently went on hiatus & needed to be reminded of this. I’d like to blame it on the time of year, but the truth is, I just got lazy. Thank you so very much for your guidance. It really is genius & so true! I feel I’m really to get back to where I once was. I missed feeling inner peace. I have some obstacles in my personal life, so it is sometimes challenging. Thank you for aknowledging that it takes work. I think often times people, including myself, get discouraged because no matter how hard they try, things don’t seem to go their way. I found when I take the time to give myself the highest percentage I can, (I can’t give 100% to myself because I’m a Mom), I am better off for it. I literally can feel myself shine.

  • Thank you for posting this, if been struggling with getting back on track. It’s not always easy to luv yourself but it helps to know other people have the same problem.

  • Microattraction, that is to say, being generous, thoughtul, doing for others, as so on, makes you a nice person. Should it be called love advice, or simply how to be a decent human being? I’ve been called a nice girl, and I agree that this stems from a lot of internal work, but all my acts of microattraction will only make me a better friend because all the men around me are gay. It’s the ultimate no risk environment because I can be caring, attentive, and nurturing as much as I want without anyone suspecting or expecting more than friendship.

  • Love It. I cant’ wait for people to stop calling you a dating coach because you truly are an inspirational life coach! One day I hope to be able to afford your retreat program. Please hold on in the Northwest U.S!! We need you. Have an amazing rest of the week :)

  • Great advice, love your book and videos. Would love a video on how to set boundaries on the first date. Specifically, guys expecting a kiss on the first date is a recurring problem – stating not comfortable or playfully saying not earned yet gets awkward responses, statements like “what are we, 16?” and anger. I’ve even physically turned perpendicular, given a quick side hug with face turned away, and said goodbye, and the guy will still lean in for a kiss. Meeting someone online for a first date feels more like a friend meet up – you don’t even know if you have chemistry yet. Why this expectation of a kiss and terrible response when not given?

  • Hey there,, Frist I just like say I think you are amazing.. I recently found you on Facebook and love watching your vids.. you are so charismatic chaming and funny I’m not entirely shore how any worm blooded woman could leave your seminar and find a man after spending three or more hours in your company or even general proximity.. ok ok enough with the flattery..
    What I find the most interesting is you started out helping men with there dating dilemmas,, then noticing the common issues they where having with women(the mistake women make that just kill attraction).. OMG the Holli grail was handed to you.. You could truly help women here what an opportunity!! What I love about this,, is men win as well.. what man doesn’t want the perfect women.. after every seminar and retreat of 500 or more ladies their are an equal amount of men lucky enough to date one of them.. A woman whocan flirt and be sexy but knows her worth,, can express her standards kindly,, she can help him feel comfortable and secure in is vulnerability.. Come on that’s Kinder cool..
    Love your work.

  • I get conflicting messages from your videos. I want to reach out to a guy I like, to say hi how’s your week, etc. But on other videos you say not to contact a guy who doesn’t give you much investment.he always responds when I text to say hello. But I don’t do it very often, in order to give him time to initiate. My true self is to be outgoing but I hold back because dating advice has said to do it. Help, I’m so confused!

  • I am in a relationship with a man I care about deeply but I am not feeling like he feels the same way. It feels like I’m an option instead of a priority! Should I move on or what should I do to communicate to him how I feel like I am not important or valuable to him.

    1. Hi Mary! Based on what you shared, I’d encourage you to check out Matthew’s foundation coaching product that teaches women the techniques to find, attract, and keep the man they want. The program (4 hours of video seminar footage) outlines strategies to understand men, minimize rejection, and become the high-value woman men want to fall in love with: http://www.howtogettheguy.com/vsl/index.php. Best of luck! – Mars

  • I like your analogy of the outdated computer.
    My issue is what about if I have a Neurological Movement Disorder (Dystonia) that contorts (spasms) different levels of my body in unpredictable ways and, severity, and duration. Not just that I am very self-conscious about when they sre bad, and even painful, but the medical lifesdtyle I have to face and accommodate to however it is at the time. I also have a growing list oc allergies to fopds, drugs, and plantlife. I HAVE tp be picky at restaurants. I also cope woth Bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and a bit of Borderline Peronality Disorder (communication and connecting). I do see a Counselor amd Psychiatrist consistently. I do take the meds I need consistently (yes I did gp pff pf them to start pver and wowww I could tell how much they hel!) And going on my 4th roud of Botox for the Cervical Dystonia amd Blepharospasms, which is only an adjustable bandaid according to jiurnaling from past 90 days h9w everythig avted and reacted, never consistent either!), and very restricted on exercizes and xxxpositions because of spine,neck, and shoulder affected from damage and nerve damage. Also deeloped a cervical “Pannus” that is a very delicate situation. I don’t feel “dateable”- because who would want to accept it amd be compassionate to want me with all this “baggage” plus that I am on Disability beause of all of the above… so I cannot afford to do a lot of things that most wworking people would do. I don’t live in a city and when the DMV cancels my license per the Dystonia at the time of the Medical Forms updatwd by the Doctors and Specialist. So far in the past 3 years at one point or another, I couldn’t drive. Could only rely on my niece amd one neighbor to drive me, and has to go bu theor schedule, especially to set up appointments… and no time to play. I like to talk to people amd no problem with playing on the floor kids of all ages.
    I DO have a big sense of humor. Improv is in my blood, as is drawing portraits, but a big block because of all this,
    All I can offer is my humor and compassion, and I am a passionate person.
    I don’t know whether I shiuld keep looking or wait, hoping they can FIX the “tics”?

  • I have been listening to your video and can’t stop crying, I know that I have been out of alignment in such a long time and gave myself up to take care of others that it almost seams impossible to imagine how that would feel to know who I really am I am an optimistic person, but I had the darkest thoughts, and I so want to be back. Thank you for reminding me and getting me to take action.

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