My #1 Tip for Getting Whatever You Want

In my video for you today, I confess something a little embarrassing…

It has to do with how success early in my career led me to lose sight of one of the key secrets that got me that success in the first place.

I explain how I got back on track and show you how you can use this same simple, yet incredibly powerful secret to get whatever you most want in your own life…

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37 Replies to “My #1 Tip for Getting Whatever You Want”

  • That was fun. I’m person number 3. I love learning new stuff. And it keeps your brain sharp. :-)

    I also like your guests’ reaction from being admiring you to looking truly worried about you. LOL.

    Jameson is totally like Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. Except someone has to move that tripod!



  • Hi Matt,

    On the note of continuing to learn and expand your horizon – I would love to hear which books you would recommend. Your personal favourites, books on core confidence, or relationships (other than your own ;-) … I feel there are many books out there on these topics, but I very much enjoy your approach and resonate with your way of thinking, so I would like to know which books are on your list.

    Thank you!

  • Lol!! I really enjoyed that video. Such amazing wisdom, I’m a self help junkie and have been on a break for too long, thank you for that kick in the butt!! You’ve reminded me never to stop learning and growing, its not just about getting the guy, its about getting the life you deserve and taking advantage of the opportunities life gives us. Enjoy the retreat!!

  • Dear Matt,

    – I was also nobody before I watched and read your information and thought about it. Now I do not miss your information. I hope one day soon, I will be able to get to the woman retreat
    – And it is so interesting you talk about Jameson & your mother. Matt , you are like a dad to us followers. Or a midwife.

  • Thanks Matt! After the Get the Guy Live Tour event my sister and I talked about it so much with so many different people, that they all want to attend. My sister is happily married by the way, but she learned a lot from it too and is saving money to help me go on the retreat. Any chance you’ll ever host a “keep the guy” live tour event? I told her your book has great advice on that subject but I was just wondering :)

  • Matthew, everything you said about learning all the time is so true! Though I’m into “dating” stuff lately, I’d say general knowledge of emotional intelligence is a very powerful tool in striving for a healthy and happy relationship. Not sure if anything about styles of attachment was ever mentioned in this blog, however I think it would be very useful as it helps to discover the blind spots of yours (and realize the reasons of certain behaviours of others).

  • What a man! You Hussey brothers are truly inspiring. Great to see you in this surrounding, brings you closer to your life behaving.
    I need to keep making new changes, I always intend to stop and and make myself a comfortable time on my coach and a book.
    I know I will grow, I’ ve got this assurance in myself, but I’m tired of being this boring side of mine.

  • Cheers to the lifelong, insatiable students among us :)! Thank you Matt for taking the time to make a video for me this week :)- they always help kick start a smiling Sunday. Sending hugs to you, and a hello to Carrie, Jamela, Stephen, your Mum, Dad, and Jameson…who I could have sworn was real when I met up with you in LA…:P

  • I couldn’t agree more with the message in this video! The more you learn the more you realize the lessons of life and everything in it are never ending. We are all students and should seek to try and learn from every single person we meet. Everyone has a story to tell and lesson to teach us if we are open to listen to them and understand them. We should also not be afraid to talk about your story or lessons as this journey is not a one way street but a crazy jumble of roads and lane which makes life interesting.

    Thanks you Matt for bring this topic up. It reminds me how much more I have to learn. Hopefully one day I’ll have the chance to do one of your retreats but until then best wish to you and your team, for creating amazing content.

  • Matt your’e awesome and you have always great advises! thank you so much. The best part of what you say is that really simple and true.All it takes is realize those things (You help with that) and practice them (our part)

  • I tend to go through cycles of learning, then just being. It takes a while to absorb concepts and integrate them in my life. I guess for me, I’d rather focus on other things than constant self-help. Spirituality and God show me how to improve without so much influence from other individuals… But yes, learning and growing is so important.

    Matt, it looks like you’re in the US to stay. I hope at some point you’ll talk about that decision — I guess there are more people and places to go in the US, but you must miss being at home.

  • I enjoy your weekly videos because they are so uplifting. This Sunday’s message was so very true. Learning is such a turn on! Thanks for sharing and keeping us constantly thinking!

  • :) well i feel depressed now… :X you are about my age, start working at 14 (your dream) like me…i even when you said we have here a violinist i thought it was me… but no..sadly!
    I really love to improve, look for other possibilies in every aspect of my life…and i would love to go to your retreat if i had the $!!! :) for now..i have already read your book, now i have the audio for the empty time.. :) well, and im always waiting for the sunday video! Thanks Matt

    1. Can anyone tell me the difference on these two live events:
      Secrets of attraction and the get the guy? are the two with the matt? confused!

  • And then there are those who are still learning via books and the PC because it works for them and because it is all they can do. People who cannot leave the house/date four nights a week because they have no childcare/people who pay out more than comes in.
    People for whom programmes are pointless because they are part of a demographic not covered by ‘the Guru’…which helps keep their success figures high.
    How would a penniless, disabled person get to anything more than this? Now Matt, when I get an answer to this conundrum from you, maybe then I’ll have a little more respect. Or is love and learning only for people with legs and a passport?

    1. Near the cards and books by Hallmark in U.S supermarkets is a book about a man that had lost his arms and legs. He was a torso with a head. He was handsome and married. I skimmed through the book and noticed his attitude. He was like Matthew; upbeat, determined and full of life. I understand you have financial constraints and are disabled; perhaps w/c bound.
      But, you are blessed with a brain. And in spite of the losses you have incurred; you can choose to create the life that Matthew speaks of. I can’t afford to attend his program and I work. Mavis, I met him for $20.00 (I signed up immediately) at the seminar he recently gave in the U.S. He is the most honest, genuine and caring person. I asked him a question… and he honestly answered. On my second question with time constraints…he gave me incredible suggestions. He loves helping and has every right to make money from it. As does everyone, but Matthew Hussey truly does care about people. I saw this in him and was amazed. Most people are only about money.
      Mavis, what is your passion? What is it you want to do, help, have fun with? Find your passion and Find your purpose and pursue it!!!! And if you need help with it; google the internet for resources. As an animal rights activist; I know the animals need a voice because they are voiceless. Find your passion and purpose in life. And follow it.
      I wish you all the best, Mavis.

      1. Joanne you are so right on. I am a nurse … I see disabled People every day. They are either angry and lost or hopeful and eager. It’s your choice. Try and be possitive. I wish you love and happiness.

  • A lot of people (myself included) tend to stop seeking knowledge when they reach a certain place in their life because once there isn’t an immediate need for learning (school, or a new job), learning stops being a priority. But this is how we get to know ourselves. When you stop learning about yourself through your interests, it’s the same as living with a boring partner.

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