“I’m Not Ready for a Relationship”

How do you know when you’re ready to commit to a relationship?

A (female) reader this week asks, “How do I tell a guy I’m not ready to get serious just yet?” 

If you want to know exactly what to say to keep him interested but still get the message across that you need more time, you’ll want to see this…

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Jameson: All right, so you haven’t seen this question yet, but we’re doing longer form questions.

Matthew: Couple of longer questions. Where was this sent into? Our e-mail?

This is from Brie, which is a pseudonym; always protecting the old anonymity of our people. [reading from the email] “My question is referring to someone who is interested in me – and I’m interested in him – but I am not ready for a relationship yet. I want to give myself a fair chance when I’m not going through so much crazy stuff in life.”

Wonder which crazy stuff she’s going through that stops her from having a relationship. I always think people spend too much time worrying whether it’s a good time for a relationship. If it’s the right relationship, you probably won’t care that it’s a crazy time, is my view, but let’s keep going.

“If he asks me out before January, which I’m pretty sure he’s about to, I won’t know how to tell him. I need time without it being weird and/or hurtful or causing him to feel like I don’t like him. I need some advice about how to go about doing this so I don’t accidentally push this guy away.”

Well, it’s definitely going to push him away saying “not yet,” “not right now.”

“If Matt or anyone can offer advice.” – What does she mean “or anyone”? Who’s the “or anyone”? Not you. [meaning Jameson] She obviously can’t get a [bleep] word out of you year-round. What, she thinks you’re suddenly going to be like – give lots of advice to her?

“If Matt or anyone” – just makes me feel less special – “can offer advice, or if there is a similar story I can look into, that would be great. Thank you.”

I think you might be taking things a little too seriously, Brie. I’m a big advocate for times in our life where we do go through periods of sort of saying, “I’m going to be on my own for a little bit and see what that’s like and learn about myself and grow.” But you can’t really have it both ways during that time. You can’t say, “I want my solitude and I want to be on my own and I need a couple of months to do that. But I am saying yes to you for a date.” No.

If you’re saying, “In two months, I’ll see you; that’s a no for now,” you have to do one of a couple of things. Either say, “I’m not dating right now, and that may sound strange, but the truth is I just have a lot going on in my life and I‘m not in a place where I want to go out on dates, because I’m thinking if I go out on a date with you, I’ll like you and I might get more connected to you. And that’s going to make me want to see you again, and I know I’m not ready for what that might lead to if we do see each other more. So I don’t want to take the risk that I might really like you on a date. Let’s hold off and we’ll re-evaluate in a couple of months.”

You either have to do that and just be honest and not date him, or take the whole thing a little less seriously because, look, you said, “My question is referring to someone who is interested in me and I’m interested in him,” right? Well, what does that mean at this stage? If you haven’t even been on a date, it means you both have maybe a mild crush or even less than that. So you could take it a little less seriously and say, “This isn’t a relationship right now. This is just a fun night with somebody that I don’t know very well and I’m getting to know a little better and I’m just going to see where that takes me.”

Jameson: Is something lost in translation? Because she’s saying, “Go out with me,” and I think you’re taking it as very much like on a date. I think she’s saying that, that it’s like, “He wants to make it official and be in like a real relationship with…”

Matthew: Wait, let’s read that bit again. “If he asks me out before January, which I’m pretty sure he’s about to” – that’s like a blast from the past talking about if he asks me out. That’s what I used to say in school, like, “Will you go out with me?” They’d be like, “Yeah, all right,” and you just hold hands for like five months.

Now, let’s do the version of the answer where he’s actually asking you for a relationship. So he’s saying to you, “Do you want to be in a relationship with me?” and you’re like, “Ah, let me put the brakes on for a couple of months while I resolve some things in my life.”

That’s okay. If that’s the case, then say that to him, “I like you, and if I was in a relationship with you, I’d want to be able to go full out and have fun and be carefree in it and just for us to have a great time. And I don’t feel like I’m in a place to fully do that right now. I know if I said yes to this right now, without resolving some stuff that’s going on in my life, then I know I’d still be holding back, and I wouldn’t be able to just be me. And I know I’m really fun when I’m just me. So I want to figure out some stuff for me, and then at the end of that, if you’re still around, then I think us going out would be a really fun thing.”

Talk to the man.

And do that thing about saying, “I’m really fun, like I’m a really good time when I’m unburdened by some of the stuff that I’ve got to deal with right now. Like I’m a great person to be with and I’d want to be that great person.” Because then you’re setting him up for some excitement when it does happen.

We did two questions in one. Hopefully, one of those addresses what’s really going on in this question.

Let us know if you liked this little style. We did something a bit new. We printed out a question. I’ve liked this. It’s been verbose. Let us know in the comments.

Jameson: I don’t mean to be verboast, but you did a good job.

Matthew: I don’t know if you heard that or not, but Jameson did a [bleep] pun. If you didn’t hear it, he said, “I don’t want to verboast.” Every [bleep] day, I have to hear about a hundred puns from him because it’s his favorite form of humor. You don’t know what I go through.


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  1. Sunny says:

    I like it. You have an easy way of talking to the other person, being honest and straightforward yet comlimentary. I like the part about telling the other person you can be fun…setting up some excitement for later. I found some great tidbits. Sometimes Im thrown off guard by direct questions and cant think on my feet fast like you can. I got asked out and I wasnt prepared. I wasnt dating at the time and wasnt in a place I Could date. I stumbled over an answer and it didnt come out that great. Thank you for posting this.

  2. ghieru says:

    I’m an NBSB,and untill now still looking for the right guy..but once I already meet the guy who shows affection to me I back off..maybe the problem was me. I couldn’t say that maybe I’m heartbroken that’s why I’m afraid to get into a relationship,because I never tried once..but your videos help me a lot. thank you,now I understand my problem.
    I’ll keep supporting your site and share it with my friends.God bless

  3. Karen Strong says:

    I loved the Pun!!! Lol

    I recommend your videos to my friends because your advice is amazing. I am happily married but still look through the videos for if there is information I can use but I rarely need it. I wish I had found you when I was dating. Thank you for doing what you do!

  4. Anya says:

    Great idea – love this format! Informative and wildly entertaining.

  5. L. says:

    Dear Matt,

    Why did you choose this Question? You obviously didn’t like answering it. If you didn’t feel like helping someone, why not choose a question that you at least find interesting.

    You haven’t been at your best at this one.
    Just don’t loose your charme and your good heart. This woman could be very young or just new to all that and you should inspire her to learn, instead of showing her how ridiculous she was.


  6. Laura says:

    He is teaching us a lesson about how unattractive it is to be arrogant.

  7. Katie says:

    You and your crew are Estas Bella! At least the male equivalent of it anyways. I found that fitting❤️

  8. Heidi Garthe says:

    Loved this! Makes you very real with people and you listen. Love Jamison’s pun and when you get all riled up! Haha…so fun and spontaneous.

  9. hh says:

    Just wanted to say that I liked this format of taking real questions from real audience members like this. I did feel that Matt did not hold himself to the same standard that he normally does. The frequent cussing in the video (even though it was beeped out) made me feel like Matt was disrespectful of what the woman with the question was asking. Also, I like to think of Matt as a gentleman and he gives advice on not how to attract men but on how to attract gentlemen. The ora that Matt had in this video made me question if Matt is the gentleman I hope he is. I understand that this is harsh and I am sure that this is just an isolated situation to which I think most of us have. Matt I do love your videos and I have received great advice from you so thank you for that. I know that you have helped many women and men alike. I in no way want to discredit any of that. Thank you so much for your videos and for your advice. I hope that I can see more of the gentleman Matt that I have grown to admire in future videos.

  10. Diana Kontos says:

    Yes I love this btw Matthew you are adorable and want to date you u or your twin brother if you have one. Jk

  11. Judy says:

    Loved this style of addressing a relationship question! More, please!

  12. Mary S. says:

    Case study is good. I like what you said up front – if it is the right person, it won’t matter what else is going on in your life. You will find the time to make it happen if you want to. Other than that, the best thing is to always tell the truth. Just remember that if you are saying wait, that really means the answer is no for now. They are still free to pursue other options and may not be there when you come back. Do not keep people hanging, that is totally irresponsible and controlling behavior and not a good way to start a partnership based on trust and healthy agreements.

  13. Lina says:

    I liked that one a lot, please more! And of course more puns from Jameson.

  14. Heather says:

    I really liked this response! It covered a lot of ideas.

  15. Jazmín Judith Hohmann Carbajal says:

    Hi Mathew

    I hope you’re having a great day! First of all this is my first time writting a comment on your page but I do it because I believe in you and you have given me an amazing insight and perspective on relations. Now, I write to you because I noticed something in this response of yours that made me want to contact you and the woman who wrote to you.
    1.- I have been in this situation where you are interested in a person, you want to continue dating or going out with them but it seems to be a little bit rushed or way too soon for you, everybody has their own situation and timing in life and it is not on us to judge others.
    So after he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend I answered this: I really like spending time with you, it is one of the things that lighten my days… And I would like to continue dating you the way we have been so far, make it official right now is a bit fast for me. But I think that… because you want to make things official this could cause no harm, for it would only be postponed, until we see fit to bring it up again.
    The person I told this to agreed with me, I didn’t have to let him know anymore than what he needed to, and eventually when I was ready to make things official with him I sort of brought it up, so he’d thought it was the right time to pop the question again.
    2.- even though you have not to explain the reasons for your actions or desires, there are several reasons why this woman might not want to take things more seriously with this man, and when responding with advice we have to take into consideration the many options that the person asking might not be mentioning, for example: (because she’s mentioning a deadline)
    she might be getting a divorce, maybe a previous relationship just ended or hasn’t been a long time since it did, she might be expecting some news or job proposals abroad or in a different city which causes her to have to wait.
    What ever it is, there is a reason for it whether she mentions it or not its best to be sensitive to it when giving advice.

    I’m very thankful that you take the time to read this, and would love to get your feedback on it.

    Lots of love from México.

  16. Patty says:

    I liked the long question format but the question was a bit dumb! (Sorry)
    How about asking about mid 30’s newly single free long term marriage (15 years) and feeling like being stuck in high school…. yet men are very direct and ghost a lot.
    Then a lot of men I meet are “divorcing” or with “issues” and so how can I keep them engaged and not be boring when I’m in school full time so the little time I have I try to meet people and study

    I am a very good woman even my ex wants me back (hell no!) I’m a great mom… but I’m also looking for a partner in crim…errr life! Fun and laughter

  17. Meredith says:

    I love your style of talking about these relationship battles that men usually shy away from even mentioning.

  18. Debbie says:

    I loved it! … loved the way it was done also. I even liked how Jamison put his 2 cents in which made Mathew rethink the question and gave a second answer. Please do more of these!!!

  19. Me says:

    Oh Matt,
    I liked you so much more when you were you and not the f*ucking little twin to Tony Robbins … I got kinda accidentally in your first show in O2 London and you were a star back then – be more yourself again, less of him, please …

  20. Britt says:

    I love this style!! So helpful! XO

  21. sb@sylviaboulware.com says:

    Referring to that question, you certainly aren’t just “anyone” and you covered the subject so well. I liked the informal setting of this video!

  22. El says:

    Yep! I liked the case eg. Helped me! I thought it was mine with the “crazy bit!” Hence, my ears were pricked up!
    I just txtd someone Ive been seeing regularly since May, but he just comes “over” to mine. In recent txt I said I try not to do “crazy” when its coming my way & I was referring to another situation he asked me @ in relation to a outside family thing (not related to him). I “like him” – but seems we are both too busy to move on… from conversation, food & wine, great sex & always at my place!
    Short story is – Neither of us seem ready for a relationship or make more time, but Im ready to ask him, using the case as a guide. He didn’t reply to my text with the word crazy in it – maybe its fizzled out!

  23. G says:

    Yes! Love it!

  24. Lily says:

    Poor poor Matt having to listen to Jamison’s puns. I love it when you get pissy!

  25. Cautious Romantic says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have a question that kind of follows up on this topic, would be next for a hollow up video ;) ;)

    So I just started dating this guy a couple of months ago, and he’s amazing. I mean he crosses just about every item in my list, except for the ones I feel I don’t know him well enough to cross out yet. And he has expressed similar emotions about me. The issue is that we have both recently gotten out of LTR. He especially has expressed that beginning another relationship is downright frightening as he doesn’t want to go through getting hurt and that type of loss again. We are not willing to give each other up, and have decided to take it slow. I suggested him taking more time to be independent – which, btw, thank you for all your advise, it has really helped me cope and understand relationships better as this I have learned from your videos – while still making time for each other. Since your advise has always been so valuable, I wanted to know if you had any further advise to help us navigate through this.

  26. c says:

    Yeah Matt. I liked the video. I really like this idea of a “Q & A case study”. It’s nice to help someone out, that writes in to you with a problem/difficulty.

  27. Natalie says:

    Cute, thanks for the witty banter.
    Way to pun Jamison!

    As to the advice, I like “I’m not dating right now, thank you for asking tho, I like you!”

    She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Too often women feel they have to explain themselves.

  28. Lauren says:

    Hi my name is Lauren and I was wondering what is Matt’s email so I can send him my question.
    I love these videos are very helpful.

  29. Kelly says:

    And I think it would be helpful to this inquirer to flip it around on her – if someone she really liked decided to spend some time with her but then pulled back and said “I’m not ready for a relationship” then most likely she’d say WTF? Decide whether you’re in or out. It doesn’t mean it has to be seriously involved, but decide that you want to be involved at whatever level of intention you have or don’t and don’t waste his time. I have a big crush on someone at work but won’t pursue it because it’s not the right time and wouldn’t dream of saying “hey, I’d really like to keep you hanging around and single until it’s convenient for me – ok?” That’s what this sounds like, whether she realizes it or not. XO Matthew.

  30. Kelly says:

    Verboast…hahahahaha… ;) Go Jameson…my kind of guy.

  31. tigress866 says:

    Oh bloody hell Matt!
    I need you to wait on me a couple of months cuz I promise you I’m a really good time??!??!
    Hahahaa what is she, a call girl?
    Sorry, I call bullish* here.
    Either you want a relationship or you don’t. Tell her if she asks him to wait, that’s her perogative. But, Damn, man, its his perogative to move on to someone who’s ready to take it slow or move forward at all.

    Jmho ✨ sparkle on, my good man.
    Our first disagreement!
    Off the bucket list now, I guess! Lol

  32. Sandy says:

    What does she mean by “serious”? Asking her out is just a date… Seems like she jumping the shark! Other things going on in her life….someone else is still in the picture!

  33. Candace says:

    Love this! The format and your answers. Thanks, as always, for the insights. And for dropping the f-bomb!

  34. Joyce says:

    I love it, sorry Matt even the puns.

  35. Corine (Cory) says:

    I love puns too! I had a desk outside of an office of a guy we called the “puns master”; I have moved on to a couple of new jobs since then and still miss him every day. Hang in there Jamieson! Patience Matthew… you will miss it one day :)

  36. Kathryn says:

    I have problems with this. If life was a perfect series of events or times we were ready this would fit. But I have a disabled child and work with blind veterans. We could all say, you know the times not right. When there is a real connection, the time will always be right. My son is very small and slightly misformed but he is handsome and super bright. He has formed a connection with a girl at school. She is so pretty with the most beautiful eyes and he said they chat madly. They both like dogs and his mission in life is not to see her on her own at playtime (she is new) and check she is okay. Her well being is his priority, he actually verbalised this. When she was off ill he said the day wasn’t the same and he wanted to know all about asthma and how long she might be off for?! He is ten! When we truly have a connection, stuff in life doesn’t matter to us, we want to see that connection in all its simple beauty.
    Kate xx

  37. E says:

    I really enjoy the format. I hope you keep doing it!

  38. AC says:

    I loved this format, especially the banter between you and Jameson. That always cracks me up. Thanks for covering all angles- even if the question doesn’t relate to something I’m thinking about at the time, I always learn something from your responses that I can apply to my own life. Bravo!

  39. Avra Goldman says:

    I really liked the authenticity!

  40. Robyn Potts says:

    “just tell him” was the scary part, but it was your words in the way you tell him that was brilliant and so simple, I over think at times and would not have said it that way. Over complicate is how I think. Thank you Matt for a simple, honest way to express the same issue I am having right now.

  41. Cindy says:

    Great video’s

  42. Sabrina says:

    Yes, please!

  43. Selene says:

    So if this would be the answer to “I’m not ready for a relationship”, what would be the answer for I wanna go on a date with you Matt :)

    • Andrea says:

      Hey Matt I think this is a great idea. We can all learn from each others questions and realize we are dealing with the same thing or it’s great info to tuck away. And remember… Keep speaking like your the best coach but not everyone’s going to take your advice..that shouldn’t matter to you;)

  44. Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed the format, and that you covered it with a couple of different angles…and the way you read it, with your running commentary, was enlightening about how we use words and how they can come across to people. Thumbs up!

  45. Nora Romero says:

    Yes, really like the new Case Study question and answer. When she mentioned that he may be asking her out by January it made me wonder if they have only just been texting and talking.

  46. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Loved the “Case study” Q & A! More please! & loved hearing Jameson’s comments at the same time! My favorite part of the week is when I get these…Hugs! ;) <3

  47. suzette says:

    It is very helpful when you read one’s email aloud, it helps as I listen to your ideas in analyzing the process to understand what she is asking, while offering answers and witty words of advice. As Jameson adds his two cents brings the whole conversation to life…..pun intended (bahaha)

    Thank you

  48. A. says:

    Jameson’s puns are fun! (Hee.) And I’m glad he’s got a voice now. So long he was just moving the camera.

    And sometimes Steven also gives advice here. Not that you are any less special . . . :-)

    Interesting that the question could go two ways. I think that sometimes you know when things will get serious with a person really fast, despite your best efforts to keep it just ‘fun’. So I understand the letter writer’s concern.

    I like this format. And you’re right sometimes you can’t have it both ways and have to take a risk the person might not be available when you are.

  49. Christel Rohrs says:

    Hi Matt,
    Your advice always amuses me because you are so right and understand us females so well.
    I have not dated much, because of my circumstances – I’ve been out of my home country, in Asia for 15 years since my divorce, and I’m very focused in the charity work I do.
    As a follow on to this topic on “not being ready for a relationship”, I need some of your advice from your vast experience, so I will ask you my question directly… So here goes…
    “How do I know whether the reason I am not “feeling the vibes or feeling the love” for the loving and good man who is wanting to commit to me, is my problem or that it is just “not a right fit”
    I was in an abusive marriage for 13 years and have been divorced for 16, but I have not been in a serious relationship since then – I’ve dated and been attracted, but my choices have always leant more towards the naughty boys- but I would like to be married to a faithful man who is kind, stable but enjoys naughty fun with one lady (i.e. Me)
    This man I have met, seems to be that and is that and has no problem committing to me and has already decided that this is what he wants. It is more a long distance relationship and we do talk every day… However, before we actually spent much time together other than friends, I was more attracted (sexually), but when we spent time together for two weeks after making our feelings and attraction to each other more clear, something changed. Now, I feel “numb” towards him sexually. He has returned to where he came from but he is feeling more connected and I feel less connected.

    So my question is, “how do I know whether this is my problem, of perhaps not knowing how to be loved, or whether this is just not the right guy”?

    Any advice you can give me- direct from your experience or as a guy – and how I should deal with this, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Matt

  50. **** ****** says:

    Really enjoyed the nonformal addressing in just a quick 5 minutes!

  51. Linda says:

    My thing is when you are a carer for someone it’s hard to find the time to be in a relationship and you get dumped for it.

  52. julia says:

    I liked this video, good to see two sides of the coin. I’m in a similar situation however its the guy who is interested but not ready due to issues in this life. Its difficult when there is interest and a 2 handful of dates and then they say “I’ve enjoyed the times we’ve caught up but I want to make sure we are on the same page and to be honest I have a lot of going on at the moment. I think your a nice girl and I wish you the best but I am only looking to be friends..” Since then he has been distant and very occupied with work to hang out on the weekends.

    I still show interest in him by inviting him to events, but waiting for him to be available is probably not the best idea, as I may be waiting a lifetime before he makes a decision and miss my opportunity with someone else. Stay open-minded girls!

    I am ready for the next step in life to be in a relationship/partnership with a guy, but the right guy.
    Perhaps content in reverse.

    p.s. is there a chance of Matthew Hussey coming down under??

  53. Susan says:

    Love it! Very funny and real…the banter was great. You gave great advice and provided options for different scenarios.Nicely done!

  54. smc8371 says:

    I loved this format. How do i submit a question of my own?

  55. Nicole says:

    Love you Matthew….but you didn’t call me back tut tut

  56. Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed that great advice and style and funny as hell – and the pun tears in my eyes

  57. Monique says:

    yes, more puns by Jameson please ;)
    but the case-study thing is really nice, I would certainly like to see more of that!

  58. Desiree Guasch says:

    I agree. She has to talk to the guy pleasantly, plainly, courteously. She should avoid second-guessing.
    Likewise, she shouldn’t shut doors prematurely. That door is hers to go out and his to come in.
    Ah well, you always say these things better. She ought to follow you :-)

  59. Avi says:

    The style was great! the ability to go back and forth to the question and look at it from different perspectives is a great way to reach out to more people.
    Well done!

  60. lisbeth traffelet says:

    Dear Matt and Team,
    I am very happy about your spontaneous talks. It gives to me a lot of knowing how to be more direct, spontaneous and true, without regrets or other negatives feelings, it is helping me to comunicate with more lightness.

    Thanks a lot for doing this great job! For me you are the Angel of happy comunication !!
    Lisbeth, 59 years on this planet, swizzerland.

  61. Lysé says:

    I like this way of answering our questions – you always make me laugh :0)

    Giving people hope is something you do well,


    Lysé xx

  62. Tarry says:

    Some women really do have crazy circumstances. Perhaps she’s too busy with studies & she knows that a relationship will be a bad influence on it. Perhaps she has strict parents (like I do). I think she really must be experiencing something difficult to hold off dating this man, she seems to like him a lot. I’ve been through the exact same. I would rather set a man free & be happy for him than waste his time, no matter how much I like him. I would say something different to him though; something along the lines of:

    “I really like being around you, it makes me feel incredibly happy. I like you as a person & I can see myself being with you. However, my circumstances make it difficult to be emotionally involved with someone at this point in my life. Out of respect, I don’t want to waste your time or lead you on, I want to set you free & I want you to be happy. If you meet someone else by the time I am ready, it’s okay & if you haven’t, then we could definitely give it a shot.” – of course she can throw in the line of wanting to be herself completely when she’s with him, that’s an excellent idea – it will make him look forward to potentially dating her. :)

    I’m not a dating expert, but I firmly believe in mutual respect, & that respect is the most important thing to a man; it is more important to a man than love is…

    • Tarry says:

      Also, adding value to a man’s life is one of my core beliefs. Wanting him to be happy is one of the most selfless acts, because you are okay with letting him go. It may hurt a lot, but I believe that if you truly like or love someone, you do so by setting them free, not confining them.

  63. Dani says:

    I am soo happy to see this video on a case study, when the girl is not ready yet. I would like to point things a little bit differently because I think there are a lot of women in Matt’s audience, who are just not ready for the marriage yet.

    I have posted this request before, but could Matt make his next video on girls, who are just not ready to get married yet. Should they date anyone, should they enter a relationship in case they know they are not ready for marriage yet.
    Me being a 28-year-old woman who consciously stopped dating at the age of 21 and have been staying away from guys ever since. I stopped because my motivation about dating was that I found someone interesting and I was curious about them, but on several relationships the guys fell really deeply in love with me and I felt really bad about it.
    After that since 21, I started battling some issues – shitty job, which was draining me, then an eating disorder, career change, etc.. But now all this is ending and I am soon embarking on a new future. And the topic of love life is really bothering me. I believe if you are young, you should take opportunities, but I don’t know how to approach things, having in mind my past experience. I am attracted to guys, but I am not really to commit for life yet and I don’t want to break anyone’s heart.
    I loved this case study in this video. I bet there are a lot of women in your audience in their 20s or just not ready for the big step yet. I would be really, really happy if you make a video for us!!!
    Thanks, Matt! Have a great holiday season! :))

  64. Kerly says:

    Is that fair in terms of the other person tho, if he starts waiting after you?

  65. Novella says:

    Loved your video Mat !

  66. Jenny says:

    Love the format Matt, plus your direct and down to earth advice.

  67. Denali says:

    I liked this type of video, and I LOVED the pun!

  68. Darci says:

    Jameson is hilarious! He is the perfect sidekick cause he also brings out the humor in you! Puns are awesome!

  69. Cindy says:

    I like this free to ask a question and have Matthew answer it. Of course, if he can’t then maybe someone from his staff can. Preferably Matthew but I know it’s not realistic to have him answer everything

  70. Ange says:

    Hey Matt
    Been following your newsletters for a while and really like these new style short videos.
    Now they’re even better with the live case study version.! Very informative and genuine
    from a guys perspective, that we don’t often get to hear, and both answers to the email were useful – wish I’d known them earlier.

    PS The puns make for added hilarity.

  71. Janet says:

    Yes, the written question format is fine as long as you don’t come down on the writer for asking an ambiguous question. Not to verbose you on this, but a call-in person can clarify herself; a writer hasn’t got that option. It’s likely many written questions will have this sort of problem so being a little gentler on your writers wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  72. Luky says:

    the case study format is great!

  73. Luky says:

    Loved it – in fact I’m in a similar situation; I am building my business and it’s been hard to be full on in my relationship. When you said that if it’s the right relationship then you wouldn’t care if you were ready or not it sounded really good to me. Because it may take quite a while to have my business running smoothly and I don’t want to stay single for a long time. But the guy who’s with me should be supportive of my work, as I would be of his.

  74. Syd says:

    LOVE the ‘Case Study’ format!

  75. Kathleen says:

    This was great and fresh also funny.

  76. Syd says:

    you named her after cheese?

  77. Zara says:

    Hi Matt

    You two make a good team.


  78. Angela says:

    Love this format, especially the profanity!! Keep it up!

  79. Chantal says:

    Yes, more of these!!! Your answers to specific dilemnas are useful and give a chance to those who cannot call on a radio show to have questions answered. Is there an address that these case questions can be sent to?


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