How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk (Especially After a Breakup)

“How do you avoid negative self-talk after a breakup? My ex was extremely critical and I want him out of my head.”

That is the question we answer in this week’s brand new video. I say “we,” because I’m not alone in this one. I’m joined by a very special friend of mine, Jeannie Mai – Emmy Award-winning co-host of “The Real,” and host of the podcast “Hello Hunnay.”

And, what makes this video “extra” special is that it’s taken from a 90-minute interview I did just for my Love.Life members, so you’ll get a taste of what goes on behind the curtain of my private membership.

If you are struggling with negative self-talk, this video is literally a precise prescription for what to do next. It’s 7 minutes of viewing that will make your life better today, I promise.

P.S. If you find this video as valuable as I know you will, and would like to watch the full 90-minute interview, you can access it right now with a free 14-day trial to our Love.Life Membership. Claim your trial at

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One Simple Behaviour That Helps Relationships Last

Stephen Hussey

Have you ever played the game where you guess which of your friends in relationships are going to stay together?

It’s not a habit to be proud of, but most of us have found ourselves, perhaps with our friends or partners, idly criticizing the couples around us:

  • “She always gives him shit when she’s tired. You can tell it really annoys him.”
  • “He’s totally unromantic and never does anything thoughtful.”
  • “You can tell that she resents his mum trying to help with the new baby.”

And maybe the flaws we identify are real. Often though they tend to reflect our own prejudices and pet peeves as much as anything else. We think to ourselves, “I would hate to be with someone like that. How can he/she stand it?”

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To My Community

To all the Black members of my community, we stand with you, always. My team and I love you, and you matter to us.

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Is Love Still Possible in 2020?

This video is an honest look at what the near future of dating could look like for you if you’re single right now.

Even as parts of the world open up again, a vaccine appears to be at least 8-12 months away. That means that for about another year, there will be some significant implications for our dating lives…

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How to Keep the Flame Alive in Quarantine

I’ve lost count of what week of social distancing we’re in. But I do know that if you’ve been living with someone since quarantine started then you’ve had your ups and downs.

We need space in our relationship for desire to thrive. But how do you create space with someone who is always there?

If space isn’t coming naturally in your relationship, there are ways to engineer it. And this video isn’t just about getting space, it’s about bringing back the moments of magic, and romance, and love…

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Is It Really Possible to Stop Caring About What Others Think?

I wanted to use today’s video to talk about our fear of what other people think.

How often do you find yourself anxiously thinking about what others think of something you’ve done? Or not doing something because you’re worried about how your friends, family – or even strangers – will react if you do?

My answer might surprise you, and it also contains the secret to how I’ve continued to do what I do, regardless of what people think…

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4 Fears That Stop People Opening Up To You

Stephen Hussey

People spend a lot of time asking the question:

“How to do I get my partner to open up?”

But they rarely think about the ways in which they regularly punish their partner whenever they want to reveal their beating vulnerable heart.

The problem with just saying to someone, “you should open up more”, is that it’s a frustratingly vague request.

Being of a British upbringing, inculcated with some of my countrymen’s stereotypical reserved psyche, and raised by parents who were mostly of the school of ‘get up, keep going, don’t complain’, some of my early relationships were…tricky when it came to emotional sharing.

That said, I believe that too often the blame is squarely focused on the person who doesn’t want to open up. Yes, part of the onus is on them to be more generous in sharing how they feel. But we should also ask ourselves: Am I making it easy or difficult for others to open to me?

I can’t speak for everyone on this topic. No doubt there are many people who have past trauma and deeper issues that make it hard or nearly impossible for them to trust in someone enough to show vulnerability.

But for myself, I’ve noticed that a huge amount of my emotional openness depends on feeling like I have the right environment to be free to express what’s really going on inside.

So if you want your partner, family, or friends to open up emotionally, here are 4 worries that are probably going through their minds that need to be dealt with first:

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Is It Risky to Flirt with Him? How to Read His Signs

“WTF? Do not use this.”

This is a comment I received last week. It was in response to a flirty little text that I suggested you use with the guy who is on your mind right now. In fact, this text really seemed to divide people.

So, here is that response…

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7 Irresistible Texts to Flirt From a Distance

In today’s video, I’m bringing you some practical advice on how to flirt at a distance.

Some “Quarantexts,” if you will. Ahem.

These texts are designed to bring a smile to his face (and yours), as well as kick off a playful dynamic so you can develop (or strengthen) your bond – even when you’re not physically together…

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How to Keep Momentum with Someone You’re Talking to Long-Distance

Maybe you went into the quarantine with a love interest already who is now “long-distance.”

Or maybe you just met someone online during isolation.

Either way, my guess is you want it to actually go somewhere and not fizzle out during this time while you can’t see each other.

So how do you keep the momentum going? Today’s brand spanking new video (woohoo) shows you exactly that, with something blindingly obvious that 99% of people are not using to their advantage.

Want Some Ideas for Your Voice Note?
These 5 Compliments Build Instant Attraction

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