It’s Finally Here…The Matthew Hussey Love Life Podcast!

After a long time in the making, I’m finally releasing my very own podcast into the world!  After years of people asking for one, this is my way of giving you regular content that you can download on-the-go, anywhere, anytime.

New episodes will be available THREE times a week, ready for you to listen on your way to work, in the car, when you’re doing the vacuuming… it’s your choice! Just go to ITunes and type “Matthew Hussey” in the search bar. Make sure you click subscribe and you’ll have automatic access to your regular dose of content.

I’m so happy I can put this in your hands.

Treat this podcast as your regular source of advice, inspiration, techniques and most of all, your wake up call to TAKE ACTION in your love life.

Can’t wait to get started with you.

Head over to iTunes here and subscribe to the show.

(And if you’re not familiar with podcasting, here are simple steps to get access right away.)


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3 Replies to “It’s Finally Here…The Matthew Hussey Love Life Podcast!”

  • Hi Matthew. It’s been a year that I’m following you. I wrote for you before. I admire you! The way you talk and the stuff you talk about are great! You have helped me alot in my life by your amazing videos! Now I’m doing Online Marketing, and I also need your tips about how I can be successful in social media. it may sounds weird, but you are on 10 top list now and it means you know how to be phenomenal! I have mentors, but you are the oldest one that I’ve been following and it would be very helpful if you taught us how to be great in our job also. Have a blessed day.

  • Hi Matthew, just listened to your podcast for the first time and although I somewhat agree with your comments on women and sex I felt a strong need to comment on your remarks about how women should pretend to be something they’re not in order to get a relationship. Its just reverting back to the oppresive, old fashioned adage that a women cant be respected if she wants to sleep with you. Firstly, I think men mustnt like themselves very much in order to think that way and secondly, I wouldnt want to enter a relationship with a man who judges me differently for doing the same thing hes doing! Men who try to make you feel bad about yourself for sleeping with them are not very good lovers! Perhaps I will start a podcast educating men on how to respect and understand women, you might find it useful!

  • Thank you so much. This is so great ! I just loce the few podcasts that i listened to. Will it be also available on stitchers or soundcloud ? it would be easier for people (for me too) who don’t have a iphone or a mac ! Thanks !

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