Q&A – He Only Wants to Date You Once You’ve Lost Weight?!!

This week I invited all of you to send me your questions (and was surprised and delighted by the kind of issues that came up!)

Here are some of the meaty topics we ended up covering:

– Why do guys in relationships still indulge in sexual fantasy?

– Is it ok to feel resentful when you only get attention from guys after losing weight?

– How do you know if a guy is cheating?

And if all that isn’t enough, I’m joined by my incredibly handsome brother Stephen, who once again returns to my channel by popular demand.

I know you’ll enjoy this one!

Within just one day of swinging open the doors, all 755 spots on my Impact program sold out! Congratulations to those of you who were able to get a spot! I can’t wait to hear your success stories!

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