Quick Secret To Success: Stop Starting Things And Start Finishing Them Instead

Something that really frustrates me right now is seeing people start things and not finish them.

In this video I tell you why that is, and how to get something back underway and done through to completion.

Question Of The Day:

Find something today that you’ve not finished, and actually finish it. What is it going to be? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Susan Davis says:

    I have most of the material I need to finish a book I started on Reiki (energy healing modality). I haven’t finished it yet because I’m torn between using the material, instead, as part of an online certification program. However, I had the thought just last night that the book could be separate but offered as part of the program, but that would require me to come up with even more material for the program. Am I overthinking this?

    I should just finish the book and then work on the program. I need a life coach. LOL

  2. /L says:

    You’re amazing Matt,
    Going to finish the scrapbook to my bff asap now. Have put it up for such a long time!

  3. Payton Lake Martin says:

    Hey Matthew Hussey,

    I just wanted to share with you (as I am sure you have heard from so many women previously) that I believe your advice is quite wonderful! Everything from life advice to relationship, it’s great hearing or reading it when I check my emails at random. How strange it seems that I’ve been reading and listening to your videos for at least the last year or two, but I have never shared my gratitude! I want to thank you for being another proactive and encourgaing person in the world! I cannot say that I always apply your concepts or that I am a devoted Hussey fan; though, I have enjoyed following the links and learning more about the world from your perspective or another guy’s such as your brother. It’s always wonderful to hear another encouraging word, and I just want to thank you! Also, your “Get the Guy” book was an interesting read…it made me think about all that I or my friends do that could come off to a guy as not interested. Whether for small encouragements of the day or for advice that I will always take with me, thank you Matthew!

    -Payton Lake

  4. Manda says:

    I think it was an episode of Rachael Ray with you & Peter Walsh…you explained that when you moved out on your own you would put your dinner in the microwave & use that 5 minutes to tidy up. When your food was ready you actually wanted 5 more minutes, because you had shifted your focus! That was brilliant because I have several large projects & I’m defeated before I move, but just 5 minutes didn’t look so bad! If I can force myself for 5 minutes I DO shift my focus & FINISH THINGS! Thank you for both pieces of advice.

  5. Alhanouf says:

    Amazing video and just at the right time for me. you are absolutely correct and it is so sad when we have a pile of unfinished things and we consume our thoughts an energy in staring new things instead of finishing them. it’s worth the share and I’m sure all my friends (in training residents ) will appreciate this advice.

    thanks Matt

  6. Maradoll says:

    This is such an inspiration to me Matt. Hardly anyone talks about the value in completing what one starts…it’s all about starting something new, and no wonder we live in a society where many are ADD! I love your thoughts and I am taking them to heart as I continue in my music and writing. As usual, thanks for the valuable mentorship you provide ;)

  7. Jenny says:

    Dear Matt,

    I would have to agree about your frustration regarding people who start things and not finish them, which is why I’m currently disappointed with Get the Guy.

    I won’t go into detail on here, but I spoke with Steve on the phone regarding the retreat, and he promised to do several things as a follow-up, and since then I never heard from him (or anyone on your team) again.

    I was offered a spot, and I admit I was on the fence about accepting it. But following our phone conversation, I decided that the goals of the retreat were directly in line with what I most need, and I was looking forward to accepting the position and attending in April.

    Now, I understand there is a lot going on with your business, so I did email and text him as our call-back date approached, but I got no response. I’m only commenting on here because I’m not sure how else to leave feedback.

    I just want to say that I’m disappointed. What you offer in the retreat is life-changing and would be worth every penny if it delivered on its promises, but if you cannot deliver the simple promises of an email and a phone call, I find it difficult to trust that you’ll deliver a changed life.

    I wish I’d had the $4,000 up front to immediately reserve my spot; perhaps that would have made the difference. I think what you do is remarkable and I would have liked to have been a part of it.

    Kindest regards,


  8. jillian says:

    Thank you Matt :) ! You’re always extremely helpful and spot on. My item to finish tomorrow is my personal statement for my graduate school application for the University of Westminster. I really want to finish it and send it off by Monday. I’ve received my letters of recommendation so that last step is me! Look forward to your suggestions on the London hot spots ha. X. Thanks, Jillian

  9. Allison says:

    Love this!!! It is something I have been working on for a while now. I have managed to because of this, finish organization projects,as well as one of my paintings, including making the frame for it myself! Truly an awesome feeling I agree :)

  10. Nhyirabea says:

    Funny you should talk about this, it’s the story of my life but am changing the script now. I have three unfinished movie scripts and an unfinished application process which I started last year to Parsons. Am going to start working on seeing them through one at a time.

    Thanks Matt, you’re truly inspirational.

  11. A.M. says:

    I recently graduated Cosmetology school in Southern California, but I haven’t gotten my license yet. No more excuses. The application is in the mail. Thanks for the kick in the butt, Matthew.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Matthew…

    Today I finished my first solo mini-album, and uploaded it the distributor… done and dusted:-) Thanks for this video to remind me why it’s so important to finish things… and looking forward to seeing you in Florida in October!

    Hugs Elisabeth

  13. Mavis says:

    Or C) they wrote the book but lost the ability (dumped on benefits) to pay for the much needed web site.

  14. erika says:

    I love this message. We girls need to follow this wisdom. Finishing what you start is important.

  15. Kasia says:

    Guilty :( Last may I started to write a book. I really need to get on that and finish it.

    Fuck….how do you see right through me with every video?

    Thanks for the reminder. Cheers.

  16. yangease says:

    That is what I kept saying: Mathew is not just trying to help me find a good guy, he is focusing on inspiring me to be a great woman and then attracts someone who is equally great as I am.

    That’s why I think you are great!

  17. Michelle says:


    Thank you for that.
    I love you and
    please don’t become too Americanized.

  18. Anna Krawczyk says:

    Hey – great video :) but do you have by any chance any advice for people with the other problem – those that actually start a lot and finish a lot as well. When I look back at my life (just turned 30 so it was a good moment to make some …) I see lots of things done – acutally I think all together it will do for at least three other people – that is why my friends have the first association with me – a successful person But my problem and greatest challange now is how to do less – well my health really paid the price of all those “achievements”. How to change this pattern, how to slow down. For me this seems a super challange. Do you know any techniques that could be helpful?

  19. Susanne says:

    :)♥:) Truly Amazing Matthew Hussey :)♥:)

    :) May I say: I ♥ to finish :)

    :) After watching your video ♥&♥ reading your blog I see the beauty in finishing everything that’s positive :)

    ♥ I agree Matthew Hussey ♥

    :) If human beings finish something positive they create LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE :)

    :)LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE is always enjoyable :)

    :) If it is possible to create LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE after finishing something positive,
    why not finish everything positive? :)
    Why doesn’t everybody finish everything positive? :)

    :) I hope soon everybody will know ♥&♥ start finishing everything that’s positive :)

    ♥ If everybody knew of the LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE that is truly ♥ enjoyable after finishing everything positive
    ♥ I believe everybody would loooooooooooove to always finish everything positive :)♥
    ♥&♥ we’d live in a world of LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE

    :) With all my heart I hope everybody finds the beauty in finishing everything that’s positive ♥&♥ falls in LOVE in finishing everything that’s positive :) ♥&♥
    finished everything positive in future :)

    ♥ God bless the wonderful hero & planet earth :)♥
    ♥ May everybody find beauty in Finishing everything that’s positive ♥&♥ LOVE ♥&♥ PEACE :)♥

    :) Yes, let us enjoy everything positive :)

    :) A lovely thank you to Matthew Hussey for all the beauty :)


    • Susanne says:

      When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,”

      (John 19:30)

      Jesus said it too :)
      He shared everything that’s positive with us : true LOVE & PEACE :)♥♥♥

  20. Jackie says:

    Best Video Yet!!!

    Thank you.

  21. egle says:

    this is so timely for me! Just what I needed to hear, thank you.

  22. Mia says:

    Love your videos Matthew- specifically I love the way you think. I am totally guilty of only starting things and leaving it there. Laziness and lack of commitment are two big reasons why I think I don’t follow through.

    There’s another reason that may explain why people don’t follow through with things: it’s the fear of losing yourself in whatever “the project” is. It’s like analysis-paralysis..when your mind begins to calculate the investment of time, energy, and emotions it may require to get something done, it’s almost as if you become paralyzed and stop because your are worried that once you give it your 100%– you give it that time, energy, emotional investment, etc. you’ve lost yourself to whatever “it” is, and there may be no way to get back.

    I don’t know if any of that made sense (lol), but I think people do this in relationships too.. What are your thoughts on this?

  23. Mia says:

    Love your videos Matthew- specifically I love the way you think. I am totally guilty of only starting things and leaving it there. Laziness and lack of commitment are two big reasons why I think I don’t follow through.

    There’s another reason that may explain why people don’t follow through with things: it’s the fear of losing yourself in whatever “the project” is. It’s like analysis-paralysis..when your mind begins to calculate the investment of time, energy, and emotions it may require to get something done, alarm

  24. aishwarya says:

    Hey matthew! Great video. I will def. follow through and finish the task. I think you should do more videos on tips of success etc. You’re really good at motivating people! Appreciate it.

  25. Randa says:

    Just a question, what happens when you actually do lose interest and despite the effort of forcing yourself to finish, it just doesn’t mean anything to you or exite you as it did before anymore?
    I mean personally I am a finisher most of the time but I’ve also been faced with activities or projects that I started but haven’t finished despite several attempts to do so. As a matter of fact in some cases (like horseback riding for example) each time I tried giving it another chance I ended up ‘hating’ it even more.
    Nice video nonetheless!

  26. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    thats me.. O_o

  27. Tiffany says:

    Soo true… I know soo many people who start things, for example college or school, who never finish because they don’t want to push themselves. Thank you for the inspiration

  28. Holly says:

    Matt & Readers,
    I always get so much out of your messages when you are more yourself, and you are just trying to communicate with us. Especially when you toss in a few swear words, lets us know you are being honest!
    I am off to finish rearranging my storage unit, got to enjoy finishing the little things right!
    See you next week

  29. Irene says:

    The Musical The Book Of Mormon is hilarious. Enjoyed it thank youtube. I needed to get at times used to the language though.

    Right. Finishing is a process and everybody has his or her schedule on doing so. Thanks for your encouragement!

    The weather is great today. I’ll be out with a friend for ice-cream and a walk. I’ve started reading your book. I’ll pick it up again in the evening.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  30. Feebee says:

    So true. I started reading your “Get The Guy” book, but I have yet to finish it! haha….will get on it now ;)

  31. Victoria says:

    I finished my short film yesterday that we shot a year ago – the work of about 15 people and we are finally DONE ;)

  32. RB says:

    A point very well made, Matt. So many people, especially young people I find, lack discipline and willpower to see things through, perhaps because many things have come too easily to them. It’s good you are getting more into these broader areas because they certainly impact on our capacity for healthy relationships. I’m hoping to finish today a module of some online training.

  33. Dawn says:

    My phone went wonky, dropped me out of you tube and went back to your webpage near the end of this week’s episode. It took me about a minute to realize that it wasn’t over and “half finished”. That whole minute I kept thinking, “What a brilliant ass. Way to make a point.” Then I realized it was my phone that was brilliant and I was a bit disappointed. Still, great talk this week Matt. Keep them coming.

  34. Shannon says:

    I’ve recently started a website and kick my butt into writing a few posts. I have been delaying connecting the site to social media site out of fear. DONE. Thank you Matthew!

  35. Jill says:

    Right before you said, Some people just don’t know how to finish things. I was thinking most times thing I do are unfinished it’s because I have no clue how BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t continue trying. I will say that when I do stick to something and complete it I feel AMAZING. I would like to add if for some reason you find yourself struggling to finish something don’t be afraid to ask for help :) Who knows you may learn a new way of strategizing :)

  36. Abi says:

    I read recently that Pessimists talk about why things are not the way they should be and what they don’t have. That’s probably why i don’t complete things…what would i talk about then. NB I’m not happy to call myself a pessimist, just self aware and working on it, naturally :)

    As an aside, i attended the event in London yesterday and even though I’m familiar with the material,i still took away several fresh insights on how to apply it in my daily life. It’s was almost mesmerizing watching your Dad and seeing how similar you are in terms of your hand gestures and vocal inflections. And I laughed when he said he gets accused of trying to be you before people get ti know who he is…

  37. TC says:

    HA! Why must you be my conscience and my mother at the same time on this subject? She says the same thing to me for every project I put on the shelf after putting a lot of effort into it to watch it like, dissolve in my face. You simply get flustered with the idea of continuing along in the process of something that may be a worthwhile venture but is crushing your hopes the more the results bear no fruit. I am well aware of the need to dig through a couple of setbacks to move toward a finished state but wouldn’t it be better suited, when you have gotten too close and too engrossed in something, to take a step back, relax and then proceed with its continuance? Sometimes, you need a break from the self-induced (or other factored) pressure to complete. I don’t think that concept is addressed enough. I do agree with what you are saying because it is a relief when you finish but it ain’t so fun if you’ve lost momentum and a willingness to see the end result along the way.

    Anywho, this is the best weather we’ve had in Chicago basically the entire winter so I hope you weren’t too chilly and got some great food!

  38. A says:

    It’s so hard to finish something if you’ve lost the love for it. Or think you’ll finish it crappily.

    Hmm. I haven’t started any projects lately. That could be a problem! I’ve been meaning to make banana bread. Poor bananas are black, but they are sweeter that way.

    I hope your videos never become too polished. I like the homey aspect of them. I’m going to go and think of some projects! While baking banana bread. :-)

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