Real Men Carry Cash

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I decided to do an episode geared towards men on the value of always having cash at hand. Ladies, you’ll see how this appeals to you at the same time. Enjoy!

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  1. Natasha says:

    It’s so true and weird. This even works for women! I started carrying around cash and it makes me feel sexy and powerful. I don’t know why – it just does. Every other Friday I withdraw a few hundred dollars so I always have cash on me.

  2. Leecis says:

    Hell yes!

  3. Bridget Eason says:

    This kind of made me laugh because I had an ex and he was short $2 and he asked me for the cash. This happened about 7 years ago on our first date and I remember it because it kinda ticked me off. Fast Forward to last year, I was meeting a guy for a second date and I had to pay for parking in LA and they only accepted cash which I didn’t have on me an CD there were no ATMs around. I called my date and he actually came and “saved the day” for me!

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