Ryan Seacrest And My Crappy T-Shirt

A couple of weeks ago many of you will know that I went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

What you may not know is that I wasn’t exactly prepared for it…

In this week’s video I tell a little behind-the-scenes story of how I was thrown into the show without the chance to get fully prepared, and the lessons I took away from the experience in how to deal with such high-pressure situations.

From The Video

When something like this happens, we can immediately get resentful, we worry we’re not ready, and we start making excuses for ourselves.

The reality is, if you’re not in control of the situation, you have to be ready in the moment.

There were 3 decisions I made when this happened to me to shift my focus and that allowed me to perform under pressure.

1) Get Grateful

I told myself that, ‘This is an opportunity – no matter the form it’s coming in. It may have come at a time when I didn’t know it was going to come; I may not be completely ready for it, but it’s a great opportunity and I’m unbelievably grateful to have it.’

2) Get Back To Basics

If I communicate from a place of meaningful intention and authenticity, then I can overcome imperfections in the way I communicate. I may not have every answer polished in the exact right way, but if I communicate from the heart and I’m authentic, the audience is going to feel my passion.

3) This Is A Learning Experience

This is a great moment for me to try performing under pressure when I’m not ready for it. I now get to perform in a way that is spontaneous and unanticipated – and I know that there are going to be times in my future where I’m going to have to do this – so I might as well learn now.

What better way to learn than in a high stakes environment like this?

One of the greatest ways to change your state in any moment is to change your focus.

Is what you’re focusing on empowering you? Or is what you’re focusing on detrimental to your state?

If you determine your focus you’ll determine how you’ll feel – and of course when you know you can determine how you feel, you can bring a completely different game to any situation.

Here are the videos from the day with Ryan where you can watch me go through this process, and see me being part of a show I really wasn’t ready for.

The segment is split into 4 videos which should run through automatically on a playlist as soon as each one has finished. Just hit play to start. Enjoy!

Hopefully this helps you out with the next situation you’re in that throws you off guard.

Question Of The Day:

Not feeling prepared for a date? Not ready to meet the parents?

Where might the opportunity to use these 3 strategies in your love life come up in the near future? Let me know in the comments below!

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