Say THIS to Him, Then Watch Him Melt 😉

In this video, I tell you EXACTLY what to say so that he’ll ask you out again (and again, and again)…

It’s genuinely crazy to me how obvious the phrase in this video is… and yet, they still aren’t doing it. I’m excited to read your thoughts in the comments.

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We can go on a date and have a great chat with someone, have a great connection, feel like, “Oh wow, this was fun, we got on really well,” but that doesn’t secure the next date. Simply having good conversation on a date isn’t necessarily enough to create a second date or third date. Because when we see someone romantically, there are two things that are really necessary. One is the connection that we often feel when we have great conversation with someone, when we feel like time just flew by. And the other one is the sense that we actually feel desired by that person.

And I really believe one of the things that people do wrong in the early stages of dating is that they don’t actually show any desire for the other person. They have great conversation. They can talk and talk and talk, “Oh my God, three hours passed and we’re still talking, but I still don’t know if you find me attractive on that level.” So how do you do this? Are you ready? It’s revolutionary: Tell them. Tell them that you find them desirable.

There’s an indirect way to do this. And let’s say there was someone that you were particularly attracted to because of their passion about what they do. You could say to someone, “When I first met you, I thought your passion was really endearing. Like I really enjoyed that about you. I mean of course I also sent you a message because I thought you were already handsome, but your passion for what you do, I just found really intriguing.” I’m slipping it in there as if it’s a side note, but what I’m really telling you is I am sexually attracted to you and thereby I’m communicating that: A. I am a sexual being (understated and it’s important by the way), and B. It shows that I have it towards you.

I really believe that so often things don’t progress because people might have a kind of connection, but they don’t have chemistry. And even a tiny thing like this can fuel chemistry, where before there was only connection.

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5 Replies to “Say THIS to Him, Then Watch Him Melt 😉”

  • I love the script. opening to someone about how you feel gives them the arge and vigour to feel more intrested in you and even love you more.

  • I seem to attract all the wrong kinds of men!! I’m told I’m gorgeous, sexy, desirable and very hot – by 80-90 year olds who are scruffy, fat, bald and illiterate , – or 19-39 year olds who just want sex. I say that I’m fussy, not desperate, which is true, but I’d love to have a man in my life again.
    I am told that I look 50. I am 75.
    Where am I going wrong??? Help!!! Please!

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