This (Innocent) Phrase Scares Great Guys Away

I can’t believe how many women still write this on their Tinder profiles.

This toxic phrase scares off a huge amount of men, yet it feels like at least 25% of women do it.

I’ll show you a simple shift that gets a guy to chase you, instead of pushing him away…

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45 Replies to “This (Innocent) Phrase Scares Great Guys Away”

  • I like the new direction of recent videos. It’s way funnier and more humorous and effective.

    And a huge shoutout for Jameson playing the douche bag!

  • Hahaha this vid was cute and cheeky. I accidentally laughed loudly at the end, scaring everyone around me (I have headphones in). Now I’m embarrassed
    I’m not single, but if I was, I would be left wondering what I SHOULD write on a dating profile. Personally, I think it’s easier to articulate what you don’t want. I mean, I don’t even know what I want for dinner tonight…

  • Glad to see a great video from you Matthew Hussey I had turned off for you for a while as your video blogs were sooo long and took ages to get to the point. This one ‘innocent phrases…’ is to the point, just the right length, funny, relevant, well produced and presented. I will start listening to you again now if this is your new standard

    1. I like you’re long videos, but I’m also someone who’s bought a couple of your programs and taken time to watch through them several times. And guess what? I just got engaged!

  • Love these videos….”Spot on….as usual”! ;) <3 Thanks Matthew! Look forward to the next one…

  • This video is so real!
    Thank you Matt, subscribing to your blog is one of the most intelligent decisions I’ve ever made!


  • Here’s a sentence that I use in my profile:
    “How I yearn to meet a man who will meet my love with his steady presence.”

    Worked so well.

  • This video is very true, but if you happen to still coach men could you pass along this message on to them as well please? I see SO many profiles listing all of their dislikes, especially things like “no drama, “hates conflict,” or “if your about XYZ, we probably won’t get along.” I then do the same thing as the guy in the video- swipe left and feel like I dodged a bullet. This practical advice for EVERYONE.

  • You’re absolutely right, Matthew. In the day when I viewed profiles, this kind of comment from men turned me off. It made these guys sound like they’ve been around the block a few times and had become jaded.

  • Well now I just have to make sure that I include serial killers in my list of do not wants.Thanks Matthew! As I hail from the PNW that’s actually a concern. Kind of. Meh.

    Anyways, this video was my second favourite following closely behind the high value man one with your equally intelligent brother.

    One question…I believe wholeheartedly that language and the words we choose are important and can make or break any situation(romantic or otherwise)but enlighten us on how our tone affects situations. Especially if and when we don’t notice that we have a certain tone which someone finds irksome. Perhaps that’s simply how we speak.

  • That was one of the best videos ever! This was very helpful because I know I’ve made this mistake before. Online dating is pretty much the ONLY dating I do, and it sucks! I know I need to expand my dating circle/options, but dont really know how to do that. I know I can get shy around guys sometimes. Hoping that you and your team can help me out with that at the retreat. 5 more weeks!!! WooHoo!!

    Also, I busted out laughing when I saw Jameson!! LOL!!!

  • Fantastic video!!!!! So real! So fun!! And mostly.. It makes sense.. you’re so right!! Going to check out what my profile says right now!

  • So true. I just read on a profile: “Not interested in a relationship, and no hook-ups.”
    Could have just swiped right anyhow, but you feel better when you stick to your own standards, so left it was ;)

  • Oh my… I don’t do online dating, but my scene in Facebook says: “If you don’t listen to Tool, I’m afraid you’re not worth my time” :0 …placed that little joke there to scare away recently added guys with a different cultural background which are not my type, and are attracted to me enough to view my FB front page. Know I see it’s bitter, me tired of attracting the kind I’m not interested in. I have THE book (GTG), I’ll re-read the part that mentions it and work on that.

  • Great video,Matthew!! The contant is very real and you made it soooo entertaining too. I loved watching it

  • I am dying laughing , This is one of my favorite videos to date! You guys are so creative & yet helpful/ impactful.

    What advice do you have if I’m over online dating, but I also don’t have a wingwoman to go out with? That’s the only reason I use online dating, and would much prefer to meet a guy in person. There’s only so many encounters that can happen at the grocery store, haha. Literally all of my girl friends have boyfriends & kids, and never go out. Should I be hittin’ the bars alone? This seems really risky, b/c won’t they wonder why I don’t have any friends or seem desperate? The activities I enjoy for fun tend to be female dominated. Wish there were more men at yoga and my tahitian and samba dance classes, buuuuuut… Lol

    1. How about practice Matt’s advice of being social wherever you go, make friends with some of the ladies at your yoga, tahitian and samba dance classes and before you know it you’ll have your wing woman?!

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