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  1. Hi Matt, this video is what I really needed and I will certainly follow the advice! Analysing my behaviour lately I have understood that I did similar things already when interacting with men I was not interested in, and got from them the kind of behaviour I would have wanted from the one I liked who, on the contrary, obviously didn’t consider me ‘challenging’ enough! There had to be something wrong!

  2. I wish Matthew would just clone himself x three billion and a half so we could have a man who respects us. What a kind and caring person, your Mum raised you well. :)

  3. Thanks Matt! This was exactly what I needed to hear. I have a few friends who do not inspire me or live up to my standards and I realize I need to let them go. I’m not afraid of never finding better people to be with nor being alone, what stops me is that “you are not inspiring enough for me” feels like a horrible thing to say to a friend, but this video showed me how I can do i in a nicer way. Thank you for that!

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