7 Subtle Signs He Genuinely Likes You (Don’t Miss #7)

Does he really like you?

You may be asking yourself this question right now.

This video is going to help. I give you 7 surprising and unexpected signs that someone genuinely likes you…

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Seven signs that a guy likes you:

Number one, people often say that if a guy is trying to impress you, that means he likes you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you. It might mean he likes himself. See, narcissists give great first dates, because they want you to fall in love with them and reflect their glory back at them, but the person who actually likes you shows that they are impressed by you. They are someone you have made an impression on.

Number two, he’s not afraid to be earnest about his affection for you, even if it gets him teased. We’re often worried that our friends or our family are going to taunt us for being too affectionate with the person we like. When he stops caring about that, you know he’s really started caring about you.

Number three, when he has to get dressed up for an occasion, when he’s looking his best, he’ll find an excuse on that day to send you a picture. He may not take a selfie and send it to you, but he’ll take a picture of him with his brother or his mom and be like, “Hey, look. We’re having a great day.” What he’s really saying is, “Look at me. This is the best dressed I’ve been all month, and I want you to see it.”

Number four, he calls you around 6:00 after work to tell you about his day, because you’re the one he wants to share his news with. I’m not talking about the phone call he makes to you at midnight where he says, “Hey, I have some news. I have a boner. Where are you right now?” I’m talking about the guy who actually wants to talk about his day.

Number five, he’s prepared to wait for intimacy. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it. It doesn’t even mean he won’t maybe try to have it early on, but when you delay him and you say, “That’s not my speed,” he still wants to see you again and he’s more than prepared to wait.

Number six, he finds time to see you, even when it’s not convenient. Now, I’m not saying he finds a day to see you or even three hours to see you, but when someone likes you, they will cobble together whatever time they have from the scraps just to be able to get 15 minutes to say hi to you. I’m not talking about the hookup right now. I’m talking about his desire just to see your face. When someone likes you, they make it happen.

Number seven, and let this one sink in, he wants to go to the movies with you after sex. Most guys will take women on dates, go to movies, go to dinners before they have sex, and then they wake up and they’re like, “Okay. Now, leave, please. I want to go and be with my friends.” When you wake up with the guy and he’s like, “Hey, you, with the crazy hair, let’s go see a movie,” he likes you.

So, there it is. I have a free guide for you called The Five Compliments, which gives you five exact compliments you can give to a guy that not only get him more attracted to you, but also give him a clue that you are attracted to him. Go download them now at SayThisToHim.com. I’ll see you there.

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