Why Thanksgiving Makes People Sexier

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve recorded a holiday message for you.

I’m pretty sure you’ve never associated the holiday with attraction before… But I’m going to show you how the two are linked.

This is by far my favourite American holiday. I like the idea of a holiday that isn’t attached to any big ideal or thing; it’s just a time to give thanks and get together with the people you love.

This year I’ve been invited to so many homes, and it’s just struck me as a time where everyone is looking to take care of each other.

It’s certainly true that happiness can come from a lot of different things, but I think the pinnacle of happiness comes from being grateful.

Why Be Grateful

You may not be in the U.S., but I do think the premise of being grateful makes it a useful day for all of us.

You can be thankful for your family, your job, for the time of your life, for what’s coming in the future, for experiences you’ve had…

And it’s an important distinction to make that what we’re thankful for doesn’t have to be the thing that gives us pleasure.

Sometimes we’re grateful for the things that bring us pain; an experience, a learning curve, a breakup that taught us something…

There are so many reasons to be grateful that might have nothing to do with pleasure at all.

Gratitude and Attraction

The more we’re thankful for things in our life, the more zest we have for life, the happier we are – and when we’re all of those things, we bring a different energy to the room. We impact on people in a completely different way.

Being grateful is completely tied to attraction because it’s tied to our energy.

The #1 reason people become attracted is not looks, it’s not because you’ve ticked every box for character traits they would want; it’s the energy you feel for someone when you’re around them.

So my ‘assignment’ for you today is to…

–Write down 3 things you want to be grateful for – big or small – and feel yourself getting a little happier and ‘zestier’ about life in the process.

Let me know what they are in the comments below.

Have an amazing day!

Matt x

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