The REAL Secret to Getting Closure (It’s not what you think…)

Let’s face it, I have a weird job.

This week, if you’ve ever wanted a behind-the-scenes preview into the actual life of a “dating coach” (God, I hate that job title), then make sure to watch this week’s video.

You’ll see some of my personal thoughts on the state of modern dating, as well as one of my most powerful mindset shifts to help you handle your emotional response when a guy flakes on you...

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39 Replies to “The REAL Secret to Getting Closure (It’s not what you think…)”

  • This is a great video Matthew! A bit different to your usual ones, I know you are a genuine guy but sometimes there is always a sales pitch at the end, this felt like you were just relaxing and letting us see a bit more of you and your life.
    Great one to watch today. Thank you

  • Loved this weeks video on closure. Matt disappointed i didnt know about the event in NY how to i get on the email list for these type of events. I know so many women that could have benefited!

    I especially enjoyed the topic with Elvis Duran on bread crumbs just spot on about that being worst that ghosting!

  • Thank you ever so much for opening my eyes, regarding relationships…and the wrong person I have been with. I know you get this a lot, and it is not something you are not familiarized with, but you have really helped me, like really real help. I started to believe that I do deserve better and that I do not want to settle with “1-day wager” and all of that and even more important to start to value myself more and it really is true that as soon as you start to do that everything else changes and everyone involved as well.
    And the blogs from your brother Stephen are so fun to read, big, huge fan!
    So without further ado….THX!

  • This potentially is the most powerful video I’ve seen of yours to date. I certainly fall into both categories being the “one day” gf and also the outcome dependent kind. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. For sharing the raw truth. You have encouraged me time and time again to keep my head. To stay on course. To only be with someone who adores me. So thank you.

  • Hi,
    the two last videos truly helped me.
    – I’ve send a -when he pulls away- text it makes him say what he was really thinking about our relationship. I was obviously afraid to hear/see what was really happening and it occupied my mind for the last two months (physically exhausting)
    – “when someone is not interested in you that’s closure”… so true !
    Truth hurts but makes me grow up. I feel so relieved now and I can imagine to move on ! So I will !
    Many many thanks to you Matthew and your team !!!!!!

  • Excellent — I want to say cinematography? Lol not an expert but the music, the lighting, the editing, the documentary-style with b/w — Really outstanding. Hussey gives good content as always, but kudos to Jameson, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a small team who deserve some credit too. But Hussey picked a winner working with Jameson. Beautiful artistry and vision; well done. <3

  • What a beautifully shot, intimate video. I’ve been watching over the years and it’s great to have such a different new perspective. Not only is it interesting but it allows you to feel more connected and see Matthew’s motivations.

  • Matthew,
    I wanted to say thanks for showing up in bed with me at 3:30 am the other weekend! 
    Ok, ok what I really mean is that I was unable to sleep one early Sunday morning due to the mental chaos I was putting myself through over one of these “someday boyfriends.” I had just recently realized that I often focused and clung to the potential in men and as a result, I excused some wildly unacceptable behavior.
    So I was tossing and turning, decided to check my email and there was your video. The headline made me click as I thought “how relevant is this email right now!” While watching the video, I was totally blown away as each segment felt like you put it together just to get a message to me. May sound a bit narcissistic, but literally everything in the segments directly spoke to me. And finally, when hearing what I already knew was true from your mouth, someone I’ve grown to trust and who I feel is genuinely concerned about the people you help, it brought tears to my eyes. It was just exactly what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. You know your name means “Gift from God.” For me that early morning, that video was indeed a gift! In fact, it was so good, you and I had to go another round… I mean I watched the video twice!! LOL. I love what you do, keep it up!

  • Hey Mathew; I know this video and others I’ve seen on YouTube are aimed at women as the audience but I wanted to say this video helped me also. Got dumped by a girl I really loved over a year ago and have moved on with my life but I saw her wedding pictures on Facebook today and it hit me a little hard. Totally irrational I know. Once I saw the things you said about progress and another YouTube video you did about enjoying being single I calmed down or came to my senses cause I’m doing all or most of the things you talked about already. I still have some work to do on myself as far as getting my career and finances in order but I’m moving in the right direction more and more everyday. Just wanted to say thanks for your work and it helped me.


  • I forgot why I had clicked on the video–but I was sucked in! I love the behind scenes view and yes, awesome cinematography (thanks Jameson!). Always inspiring, reflective, and positive! Much Love!! Thank you I hold on too long, perhaps I b/c I loose steam and don’t want to get out there and keep looking. Or I don’t really want someone, I’d rather sit im my own shit and complain Cus it’s comfortable. Lol. TMI. Have a good one!!!

  • I would classify my current state as “barely surviving” haha.

    But it’s got me running more, and opening my eyes to things I never knew, so not all bad.

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