The 4 Miserable Types Of Women On Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s looking like you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re on the brink of a relationship, or you’ve been committed with someone for a long time, there’s a take-home message in this video for you.

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68 Replies to “The 4 Miserable Types Of Women On Valentine’s Day”

  • Totally hilarious!!!!! Lol
    And you’re right.. We can’t just measure what we have based on a single day. Thanks Matt for sharing this vídeo with us. Loved it!!
    Have a great Sunday! ;)

  • Watching you lick that lemon was very funny. I’m definitely somewhere between 1 and 2. Probably because I had enough of being a 3 and 4.

  • What an amazing video!!! Love it!! Will be flying from México City to San Diego to see you live!! Cant wait!! :)

  • I absolutely love it when you’re goofy like that! Great decision you made one day, to show us that side, too. :D

    1. I like the way you talk and how funny you are Matt! If you did not get married, will you be my Valentine?? :D

      You should come to México, by the way…


  • Haha lovely take!
    Personally, I haven’t really given Valentine’s Day much of a thought ever since 6th grade or so – may also have to do with the fact that I now live in a culture where Valentine’s is just another marketable day like Halloween (and people here just don’t get the hang of ’em!).

    That said, I greatly appreciate your inputs, Matt, as they are invariably infused with a notion of self-respect & self-esteem which, no matter my “inner whereabouts”, are great reminders to bring me right back into focus, even when the topic at hand isn’t a direct issue for me.

    So thanks once again, and have a happy one of it!

  • Thank you Matt. You`re a great example what a great man looks like. You show us what we deserve and that it`s worth it, but mostly that it`s possible. It`s in our hands now.

  • Matt, You so shockingly casually destroy those gorgeous creatures – four roses. Even if, may be, not just for “fun” of doing it. How a real GARDENER would be? Those roses are innocent, so completely defanceless. In our marcie, our care, aren’t they? Even if they come from an anonymous, money driven industry. Stll, they share with us so much of the secrat beauty of life!
    You try to halp us, women, to became more sensitives to our own value. What about theirs?
    Thank You

  • Haha, I love the cheeky side ;)
    I am a mixture of no. 1 and 2.
    And I have to work the entire day valentines day. Probably well into the night.
    I have actually never had a valentines date. Well, maybe next year! :P

  • Hi. I wanted to mention you worded your title wrong. The four types of miserable women. It should be four types of women miserable or who are miserable on. When I oped the window here my first thought was,”Oh no! Please do not let me find out I am one of these four miserable types of women.” ha ha

  • The funniest video yet, and at the same time very effective. I loved how you bit into the lemon – very primal and manly – until you spit it out ha ha! I just started seeing someone, and didn’t want this day to carry too much weight – so I signed up for a dance instead – something I know I will enjoy, no matter what happens with the “guy” that day.

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