The Dumbest Way People Market Themselves

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  1. Me and my friends joke about the “actors” we feel they are so much better than everyone else and when you ask what they’ve been in they rattle off some “up and coming” short film. :/ So basically nobody knows who you are and you still eat Ramen noodles every night and sleep on someone’s couch :-o Stay humble my friends

  2. This reminded me of something my boss said to me when I lost my job to redundancy. He said that my ‘problem’ was that I was good at a lot of things but hadn’t honed my skills in one particular area. At the time I thought ‘why is that a problem? surely it’s good to have a diverse skill set’. I know now exactly what he meant and on my search for a new job I am realising just how important it really is to focus on one area.

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