The Most Handy Way Yet To ‘Get The Guy’

Last year my book, Get The Guy, became a New York Times bestseller in its debut week. Your support over the last year has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough for making one of my biggest dreams come true.

Today I have an exciting announcement…

The ‘bestseller’ title is important to me not for the bragging rights or the recognition, but because it symbolizes the astronomical number of women I’ve been able to reach and help find lasting love.

And now, together, we have a new opportunity to reach even more women, because…

*Get The Guy is now available in paperback!*

This new and improved edition has a shiny new cover (the publishers finally listened to me and took my face off the front – which makes for a more discreet read in public ;)), it has “New York Times Bestseller” printed on it (again, thanks to your word of mouth), and it’s smaller, lighter, and easier to carry around.

Here’s a refresher on what’s inside:

*Part 1: Find the Guy*

-How to become the chooser, not the chaser, so you can attract the guys you want
-Taking great conversations to first dates
-Texting (and actual examples you can use)
-Online dating – how to create a profile that gets results with men

*Part 2: Get the Guy*

-The ‘Attraction Formula’
-The art of creating a great date
-Sex Talk (part one)
-What to do if you’re stuck in the friend zone
-Why he hasn’t called (and how to get him to)

*Part 3: Keep the Guy*

-How to stop scaring guys away
-What guys really think about Commitment
-Sex Talk (part deux)
-Creating life-long relationships


Single or attached, Get The Guy will teach you how to expand your social circle, achieve the relationship you’ve always wanted, become a sparkling conversationalist, and live a happier life.

So please do what you do best and spread the word…

Grab some copies as gifts for your family and friends…

Or if you haven’t gotten one for yourself yet, now’s the perfect time.

*Get Your Copies of Get The Guy – Now in Paperback*

Thanks again for helping us achieve this milestone. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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