This Brilliant Line Got Me to Call Instead of Text

I’m guilty…

Like most men, I had fallen into the habit of only texting women instead of picking up the phone and calling.

It’s quick, it’s convenient, and I assumed it was the preferred method to keep in touch between dates – that is, until I met HER…


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43 Replies to “This Brilliant Line Got Me to Call Instead of Text”

  • Can you fix your website. I can’t use the zoom in feature on my iPad and the text size is too small to read without the zoom feature. Please don’t lock in the page with no zoom feature. Thanks for considering:)

  • Please. It isn’t always about pleasing a man. Why should they have to be coaxed into a simple gesture? Response is great, but interest from a woman is about his making personal gestures that make you feel important. Texting is great for saying “I’m here. Are you finding a parking place? Communication goes both ways.

  • Aren’t you amazing when it comes to giving tips for life? I like how you think about these things. We agree on that stuff. Good job, Matt!

  • I think what you’re saying in this video can be applyed in all aspects of life, not just love life :) really good vudeo, thank you :)

  • I loved the thoughtfulness in this video, how you took extra time to break down all the nuances of the communication so we could see the value in learning specific communication techniques and nuggets from you. Often, we get so caught up in our own emotional stew that we lose sight of how the words we choose to communicate with a man either push him away or bring him toward us. It is very helpful to take a step back and look at the process rationally, while learning from a man how men think. Looking forward to more!!

  • So far what I have heard on this particular subject has been helpful & encouraging. Having experienced an abusive controlling relationship with my spouse for 6 years, I’m all about taking back my personal power.
    Also learned quite a lot about the way people can manipulate or influence others only for their soul benefit. I don’t believe that is at all what a good relationship is about. The title of a self affirmation poem I wrote is titled ” journey to freedom-reclaiming my life” Which has be an extraordinary struggle to feel I can & should be able to fulfill those words as well as the 10 affirmations starting with I am A Victor not a victim ,second I will be independent not co dependant.Won’t go into all the rest now.
    Let me just say in that relationship I lived with constant fear & ,intimidation. Even after years of counselling, therapy re evaluation, and trying to find my center, my balance myself again it still feels pretty bleak on the romance front although I get attention I’m terrified to respond. Any suggestions for me?
    On a side note it’s good to know that it doesn’t always all come naturally to a certain set of men or women who just seem to “have it” A pretty silly thing I used to think if you could learn from movies & people to have it too.
    Since then I realized there is so much more to learn that most people won’t freely share or talk abouts.
    So thank you for generous shedding some much needed light on these perplexing issues. Which I guess are just a matter of being armed with good information rather than even just the smallest miss information.

  • Are there any coaches as insightful into this type of stuff as Matthew who do individual coaching? I’m 26 and have never dated anybody, and I’m clearly not doing a very good job fixing the many things wrong with me on my own. I don’t want my life to continue like this anymore. Therapy never helped any. Most coaches seem to spout a bunch of expensive, generic fluff rather than offering any real insight. If anyone who sees this can recommend someone, let me know! I set it to email me with followup comments. Thank you. :)

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      I would recommend looking at more of Matthew’s videos for guidance or maybe any of the programmes he offers. It’s not all about dating. It’s about being the best person you can be for yourself, your friends, family and reaching out and connecting with people. To not be disconnected from life. Think every day what you can do to try to improve how you feel and how you are. Something nice for yourself, something intellectual, being kind to others, growing, learning, connecting with another person? Starting very small but doing something consistently every day is absolutely the best way to achieve anything. You have the possibilities already there inside yourself so don’t be afraid to take the first step to start something. You’ll be so glad that you did.
      I think you need to concentrate on being kind to yourself and looking at what makes you happy first. Once you can live a life that you want, then you will become an even more attractive, interesting and dateable person that means it will happen naturally.
      Lots of luck, I took the small steps and it’s gets a million times easier every day I do something.

    2. Liz, you may like Chazz Ellis. I like his youtube vids but he also does coaching. check ‘im out. good luck:)

  • I dated a guy for 7 months went on vacations met each others families then he stopped calling. Then after month he called then we went on a 3 day vacation then he doesn’t call. What is this I refuse to reach out to him he lives with his parent I call him a mommas boy although I like him I refuse to reach out to him like I did when we first started dating please help

  • This sounds great, but maybe I missed something. It could be that I needed to actually call him rather than text we are like pen pals. It did not get him to pick up the phone. The text conversation was about why we probably should not pursue the relationship further. That being written, maybe that is merely confirmaton for me.

  • I’m not sure if I’ve missed my chance….

    So I’ve been talking to his guy for almost a year now. When I say talking, I mean texting. Almost everyday.
    But unfortunately I we haven’t had a telephone conversation. Now I’m scared to call him, but should I just do it and see if the conversation sparks we have texting translate to audio?

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