Turning Adversity Into Opportunity: Interview With Kathy Eldon

Today I want to bring a woman who to you who has had a major influence on my life since I came out to the U.S.

Her name is Kathy Eldon, and in this 15-minute interview we go into adversity, meaning, and how to develop self acceptance.

To find out more about Kathy’s book “In The Heart of Life” click here.

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  1. Susanne says:

    Wow YOU and Kathy Eldon :) Loooooooooooooooooooooooove :)

    Yes, I 100% agree :) LOVE is always the best :)
    I thank you with all my heart for emphasizing this here in such a beautful way :)

    I looooooooooooooooooooove you Matthew Hussey & Kathy Eldon :)

    All loviness to you :)
    Muahhhh a million times :)


  2. Annette McCartney says:

    Extraordinary video – it’s come at just the right moment. My life is a dark place to be just now – both my parents have died within the last 4 months, I’m unemployed and in debt. I only saw the video 5 minutes ago and I’ve already ordered Kathy’s book and signed up for the newsletter from her foundation. For the first time in a long while I see a flicker of light :-) Thanks, Matt.

  3. Maya Morgan says:

    Thank you Mat! You are right, I think a lot of us want to grow in all areas of our life. It’s a domino effect, as we understand that when we cultivate self-acceptance, it will influence our experience in every given moment. Thank you for sharing with us her book and story. I understand how she got to your heart, she is shining despite what she’s been throw and we can all learn from her. I’m excited to read her books! Have a nice tour Mat! Take care,


  4. Y says:

    Thanks Matt and Kathy. It’s way after midnight here in London, and I just finished translating this video into Russian for my godmother. She lost her only child this August – my favourite little cousin. Hopefully your advice will give her some sense of direction.

  5. Emilia says:

    People please help me out here!

    I like a guy and he likes me, the chemistry and connection we have is unreal. He smells amazing, he is athletic and we smile loads and laugh together.However, he has a girlfriend, but he always flirts with me! Touches my foot, brushes past my arm, holds my waist secretly. We both really like each other, he stares into my eyes so deeply and we both can’t fight with our feelings, even though I see that he tries.

    What do I do?

    PS He won’t leave me alone even though he has her. I’m 16, She’s 4 years younger, He is my age too !!

  6. delphine says:

    I actually purchased Soul Catcher 15 years ago and found it so helpful. I’d love to get Love Catcher but don’t see it available anywhere. Any links to where I could purchase a new copy?

  7. Kryn says:

    the secret…ah soooo true! LIKE <3

  8. A says:

    Will never stop loving my Uncle Matty! Keep it up!

  9. Shaina says:

    Kathy is such an intensely radiant being! What a joy to have been introduced to her hope, positivity,and enduring energy :)

  10. Barbara says:

    There are many great points in there.
    I’ve learned many of the things already, but it’s a great reminder for myself, and for everyone.
    There’s always something to learn, and much more to actually apply.
    Thank you, really.

    Many try to just solve a problem, you don’t solve problems, you inspire people to not only fix it themselves, but to improve as a whole.
    Inspiring people is a great and rare ability.
    I’d like to aspire to being able to do that.

  11. Meredith says:

    I absolutely loved this video! I think this message is SO important in today’s society, especially when everything looks so glamorous on the outside. The real beauty is what is on the inside of everyone, including yourself, which is unfortunately often overlooked. Growth should always be continuous and I definitely appreciated this video and really all of your videos because they definitely all promote that idea. Thank you for helping me grow even more so today! :) Take care!


  12. Christine says:

    I haven’t even met Kathy and I love her and who she is. Thank you for this video and for your inspiration, Kathy. And Matt, thank you for introducing us to such a great woman. You’ve both given me a lot to think about and get started on.


  13. Leah says:

    IOWANS REPRESENT!!!! :) xx

  14. CelesteK says:

    Yay! A fellow Iowa girl! :) This is lovely and I look forward to getting the book. I love stories of woman who continue to find love and great new pursuits in life decade after decade. At 41, I’m already 7 years older than my mother was when she died, so I have a strange mental void when it comes to looking into the future at life as a mature woman. Thank you for this.

  15. Jill says:

    I believe we are in this life to learn and to grow and every hardship is a chance to do so. The way I deal with these not so fun times is to ask myself “What is it that I need to learn from this? It doesn’t necessarily the answer hit’s me all at once but I can feel it molding me into the person I was meant to be. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn’t call me and I will explain :)
    Thank you Kathy for your wonderful words and example :)

  16. Carlton Smith says:

    Thanks, Matt and Kathy,

    Inspirational. I’ve been working on this all my life, a continual work in progress, and in spite of suffering hardships and tragedies, beauty is everywhere and I couldn’t be happier to be alive!

  17. Rumors says:

    I really recomend the movie “About Time” that is about a lot of this things you comment.

    Kathy Eldon, you are an inspiration.

  18. Jan says:

    As a 60 year old widow of two years I can’t thank you enough for this video. I have been getting up each day placing a smile on my face and searching the last 6 months for someone to fill the void left by my husband. This video was an epiphany for me. I need to create, write that book, paint again, find myself again.

    After that, I can entertain finding someone again, or not.

  19. Irene says:

    I loved it!
    Sharing is caring!
    Give without expecting and believe.
    I adore you both. Looking forward to reading this book.
    Matt, thanks for sharing!

  20. Maria says:

    This interview was so inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing her with us Matt :)

  21. Kathleen says:

    Thanks Matt,
    That was a great interview!

  22. Mitze says:

    Incredible, just the next step

  23. Sarah says:

    Great interview – inspiring, motivating and uplifting. It definitely makes you think of all the negative energy we put into in situations and circumstances when we could be doing something positive instead.

  24. Megan says:

    That was awesome!! Courage, hope, faith, and action. Wonderful!!


  25. Em says:

    It’s nice to hear philosophy that not necessarily relationship based but perhaps more spiritual and I really enjoyed listening to this. I know a lot of ‘spiritual gurus’ tell us there is no good or bad there ‘just is’ and to have no emotion toward events and that’s okay if you’re living a solitary life on a mountain top doing nothing but it’s not practical advice for living a real life. I actually think to recognise events that are ‘bad’ and acknowledge that they hurt us and then to accept and heal from them – I think that’s a more spiritual way of being.

    Kathy is such a radiant soul thank-you for bringing her into our lives.

    • Nina says:

      I concur with u.. U cant deny the fact when tragedy hits. I do believe in realizing it , accepting it , grieving it and finding a way to deal with it .
      Everyone is unique ,their strengths , coping mechanisms are unique , their problems are unique . What works for one may not work for other . Not all have green thumbs to grow a garden out of adversities .
      I feel -only one know oneself .

      • Em says:

        Yeah, like you said everyone’s problems are unique, so although we might not have had issues somebody else has had, we all know pain in our own way, it doesn’t make it any lesser but also how we choose to deal with them has to be suited to us, I think as long as its healing and not more damaging it’s all good. :)

  26. Nessa says:

    Thank you for this lovely conversation shared between two inspiring people! I really enjoyed listening to you both and definitely picked up some helpful and motivating ideas on being more positive during the rough patches and accepting of things. You have shared one book before this one, which I have and enjoyed reading: Your book! ;)

  27. Leecis says:

    I love how you both acknowledge how we get soo discouraged with not having a crisis free life. Crisis WILL come, I know I need to change how I handle it.

  28. Naomi says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Matt for ALWAYS finding new ways to inspire me and bring the smile back to my face. Your guidance is such a pleasure as much as it is a gift

  29. Aggie Lau says:

    This video that you shared with us all is really mind opening..It gives me hope to find my the other half even though I am in my early 40’s…

    Thank you Matt for sharing this..

  30. Sachette says:

    Such a beautiful wonderful woman!

  31. Kristina says:

    Loved this. What a glow she has about her, thank you for sharing

  32. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for this ray of light, Matt and Kathy. Very powerful and inspiring words by both of you! Thank you for your generosity!

  33. Kathryn says:

    I was very emotional watching the piece as it really speaks to my life at the moment. I live with my son who is a wonderfully cute bright boy who is very ill and is gradually deteriorating until he will die. We have just been taken off the list for surgery so nothing can be done. I cope very well day to day but sometimes the enormity of it all overwhelms me. I have a life now I feel enormous pressure to make the very best I can for us. I have been seeing a man but feel he doesn’t ‘get’ me or the situation. I feel pressure already for the life I will lead when he’s gone to be positive and mean something. And that I will never meet anyone to understand or think I’m a grieving basket case.
    Kathy has given me hope for a future, she radiates beauty and love, after what she’s been through is incredible. People always say to me, how can you look so lovely and smiling. I hope I can emulate half her strength of character and loveliness. Thank you for making the video with her. I will buy her book.
    (I hope you don’t think I’m a basket case for writing all this to you!)
    Many Regards, Kathryn x

    • Julia says:

      Thank you for sharing a bit of your life. You have touched my heart. Living your life with what for most of us would be our greatest fear, loving a child with a grave illness. Sending you love, caring energy and hugs today and in the days ahead. Julia

    • Em says:

      Like Julia, your story also touched my heart, I send loving energy your way! Em x

    • CelesteK says:

      The grieving process is long (perhaps life-long) and chaotic and overwhelming and you are already in the process. I’m coming up on the 4 year anniversary of my husbands death after a 13-month fight with cancer. Sometimes the “pre-grieving” is the hardest. You want to stay strong for the person you’re caring for. You want them to know they can count on you. Sometimes this makes it hard to sit with your own emotions and allow yourself to recognize just how awful you really feel. It’s much easier to ignore it and ride the bubble of “all that must be done.”

      You are entitled to be a “basket case.” And there are people out there who will get it because they’ve been there, too. There will probably be days when you will feel so inspired to DO something…to honor the love you have for your son and use it. Then there will be the days when the only proper thing to do is lay in a fetal position on the floor and stare at the wall. This is part of it, too.
      This is my very long-winded way of saying, please don’t feel pressured to make life amazing all the time. It isn’t amazing all the time. Sometimes it sucks and if you don’t let that feeling in and process it, you just kick the grieving process down the road where it will bite you later. (Trust me, I did it.)

      I wish you all the best in making your son’s life full of comfort and love.

  34. Janine says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you so much for sharing with me (and the rest of the world of course ;) this lovely lady. Mainly because I love that to me she is a natural sincere down to earth but above all very SEXY lady!! She is such a good rolemodel for how grace can flourish with age. Personally I find that ladies who gain life experience also gain this wonderful aura of (self)love and (self)acceptance. That’s why I love growing older…because it means development. Unfortunately all to often around me I see girl friends focusing on “loosing” their youthful beauty. Maybe I have a few (very :) thin lines on my forehead. But hell yeah, I deserve and love them! :)

    I do have a question!
    By choosing Kathy Eldon I get reconfirmed that you have a sincere approach about how you want to help woman by giving them rolemodels they can relate to. It seems to me you actually get woman on a profound level. You have to have had the most WONDERFUL sweet mum who made you feel like the world. :) She must have played an important part in building your selfesteem and confidence. I myself am 37 years young and see/ feel more and more that who you become is half nature half nature. Some of us may not have had the most loving safe environment when growing up. I deeply believe in creating your own vision and meaning in this world. Still, I would LOVE to know your thought on the influence of your family on the development of your character and of course (love) relations. After all this is the first example you see for the first 18 or so years of your life!!! And of course I’m a tiny bit curious what kind of family you’ve grown up in.

    Would love to find a clip on the influence of your mum/dad in the way you look at relationships!!

    warm regards

  35. Stefanie says:

    Dear Matt (and Kathy),

    thank you so much for sharing this interview! This went unexpectedly deep, much deeper than stuff I read and watched from you before.

    I can’t buy the book here in Germany yet, it won’t be published before mid-October. But it goes right onto my shopping list for when I’m in Florida next month. I feel like it could really give me some impulses for thoughts, actions…

    Just yesterday, for the first time EVER in my life, I felt an incredibly strong urge to write my feelings down. And it just had to be there and then. I grabbed a pen and paper and I started and it felt completely natural. I want to buy my first diary!

    So, thanks again for sharing this. For sharing everything you share, for doing what you do, for inspiring, for interviewing amazing people.

    xx – Stefanie.

  36. Denise says:

    Thank you Matt!
    Great material! Just what I needed today! :)

  37. Rachel says:

    Thank you Matt for this video, Kathy just from the video seems like an inspirational woman.
    What you guys said about building self trust is so true, I tend to say that I will do this and that but end up not really doing anything, or if I did it, Ijust start and don’t really finish it. So it made sence to me how by staying like this it’s harming my self confidence! I’m only 23 so I really want to change that habit from now so it doesn’t stick with me when I get older, it is really destructing my self confidence to the point where it’s a joke we throw in the family now, when I say I’m gonna do this tomorrow, everyone is like yeaah right even my brain says it.
    I started last week working on changing this habit or way of thinking and this video just inspired me to work harder for that change, thank you again Matt.

  38. Liana says:

    She is a lovely woman :-)

  39. Rose says:

    Amazing material in this one Matt. Two people who are passionate about living full lives, it’s impossible to not be engaged. Thank you both for your love and energy, it takes a lot to try and change the world :)

  40. Donna Welch says:

    Thank you Matt… for introducing me to Kathy.
    I’m sure that in person her positive and beautiful aura is even more tangible in person.Through your video she made a big impression.
    Last year my partner of 17 years died, very suddenly. I just turned 50..we did not have children.
    I’m sat here in bed awake at 4am on a Sunday morning, just listening to the birds starting to sing, and another day is ahead. Searching on my iPhone to find an inspirational support…. and found this.
    Powerful..positive and humbling.
    Thank you
    Donna x

  41. Snerry says:

    Thank you, Matt! As always, great advice and a stellar interview. I’ve moved through many of the steps Kathy spoke of, these are what we need to do in order to move through the healing process. I find that, in doing this, I’ve become happier and mor fulfilled in my life being alone, than I ever have being in a relationship. There in lies the challenge, finding someone who can fulfill my life as much as I can theirs. A partnership of complete connection. Is it out there? Not sure, but I’m finally having fun trying to find out.
    Again, thanks and I look forward to the book :)

  42. Alexandra says:

    Today was a difficult day. I realized I have some work to do on myself before I am ready to be in a relationship, but I have already started falling in love w/ the man I’m seeing. However, I know that I want to bring my best to the table and really be able to over deliver to whatever man I’m with the way that you over deliver for us. I had somehow already come to the conclusion that I can redirect my energy from seeing him into myself to get to where I’d like to be faster, but thank you for the reminder to keep the promises that we make to ourselves! That is so important and it is true that when you break promises to yourself you start to stop taking your own word seriously.So I will keep that in mind as well as I move forward, & as always thank you for being such a positive and inspiring energy!

    All the best ~ Alexandra

  43. Paola says:

    Cheers for this one mate! My mum recently passed away… This cheered me up! I will turn it around.

    Thank you! You are doing a great job and I am thankful for that.

  44. Solana says:

    Dear matt
    Im really greatfull for all the messages you send me
    To change my life. You make me find light at the darkes places.
    Cheers. Solana

  45. Lisa Beelendorf says:

    Matt: Thank you so much for sharing this,especially today of all days. I started the day thinking I would have to put down my beloved cat with lots of tears, went on to learn that he is blind & has another condition but they are treatable so I have that very strong emotional feelings running high all day. I understand a lot about the energy that surrounds us & yrs ago became a Reiki practioner to use energy to heal. Your friend is so right about so many things & I found myself seeing something as she spoke about refocusing grief, my mom died 6 months after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 & I see how I refocused my own energy as I now have a much closer relationship with one of my brothers were we now talk all the time & really share what is going on in our lives since we dont live close by. One of the things I found out today was by using energy I had stabilized a a hyperthyroid condition for my cat, stabilized his weight and now guided to help him further & was overjoyed to bring him back home. By refocusing my energy, I was able to relieve my own stress. Your friend is so right when she talks of accepting & loving ourselves.I look forward to getting her book & thank you for sharing this.

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